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Half-Life 2

Game review may contain spoilers

There are naysayers out there. There always are. A game coming from what, 2004(?), and it's still better than any Call of Duty, any MMO or shooter out there. I suggest, seriously suggest, playing the first one and possibly its expansions, to get a better idea of what you're getting yourself into. The plot, story, characters, action, and muccchhh more keep the game intensively addicting and severely disappointing when you have to wait for Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or Half-Life 3 after playing all games descending from it.

Seriously. It's an amazing game, one of my first actually. There is virtually nothing bad about this game. Nothing! Play the game, you could even just ONLY play Half Life 2, and tell me otherwise.


Allied Intent Xtended

Mod review

This ****, without a doubt, is one of the funnest things I've ever played on a computer xDD

Is improves graphics, improves the AI SUBSTANTUALLY and mocks other mods with an understanded prominence that it eversso diserves.
It improves the weapons, teamwork, interactions and plain game structure of Battlefield 2 while still using Battlefield's maps and content! <

It has the addition of adding maps to the game that are custom coded especially for AI and will not let down anyone who doesn't feel like playing online.

It makes BF2 graphics, models, weapons and textures look like ****. Not only ****..half rotted stepped on ****! Heh, but seriously..
It replaces the old weapons with outstandingly realistic modernized weapons that actually simulate a gun, instead of BF2's Nerf Gun-remakes.

This mod was intended for the use of AI support, so know that there probably won't be a ton of servers.



Project Reality: Battlefield 2

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

Don't get me wrong, I love realism..

In PR:BF2, you'll find out that, even with the new environments, factions, equipment and content, nothing much has changed.

Battlefield 2 was great, awesome, we all know this, but Project Reality only insists on itself to be a hero when it comes to being the great mod that it obviously is; even if there is a great amount of realism and creativity involved and added to the game, that's it.

The mod is amazing, it is, but I don't get overjoyed like others do in other reviews. This game is only fun to play if online, and isn't usually too fond of new players, so expect a lot of hatred from senior players if you're reading this and are a newcomer.

Again, the mod Insists on Itself; it holds the review ranking and excellent hype ratio to mask its actual realism. It doesn't excite me, and almost demonizes other mods for not being like it, to discourage others from being excited about what they were previously playing.

If it wasn't so popular, more people would pay attention to other mods, instead of being either redirected or trapped here.

:1 took me some courage writing this, as the "-" marks will come my way without a doubt. Meh.


Alpha Project

Mod review

Alpha Project [v.0.2]
-As little time I have had to play it, I can tell you that I have-so far enjoyed it a LOT; it brings a newcomer to mods sanctuary and experience//

As Battlefield 2's vanilla worlds became dried out and repetitive, mods like PR have been bringing many new environments and content into one huge cluster of optionality and diversity. THIS MOD, however, takes a more realistic environment and touching up of the interactions throughout the game in the comfort of our classic Battlefield that we all know and love.

This mod adds new maps, weapons, equipment, and a bot system that improves the teamwork and intelligence of the original AI that clustered vBF2 poorly.

It's fun! You can say that realism to the max or history to the max will bring you satisfaction when it comes to modding Battlefield 2, but this mod simply adds fun, a bit more realism, content, and much more while still using BF2's home-sweet-home coziness that we all love inside//



Mod review

You know that intensive, heart pounding feeling that you get when you play Call of Duty or Battlefield 3 where you're in the middle of a quadrouple kill and you're peaking at your rank boards? This mod, discluding the unnecessary ranks, brings you that.

As a fast-paced mod that makes your heart race, a clusterfuck of zombies will run as fast as you are, while not only giving you few options depicting whether or not you'll survive, but also (downside) not giving you much options AT ALL>> You will find yourself, if not impossibly, very challengingly, frantically bashing your keys when moving because there is not much you can do. You will also find that a MAJOR downside to this mod is the fact that you can't fight back; If you run out of ammunition, you're ******. If you get within 2 feet of a zombie, you're ******. You will get killed, no matter what circumstances, by a zombie in one hit.

Overall a great mod, just there is so limitation on maps and weaponry, let alone the damage the zombies can do to you.


Global Storm

Mod review

This is a great mod! After several minutes of playing, however, expect some random areas of maps to make you freeze. This mod does crash some, but is surpassed by its fun nature.


Combat Mod

Mod review - 3 agree

Adds HD Tracers, textures and models that enhance your game astonishingly and will not disappoint those who like BF2, but want the gameplay tweaked a bit and upped with better graphics.


Forgotten Hope 2

Mod review

This is one of the most extensive, content filled, long-lasting mods I have ever played.
Not only having the realistic feel of World War 2 battlegrounds and scenery, this mod has several historical references and actual content that would, if you shouldn't be a WWII like myself, teach you a lot about the War's era.
This mod uses actual history! In other mods throughout game's history, you will find that they aren't always, if at all, historically realistic.
This mod expresses the professional creativity about a certain subject in our history to make this one hell of a mod to play if you like history or that era.
LOTS OF CONTENT. Period . You will never come to a point in your gameplay where you're saying, "Is this all?" Forgotten Hope 2 has an enormous amount of different factions, nations, maps, places, weapons, models, battles galore! Not only that; they constantly update their mod with newer user-friendly content, realistic additions and just stuff.

--You will never be bored with this mod. If you can handle it, which most people can, you can enjoy this mod to its full extent.

-Love me, hate me, sue me, kiss me <3 Parker --InDev Studios

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