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phinpup Feb 24 2013, 3:55pm says:

Broken install on 64-bit linux mint 12 version of Desura. No, not wasting more time with trying again on a website. Maintain your stuff on Desure better, it should be a rule or something.

+2 votes   game: Savage 2: A Tortured Soul
phinpup Feb 24 2013, 3:30pm says:

In my book this qualifies as very unbalanced game play due to the fact that being a Beast I could not 1 time in like 200 times no matter what type of Beast score a kill against a human of anytype, not once have I ever played a game that bad balance wise where I didn't have a chance of at least attempting to kill the other team. As a human I was able to get a few kills in with nothing special. What is up with that?!

The game has great looks and is very promising otherwise and functions well, well designed, just the game play needs work.

+1 vote   game: Savage XR
phinpup Feb 23 2013, 4:20pm replied:

Apparently I can run it directly from the folder but not from desura.
That's odd as it starts the same damn thing and goes through the updater the same way but works rather than quiting.. O.o

+1 vote   game: Savage XR
phinpup Feb 23 2013, 4:12pm says:

OK It plays fine, only the first time after installing it on Linux Mint 12 64-bit.
Now after the updater says no updates found starting application nothing happens, no game ever loads!
I was looking forward to this but if I need to reinstall it before everytime I play it, whats the point?

+1 vote   game: Savage XR
phinpup Jan 2 2013, 3:01pm says:

Doesn't launch on Linux Mint 12 64-bit :(

+2 votes   game: Alien Arena
phinpup Jan 1 2013, 8:08pm says:

Would be a better game if there wasn't a stupid vote to block building when it is your task to build and you are a decent builder, waste of time, many other games worth playing.

+4 votes   game: Tremulous
phinpup Dec 31 2012, 4:50pm replied:

Though I removed Pulse Audio but still have audio, but perhaps this game relies on it which would be stupid because not all linux versions let alone users use pulse audio, it should be using something like OpenAL...

+2 votes   game: Urban Terror
phinpup Dec 31 2012, 4:49pm says:

Well everything works so far for me except there is absolutely no sound which sucks. Running on Linux Mint 12 64-bit

+2 votes   game: Urban Terror
phinpup Dec 22 2012, 2:29pm says:

Would be nice if I could connect to any of the servers... FAIL

+1 vote   game: Zero Ballistics
phinpup Sep 11 2012, 5:44pm says:

Didn't even launch when I clicked play, tried on Linux Mint 10...

+3 votes   game: Stunt Rally
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