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q0rra Dec 9 2012, 1:02pm says:

The download mirror seems to be down. Is it available for download anywhere else?

+2 votes   mod: Dylan's Far Cry 2 Realism Mod
q0rra Mar 17 2011, 6:13pm replied:

Well, some developers don't like the fact that Valve takes a bite of their income and sometimes believe they'd make more by not having it on Steam. S2 Games is a good example. I think Adam's Venture would only benefit from having it there though. Still, the question remains. Any thoughts about a Steam version? :D

+2 votes   article: Adam’s Venture 2 reached Gold status!
q0rra Mar 17 2011, 2:29pm says:

Looks great. Any thoughts on a Steam version or do you think it wouldn't be profitable enough?

+3 votes   article: Adam’s Venture 2 reached Gold status!
q0rra Jul 23 2010, 7:39am says:

Well, I'm a non-native English speaker who consider myself fairly good at the English language. D'oh!

+1 vote   article: Testers for English Nehrim version needed
q0rra Jan 4 2010, 10:01am says:

I liked every aspect of the mod, to be honest. It's a shame it died so quickly.

Lycka till i framtiden iallafall!

+1 vote   article: Decadence Postmortem
q0rra Dec 25 2009, 8:12pm says:

Great! If you guys decide to mod for City of Abandoned Ships I'm going to order it online as soon as you've announced it, trust me.

+1 vote   article: Merry Christmas: Especially for Us!
q0rra Dec 22 2009, 5:23am replied:

When's that announcement due? :)
Oh, and I voted for you guys.

+1 vote   mod: Light Spire: Fortunes Web
q0rra Dec 21 2009, 10:28am says:

Milkmas? That is awesome. :D

+1 vote   article: MOTY Begins - TNM Characters Urge You To Vote!
q0rra Dec 5 2009, 6:01pm says:

Haha, underbart! Awesome!

+1 vote   media: PVK in Svenska
q0rra Nov 7 2009, 7:15am says:

The toolset has been released!
You can find it at

+3 votes   game: Dragon Age: Origins
q0rra Sep 5 2009, 3:32pm replied:

idk but it kinda' reminds me of Teletubbies :/

+2 votes   media: Prison Interior Design 2
q0rra Sep 4 2009, 1:16pm says:

God, your design is so full of awesomeness.

+1 vote   article: Character Production - The Wraith Horde
q0rra Aug 20 2009, 11:42am says:

Nice, looks like the caves in Episode 2, which is a good thing :E

+2 votes   media: More caves, now comes with extra hunter flavour
q0rra Aug 17 2009, 5:18pm says:

Nice job! Great concept art! :)

+1 vote   media: Concept drawings
q0rra Aug 17 2009, 1:39pm says:

"Gustav Engman
Jonas Rönnegård
Erik Ekholm"

I like those names :)
Good work!

+3 votes   article: Petrograd - August Update
q0rra Aug 16 2009, 8:14am says:

Why is it that I ALWAYS confuse Hammerfell with Skyrim? I looked at the video and thought: "Where the f*ck is the snow at? Are they stupid or something?" and then I realized that it was the land of the Redguards and NOT of the Nords. After that revelation I thought to myself: "This looks f*cking great!" :D

I didn't know you had an profile for the mod here! Now it'll be even easier to follow you since I don't have to visit the Oblivion modding forum all the time. Anywho; Extraordinary work! ;)

+1 vote   article: Progress Update
q0rra Aug 12 2009, 4:32am says:

Woah! Is Divinity 2 released in Germany?

+1 vote   mod: Ego Dragonis Divinity 2 Texturen Mod
q0rra Aug 5 2009, 6:55pm says:

Nice statue in the background. It's a very atmospheric game world you've created, I must say.

+2 votes   media: Screenshot
q0rra Aug 5 2009, 6:51pm says:

Haha, that is awesomeness in it's essence. I laughed when I saw the tree collapse from your firing :D

+1 vote   article: [Brick It] #9 - Assault Rifle
q0rra Aug 5 2009, 10:01am says:

I have no ill will against this selection. Great job by all involved in the competition.

+1 vote   article: MSUC Phase 3 Winners
q0rra Jul 6 2009, 6:06pm says:

I love you guys, I really do. I assure you, this is the thing I look forward to the most. Triple A titles included. Anyway; good luck with the making of awesomeness!

+1 vote   article: Summer Update!
q0rra Jul 6 2009, 4:49pm says:

Awesome looking room.
Not so awesome sounding soundtrack, unfortunately.

+1 vote   article: Room Escape Update
q0rra Jul 6 2009, 4:47pm replied:

Well, it would help a lot if you put some more text in the description box. Like that it is a WIP and that the location's not right, yada yada, you get it.

Nice job on the model though.

+1 vote   media: Gate and battlements
q0rra Jul 6 2009, 4:42pm says:

Just kidding, Ink Spots is le shiet. I think it will fit very well ;)

+2 votes   media: My Prayer
q0rra Jul 6 2009, 4:29pm says:

Beautiful. Maybe a slightly different TOD and that picture is even stunnier (I just came up with that word, nifty isn't it?).

+1 vote   media: Nature Teaser
q0rra Jun 30 2009, 2:43pm says:

Wait, what? Is/has it (been) released today?
Anyway, looking forward to play it :)

+1 vote   media: Age of Chivalry, Toe-to-Toe Trailer (CR2)
q0rra Jun 30 2009, 9:13am says:

Hmm, yeah some of the lightning looks a bit odd.

+1 vote   media: The Underground Update
q0rra Jun 30 2009, 9:12am says:

Ah, sad to hear. I guess it won't get released tomorrow then :p
Good luck anyways, hope everything turns out well for ye'! ;)

+2 votes   article: When it's done, till then follow the blog...
q0rra Jun 30 2009, 9:10am says:

Looks very nice, even though the dumpster looks a bit misplaced(?). :D

+2 votes   media: Town Hall
q0rra Jun 28 2009, 2:43pm says:

Looks pretty good... but (There is always a but) is that the final texture? And isn't the location wrong? The model looks good though :)

+3 votes   media: Minas Tirith
q0rra Jun 27 2009, 2:31pm replied:

Read the description, I think it's well explained there.

"They AI is smarter but more dumb at the same time. You can crawl through the tall grass and stand up behind large trees without being spotted, but as soon as you stand up in the open and are seen you will be fired at."

+1 vote   media: Smarter A,I
q0rra Jun 23 2009, 4:20am says:

FYI: The Holy Grail is better than Life of Brian ;)
Seems like we share the same interest of movies and games.

+1 vote   article: LJ's profile
q0rra Jun 16 2009, 6:27am says:

Nice, I really like your ideas ;)

+1 vote   media: TB ward and start of main Asylum
q0rra Jun 14 2009, 6:06pm says:

This is awesomeness in it's essence.

+1 vote   article: Hello boyzies and Girlzies!
q0rra Jun 14 2009, 6:05pm replied:


+2 votes   media: Slums 2 sewer
q0rra Jun 12 2009, 5:25pm says:

This looks terrific (In the good sense)!
I read through the text and then read the name: "Felix Nordanåker" and thought to myself: "Herregud, det är ju svenskt!"
Lycka till! :)

+2 votes   article: Highlight: Modellers!
q0rra Jun 11 2009, 4:00pm replied:

It is waiting to be processed. God, when are people going to learn?

+2 votes   media: Europe at War teaser
q0rra May 29 2009, 6:07pm says:

That last picture to the left reminds me of Condemned. You've really nailed the estethics. Nice work guys!

+1 vote   article: Media Update #2
q0rra May 28 2009, 11:23am replied:

What he said.

+1 vote   media: When you get the flashlight
q0rra May 25 2009, 1:20am replied:


Also noticed you've gotten a new logo. Nice!

+1 vote   media: Belfast Buildings
q0rra May 23 2009, 11:09am says:

Awesome. Though I personally would like a new "modpicture" to better represent the quality of the mod :)

+2 votes   article: Assassination Mod - Update
q0rra May 23 2009, 10:57am says:

It is looking really good. And unlike (I think) most of the others, i actually don't think mud-decals and such is THAT important, I mean, it's a fantasysetting and all. And it still looks good. Anyhow, nice work. Looking forward to see more ;)

+1 vote   media: Over-street House Update
q0rra May 14 2009, 9:58am says:

You've been missed ;) Good to see you're back!

+1 vote   article: Thorlak Island getting back on track
q0rra May 8 2009, 3:54pm says:

Woah! It's released!? Ah, and i that just started playin' Morrowind again.

+1 vote   download: The Chronicles of Reeb
q0rra May 6 2009, 2:47pm says:

Haha, you aren't seriously going to use the Bond-theme in the mod are you? I mean it's funny but it kind of breaks the immersion of being in the 15th century ravaging the seven seas doesn't it? =)

+1 vote   media: Bartolomeu Fort Invasion Scene
q0rra Apr 20 2009, 8:22am replied:

Very good job :) Been abroad for a while so this is certainly a pleasant sight :D

+2 votes   download: Decadence 1.0.1 Client Update
q0rra Mar 31 2009, 3:25pm says:

Looks very good. Almost flawless :O

+1 vote   media: WiP Silenced Sterling Animation (OUTDATED)
q0rra Mar 28 2009, 10:11am says:

I thought that the developing was cancelled! ;O

+2 votes   media: Teaser
q0rra Mar 21 2009, 6:28am says:

Looks promising. Tracking!

+4 votes   mod: Vm
q0rra Mar 20 2009, 2:51pm says:

"Video stream not found"


+1 vote   media: Brain Spider AI Test
q0rra Mar 18 2009, 11:57am says:

You guys aren't lazy, that's for sure. Wich is a godd thing - of course ;)

+2 votes   media: Rigged Grant (WIP)
q0rra Mar 9 2009, 11:13am says:

Åhå, är du norsk? :D

Aja, ser bra ut i vilket fall ;)

+1 vote   article: Pictures of forests
q0rra Mar 3 2009, 5:15pm says:

Oh, at first i just read 0 A.D Demo and thougt: WTH!?
This looks nice too though :D When i can watch it that is.

+2 votes   media: 0 A.D. Water Demo
q0rra Feb 25 2009, 5:32pm says:

Nice, really looking forward to "The Complete Edition" :D
And about the tattoos: The first one looks okey i think. Don't ask me what i think can be improved tough xD
The 2nd one looks good at what i can see from the picture. The 3rd one is perfect! The 4th looks weird actually. Maybe it has something do to with the eyebrows. The tattoo is "over" the eyebrow.

+1 vote   article: Project Update
q0rra Feb 11 2009, 1:28am says:

Nice! Really looking forward to this mod. But now i have to go, bye!

+1 vote   media: Ilsamir Swords
q0rra Feb 3 2009, 3:23pm says:

Yay! Lookin' forward for Build 14 Final. Even though it may take a while or two... or three! ;)

+1 vote   article: Some Comments
q0rra Jan 23 2009, 8:39am says:

Yay! You made my day! :)

+2 votes   article: Northern Ireland Moves To Crysis
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