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Payne Evolution

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Definitely feels like Max Payne 3, very well done. Another cool thing that COULD HAVE been implemented in this mod is the OTS aim mod. However I'm not sure it's possible or not. I'm no modder. Aside from Payne Effects 3, this has to be another one of the best mods I've come across, by The_Silver especially. 10/10


Brutal Doom

Mod review

Words can't even describe how F-ing amazing and insanely fun this mod is. You sir are a modding legend, you deserve awards for this mod! (if you haven't gotten any already, but I think you did lol)
Keep doing your thing bud, I'm sure you'll blow us away with v20 :P



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Max has no head sometimes and the menu theme is corny and annoying, this gets a one because of the glocks and the c4


Absent Grave

Mod review

Boiling-RELOADED (AntiEvil mix)

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This version sucks, he took the crosshair from the Hall Of Mirrors mod, and added new animations that suck. The new music is annoying, the new skins are terrible, and I bet you didn't get permission either this mod sucks.


The Punisher 1.2

Mod review

I love this mod, the new weapons are great and the skins are cool. But they could be better. This mod is really fun because of the new weapons and the sounds too, they are pretty vivid. I liked the test level too but move fast cause you may die in a blink of an eye. This is one of my favorites 7/10 because of the lack of effort with the skins and new levels.


Max Payne 2 - Pain to the max mod

Mod review

This mod has a lot to offer, shooting through certain objects, more cheats, different HUD, ect. But some of the skins aren't very favorable. Max Payne looks like a pedophile with a fake party mustache on, as well as Vlad's new skin. The new HUD is new but some may not like it that much. The new menu looks like it's been slapped together and the music is kind of annoying. This mod would have gotten a 10/10 if it weren't for the skins and the new menus. It's just not that good, but a updated/improved patch would be good. This mod need much more improvements which isn't bad. Skins could be better, Menus could be better, and the HUD might as well be left alone. This gets a 4 because some elements are good but the rest are not so good.Sounded a bit like a douche, guess i wasn't having a good day that day...


Cop vs Cops

Mod review

It has good elements to look at but nothing worth playing.


Mona: The Assassin

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It feels like after Mona Sax's death on Max Payne 2 you could get to know her untold origin with this mod. This is an excellent mod, and there should be more mods as good as this


Max Payne 2

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