Our goal is to refine and expand on the DICE game BF2, and to improve aspects of combat, both infantry and vehicle, so that it is more fast paced and overall exciting.

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Wonderful...really, amazing! The gameplay in this mod is just silkysmooth. I LOVE it, desperately waiting on a new version!

I regret finding out 7's been blocked. Unjustice is great in this case.
On the mod, it's by far the best BF2 mod I've seen, this is exactly the type of mod this game needed.


greathops says

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is verygood!

This mod, for me, has renewed my interst once again in Battlefield 2. I agree that the game can get boring, as can any, but this mod just breathes new life into it with new weapons, models, sounds, and a closer field of view that just makes it really punch hard.

If i were to point out any issues i have with his mod it would have to me the hand textures/shading... they sort of take on the color of a slightly burnt orange peel. Another thing is the sniper rifle handling which is too be dreadfully slow between taking shots that i cannot bear to use it much.

Beside those two minor things, this mod is perfect. Good job to whomever spent their time making this and good luck (hopefully) finishing it, because it might just be the best thing ever.


Awesome mod. One of the top mods for Battlefield 2. Love the new animations. also I love the scar l with eotech and silencer. Nice job in hiding all of the other awesome weapons aswell

Excellent, fun mod that is fast paced! Can't wait until the next update! Good job 7 and your team!

Lovely animations! This brought back the action when I first played BF2, so I definately give this mod a high rating.

Try it out, you'll love it too.

I remeber this as my first BF2 Mod :3 One of the best in my opinion. New animations, guns, and other content make this mod so much more fun than others.


Nice. Great. Amazing!


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