Crysis 1 + 2, Mass Effect 1 + 2, BfBC2 + Bf3, Xonotic and Red Eclipse are my favourites, but I also enjoy playing golden oldies like Star Wars Battlefront 2, GTA:SA, Re-volt, Tachyon, Crimson Skies and Grand Prix Legends). I play the piano and bass guitar (bit of a noob on the bass though!) and I love rocking out to GN'R, Iron Maiden, Rush, Black Sabbath and other awesome bands.

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Game Review on Dec 1st, 2012

Still one of the best looking, most exciting and enjoyable games out there.

CE2 and CE3 are great engines too and some great mods have been released as a result.

What's not to like?

Well the high system requirements may be one thing, but most computers these days can run it okay. :D

9 Review

Game Review on Nov 2nd, 2012 - 1 person doesn't

Good fun, nicely balanced, very original. Development is fast and updates are released frequently.

The graphics are nice (some great lighting!) but some areas need some big improvements (some of the weapons are pretty fugly, for example).

Another point is that there aren't that many people online, but I'm sure this will change soon!

9 Review

Game Review on Jun 25th, 2012

If all open-source games were this good, paid development teams would be pooping their pants...

Great graphics, lots of content (tonnes of epic maps, some of which could be classed as instant classics!), addictive and varied gameplay (original weapons, reasonably balanced matches, loads of game modes), some interesting developments (like vehicles and the new tower defence/zombie server), a great community and a kick-*** competitive scene.

I highly recommend this game to everyone!

Cube MetalHeart
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Game Review on Feb 26th, 2012

Some nice improvements have been made... Just don't expect it to be a massive overhaul or anything. :-)

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