I have a lot of interest in Half-life and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. modding. These are two franchises that sit above anything else in gaming. Also interested in M&B Warband and Deus Ex modding, among others. I'm a really huge fan of these franchises, as well as franchises like Metro, Mass Effect, Tom Clancy's games, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

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Abandon: The Town

Mod review

The Sprucecape Mod

Mod review

Nice little package with around 20 minutes of fun.

Very pretty visuals (with the aid of some nice community models) and an interesting background story to keep you engaged. Combat is fun and challenging.


Slums 2

Mod review

Really good mod with great mapping. Very pretty and gloomy. Super atmospheric too.
The gameplay is really nicely done too, and has some really difficult and exciting moments.

Made up for a couple of fun hours.
Everyone should definitely play it.


Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

Mod review

It's "just" the best mod if you want to play this masterpiece of a game.

I can't play without it anymore, feels weird like that.


Amnesia 2

Mod review

Amazing graphical revamp with quite nice gameplay features.

Just neatly done.


Der Schwarze Nebel

Early access mod review

Does what it says on the tin.
Reimagines the old HL2 beta maps with a totally new atmosphere in what is a soup of great gameplay setpieces.



Mod review

Let me start by stating I played on hard and the difficulty was very bearable, but in the last map it was just unfair, so, out of frustration, I just finished the last 2 fights on easy.

Other than this, the mod has nice gameplay, with a lot of it not being obvious and requiring the player to do weird ****. However, I never got stuck.
Also, the levels look super nice. I was really impressed a few times.

All in all, a very solid mod, maybe a bit unfair in the last map, but definitely worth your time.


Badass Combine

Mod review


Mod review

Antlions Everywhere

Mod review

Really great mod!

Quite frustrating at times, mostly due to a few bugs, and it was odd that maps sometimes seemed disconnected, though none of that brings down this mod's high regards. There are also moments in which the player could use some more guidance.

The action was great, difficult, but not overwhelming. Just exciting enough.
The maps were really good looking, which is quite an achievement since 95% of the mod happens in underground mines. Still, the little bit in which you come to the surface also shows a really beautiful environment. The overall atmosphere is excellent.
It's also quite nice that the player is constantly introduced to new situations that are gameplay changers, which make him rethink his strategies. Some quite smart ideas in here...

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