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Orac| Mar 29 2015, 7:32pm says:

The light at the top of the locked door is still green, which feels slightly out of place. But that is literally the only critique I have of this update. Everything looks/sounds fantastic!

+1 vote   article: Update 15: New animations, doors, and music
Orac| Mar 28 2015, 6:42am replied:

Always busy, my friend. Always busy. I do want to get back into the swing of weekly updates but for the last month or so most of the big changes have been very hard to quantify or screenshot, and I haven't really had the time or motivation. Morpher has been doing some really spiffing work though.

I'll see what I can do.

+3 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Mar 24 2015, 6:39am says:

Mechanicus stuff! And borrowing from the weird and wacky steam/dieselpunk madness of some of WH40K's older style. I approve, but wonder how well it'll all blend with Forgeworld's line of stuff.

+1 vote   media: Skitarius
Orac| Mar 12 2015, 5:30pm says:

I feel like the Nid has the best upsides. The downside is just "everyone else dies and you have to hang out with your friends instead."

+1 vote   media: Pick your bestfriend/companion
Orac| Mar 9 2015, 6:12pm replied:

I've had a love-hate relationship with them. I think well constructed commando missions can be really memorable experiences, but poorly built ones are just annoying. There's nothing worse than moving a few too many tiles to the left, getting killed, and losing the mission. Or not knowing to go to some random spot and blow up the trucks for veterancy crates. That's just stupid. In every mission, I don't want there to be one single step by step method for winning - the S in RTS is for strategy, and people should be allowed to try their own. In general, I'm trying to design any non-base-building missions to have reasonably flexible requirements for failure, so that they're an exercise in shooting things instead of desperately trying not to get shot.

+3 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Mar 4 2015, 5:30am replied:

I guess they're further shielding. If the game had the logic it'd be cool to have it grant an armour bonus to nearby infantry. It's mostly there to signify visually "this is a fortified vehicle".

+3 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 3/03/2015
Orac| Feb 22 2015, 6:36pm replied:

Yes they are. Though the clever workaround we have for them comes with a couple of irritating side-effects. Hopefully they can be minimised though.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Bulletin 19/02/2015
Orac| Feb 21 2015, 8:08pm says:

Looks pretty good. I might darken the back wheel there, but aside from that I like it.

+1 vote   media: Nod Weed Eater
Orac| Feb 20 2015, 3:39pm replied:

Indeed. It's an edit which has slipped under the radar for a long time. Who knows, maybe next week it'll be fixed.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Bulletin 19/02/2015
Orac| Feb 19 2015, 4:19pm replied:

And I quite like it when my Tick Tanks don't give a **** about pedestrians :P

+7 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 19/02/2015
Orac| Feb 19 2015, 4:17pm replied:

TS-Era buildings aren't capturable. Primarily because there's nothing of value for them to give. Both gameplay and lore wise, both GDI and Nod are using better versions of their TS weapons.

We have faction recoloured versions of all the TS infantry, and I've been working on adding a few TO exclusive infantry as well (Nod definitely gets a couple).

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 19/02/2015
Orac| Feb 19 2015, 4:14pm replied:

We'll fine tune anything that requires fine tuning, like starting location size and resource proximity, to maximise balance and fun. Small starting positions encourage players to move outwards with troops and prevents really heavy turtling.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 19/02/2015
Orac| Feb 16 2015, 10:09pm replied:

"The fine individuals who have brought you C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux have began working on the only remaining Tiberian Sun themed Mod still in active development for C&C Generals Zero Hour!"
-Mod Description at the top of the page

"Tiberian Sun themed Mod still in active development for C&C Generals Zero Hour!"
-Mod Description at the top of the ModDB page

"for C&C Generals Zero Hour!"
-Mod Description at the top of the page

-Mod Description at the top of the page

+6 votes   media: Air support coming trough
Orac| Feb 15 2015, 7:00am says:

Things keep getting better and better :D

I assume that 'empty' states on these visible projectile weapons is somewhere on the todo list? It looks a little odd when the sawblade or stake is ejected without any indication on the weapon end.

Very cool stuff!

+3 votes   article: Update 2-15-15
Orac| Feb 14 2015, 9:08pm says:

F looks great

+2 votes   article: ASCII vs. Tiles
Orac| Feb 12 2015, 11:09pm says:

A rare miss in my opinion.

+1 vote   media: Paladin Imbris
Orac| Feb 10 2015, 5:41pm replied:

Oh indeed, I'm sure it could be both.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Bulletin 09/02/2015
Orac| Feb 10 2015, 4:14am replied:

I felt that it was important to be as accurate as possible about the state of development. Usually we can dress things up more, but this was definitely and unashamedly a week of consolidation.

+4 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 09/02/2015
Orac| Feb 6 2015, 3:59pm replied:

Just a geometry test. Although I have played with the idea of special Hand of Nod graphics for different splinter factions you encounter in the campaign.

+2 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Feb 5 2015, 4:32pm replied:

Because we like the TD Hand of Nod's style. The current version isn't too much bigger than the PP, and looks like this:


+2 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Feb 4 2015, 6:43pm replied:

I have begun work on a set of Nod prison camp buildings, which would give us a potential 'in' on how Nod prefabs would look. Though they are closer to featureless bunkers. I think this is as close to your suggestions as I'm going to get in the near future.

I think that Nod controlled hamlets will be easy to denote by the presence of Nod forces inhabiting them.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 02/02/2015
Orac| Feb 3 2015, 4:28pm replied:

I think that there's a tradeoff though. Since this is a game, we've made an effort to give each faction a recognisable colour space and recognisable silhouettes. GDI is bulky and gold, Mutants have external scaffolds and are coppery, Cabal is sharp but flows in curves, etc.

The civilian rural structures are lighter grey and low tech, while Nod is dark grey, red, and somewhere halfway between dangerously hightech and dangerously cobbled together.

In reality it makes sense to co-opt existing structures, but in a game its harder to match the deliberately contrasting styles in a visually pleasing way. Perhaps at some stage I'll make some Nod styled rural structures, but I'd prefer to continue to use a consistent aesthetic for the most part.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 02/02/2015
Orac| Feb 2 2015, 3:43pm replied:

Had to go look Wake Island up.. Looks like a gorgeous place for a holiday. If I hadn't already used the layout for Pincer I'd be taking a crack at it! Maybe a 5 player map with tech buildings and less by way of cliffs. Thanks for the idea. :)

+1 vote   article: Weekly Bulletin 02/02/2015
Orac| Feb 2 2015, 6:59am replied:


I'd love to do them, and as long as I'm waiting for non graphical stuff to be done (Code, SP maps, and testing), I might as well be doing highpoly models for potential cutscenes.

And anyway, it's exceptionally good practice and a fun way of learning further techniques.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Bulletin 02/02/2015
Orac| Feb 1 2015, 9:34pm replied:

Looking again, I really like L. It has more menace to it.

+1 vote   article: Tileset Concepts, an Open Poll
Orac| Feb 1 2015, 9:33pm says:

UI looking gorgeous as always. Systems sounding well thought out as always. I really really like the look of the datajacks.

What's the intended price point on Cogmind, and how will it be distributed? is there anywhere where I donate money or skills?

+5 votes   article: Robot Hacking
Orac| Feb 1 2015, 7:52pm replied:

I agree. It's irritating to only have a couple of active staffers :(

+1 vote   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Jan 29 2015, 11:32pm replied:

I'm not sure which direction we'll go, it will depend on what works and is fun within the bounds of the TS engine. We're pretty much 100% certainly going to have a squid mutation. It's an obvious and traditional choice I know, but I think it's also quite cool. No RA2 style grab mechanic, so not quite that kind of squid, but something big and mysterious to stalk the depths will be awesome.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 25/1/2015
Orac| Jan 28 2015, 4:24pm says:

B looks very pretty, but also very timeconsuming. L looks really good and a little more attainable.

+2 votes   article: Tileset Concepts, an Open Poll
Orac| Jan 26 2015, 3:51pm replied:

That's just the red flora, though it'd be cool to do some nests for other types.

I'd like to do some flora for orange and purple, and add an additional one for blue. As for fauna, I'd like to add at least one docile, neutral pack animal and at least two predatory creatures. And at least one aquatic creature.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Bulletin 25/1/2015
Orac| Dec 5 2014, 8:18am says:

I'd really like to see some more special characters for the 'Nids. Old One Eye and the Red Terror are cool and all, but I'd love to see a few others.

+4 votes   media: Old one eye
Orac| Nov 19 2014, 8:01pm says:

Doors take up a tile, though.

+1 vote   media: Various 40k
Orac| Nov 15 2014, 4:40pm replied:

Well yeah, it's an industrial district out in the provinces.

I guess we could do 1:1 scale images... I'm not sure about the size limits in the gallery, but perhaps we'll give it a go.

+2 votes   media: DM: The Provinces (4)
Orac| Nov 15 2014, 7:00am replied:

Well these maps have been wrapped for a while, it's just now that we're posting up discernible previews.

+1 vote   media: DM: A Tale of Two Cities (2)
Orac| Oct 4 2014, 9:47am replied:

I'd want to do a mutation set for the red/orange tib first. I've kinda been planning it for ages, but I might do it soon.

+2 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 03/10/2014
Orac| Oct 3 2014, 8:27pm replied:

At the moment I believe the map isn't included in the current build. You'd have to ask Morpher why, but there's probably a good reason. But I did like the aesthetic, so we should definitely have another go at it.

+3 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 03/10/2014
Orac| Sep 29 2014, 8:36am says:

Arm theft is a growing galactic issue. Ask your Warmaster what YOU can do to prevent arm theft.

+3 votes   media: Sep29th
Orac| Sep 12 2014, 7:03pm replied:

I daresay that's also how your brother looks, back there.

+6 votes   media: The price
Orac| Aug 1 2014, 4:59am says:

Very cool.

+1 vote   media: *servos whining*
Orac| Jun 24 2014, 8:48am replied:

Anything that moves, I expect.

+14 votes   media: Daily Art
Orac| May 15 2014, 9:50am replied:

There was an attempt a while back to hack the RA2 engine to allow TS tile sizes. It didn't work. If it had, we'd have been able to port all our terrain to it. Since we can't, we'd have to remake every terrain tile again at RA2 scale.
Which is a massive "UGH" kind of task.

+1 vote   media: WIP Map Testing
Orac| Jan 16 2014, 6:17pm replied:

Slaanesh is pleased.

+3 votes   media: Just guardsmen having fun
Orac| Dec 6 2013, 5:15pm says:

Oddly subdued paintjob for an Ork.

+1 vote   media: Dec6th
Orac| Nov 16 2013, 6:11pm says:

I can't help but be reminded of TF2's Heavy.

+2 votes   media: Nov16th
Orac| Oct 15 2013, 4:21pm replied:

This is the cine model, for rendering between-mission FMVs with. So it doesn't go near the game.

The actual ingame MLRS fires two missiles at a time.

+2 votes   media: High Poly MLRS
Orac| Aug 18 2013, 12:42pm says:

Port ALL the games! :D

+8 votes   article: Playtest 20130818
Orac| Aug 16 2013, 11:00pm replied:

Being held by the other arm behind it.

+3 votes   media: Some Pics
Orac| Jul 25 2013, 9:50pm says:

Good stuff, the cyst system is rather splendid.

+1 vote   article: BUILD 251 IS NOW LIVE ON STEAM!
Orac| Jul 16 2013, 10:43pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Lord of Pestilence
Orac| Jul 15 2013, 7:19am replied:

It does seem like a sensible way of teaching players how to play... but only if the game diverges far from standard MMO fare.

+2 votes   media: Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade
Orac| Jul 8 2013, 5:47am says:

That is brilliant.

+11 votes   media: Storm Wardens.
Orac| Jul 3 2013, 9:42am says:


+5 votes   media: Yo dawg, you like Space Marines.
Orac| Jun 26 2013, 2:50am replied:

Have you ever seen Russia's "Buran" spacecraft?
"en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buran (spacecraft)"

Russian designs have looked American ones IRL before.

+6 votes   media: MiG Skat drone
Orac| May 26 2013, 6:06pm says:

I sort of assumed that in the second one they were assaulting downwards into trenches. Or that was the impression I got from the slope behind him.

Perhaps they both just rolled poorly.

+3 votes   media: have some 40k
Orac| May 13 2013, 2:47am says:

Little bit of Matrix inspiration?
Looks pretty great.

+5 votes   article: First Look: Ika Character Model
Orac| May 5 2013, 8:14am replied:

There really should be a khornate warband which is just a seething wave of chainsaws. I'm talking everything from chaingreaves and chainpauldrons to chainbackpacks and chainbanners.

It would under no circumstances ever be "off the chain". But it would be pretty great.

+1 vote   media: random
Orac| May 5 2013, 1:12am replied:

Hmmm, there seems to be widespread issues with this.
I can only suggest the fixes suggested in this topic: Ppmsite.com
But without knowing anything about your machine, there's not much that I, or anyone else, can suggest.

+1 vote   article: So somebody asked how to mod. It was too long to reply in a comment.
Orac| May 1 2013, 11:59pm says:

Poor sentinel looks so sad. Awwwww.

+1 vote   media: Forgeworld
Orac| Apr 28 2013, 6:28pm says:

Is that a Ymgarl Genestealer?
I thought they were solitary and shunned by the hivemind?

+1 vote   media: I'm back
Orac| Apr 11 2013, 6:53pm replied:

I believe that's a bonding knife. So it's more of a ceremonial affectation.

+7 votes   media: Cadre Fireblade
Orac| Apr 8 2013, 7:05am says:

I don't like the bump on the paving slabs. Apart from that, amazing.

+2 votes   media: High quality graphics comparison (animated gif)
Orac| Apr 4 2013, 1:39am replied:

I generally use "walker" for low tech and "mech" for high tech. It's a fluid scale.

+2 votes   media: Feel the power ...)
Orac| Feb 16 2013, 6:11pm replied:

Interesting you should mention the infantry. We recently returned to TS sized ones, since we had been using 75% sized versions previously which looked like shapeless blobs of gold (or grey, for Nod) pixels.

Perhaps we may scale them down a small amount, but unless someone comes forward wanting to replace all our infantry sprites I don't see much change occurring.

+3 votes   article: February 16th Update
Orac| Feb 12 2013, 11:20pm says:

Getting dangerously close to a skull throne there, emprah.

+4 votes   media: Golden Throne
Orac| Feb 11 2013, 5:20pm replied:

Nope. Almost all the turrets in TS were SHPs. (off the top of my head, the only one that was a voxel was Nod's laser turret)

+2 votes   media: GDI Firestorm Cannon
Orac| Feb 10 2013, 5:53pm replied:

Hey! I should put a render of that up too!

...It's ingame now. It just needs cool effects for the weapon.

+5 votes   media: Nod SAM
Orac| Dec 30 2012, 10:38pm says:

Perhaps he's praying?

+2 votes   media: Blood Slaughterer
Orac| Oct 16 2012, 4:29am replied:

I'm pretty sure I've seen helicopters in real life which do without a tail rotor. Something clever like diverting air from the top rotor to the back via a series of internal pipes and such.

+1 vote   media: Helipad and Gunship WIP. (see comment)
Orac| Sep 14 2012, 10:59pm replied:

Also, is amazingly awesome.

+1 vote   media: Ork Size Comparison
Orac| Jul 16 2012, 9:34pm replied:

You're welcome to have it. And hey, if you want any help I'd be happy to do other Red Alter designs :) The concepts are amazing!

+1 vote   media: Red Alter's Paladin Tank
Orac| Jun 20 2012, 5:47pm replied:

Goddamnit. You got there first!

+2 votes   media: Dark ritual
Orac| May 14 2012, 3:36am replied:

Mostly its because the Blood Ravens have earned a reputation for outright theft of other chapters' stuff.

+3 votes   media: random 40k
Orac| May 14 2012, 2:59am says:

I love this tank, so much.

+1 vote   media: Leman Russ Executioner
Orac| May 5 2012, 11:15pm says:

This looks gorgeous.

+6 votes   media: Murder Paths
Orac| May 3 2012, 6:08pm replied:

It's breathtakingly amazing that anyone in 40k manages to hit anything.

+1 vote   media: Art by Klausmaster and Skinpeel
Orac| Apr 29 2012, 6:11am replied:

All the genders.

+3 votes   media: 40k art by columbussage
Orac| Apr 21 2012, 11:47pm replied:

Then what would they look like in snow?

+1 vote   media: Iberian Faction Bonus (walls and more walls)
Orac| Apr 16 2012, 9:43pm replied:

This is a screenshot of the earliest implementation of these ruins, while only the very first set of ruins was ingame. The rubble, lighter ruin set, high metal fences, corrugated iron fences, and mutant encampments hadn't even been modeled yet.

So yes. This is as simple as it gets. :)

+1 vote   media: A World in Ruins
Orac| Apr 8 2012, 5:34am says:

Ork weapons always have the most fun-to-read descriptions.

+2 votes   media: Ork Weapons
Orac| Apr 8 2012, 5:31am replied:

Because **** logic, that's why.

+3 votes   media: Wanton Carnage
Orac| Apr 3 2012, 4:45am replied:

I agree. Flameguy. 100% flameguy.

+5 votes   media: Prisms & Lasers
Orac| Mar 25 2012, 5:06pm replied:

Or that it needs *less* dakka?

I don't think so.

+6 votes   media: GLA Dushka Nest
Orac| Mar 17 2012, 11:09pm replied:

This might be based off the concept, rather than the in game model.

The upgrade plugs would be nice, too!

+1 vote   media: GDI Radar Tower
Orac| Mar 11 2012, 5:44pm says:

I like this change a lot more than I'd expected to like it. Good stuff.

+1 vote   media: New Light Tank
Orac| Feb 23 2012, 12:49am says:

Haha! I just downloaded the previous version yesterday.. I wasn't expecting this :D

+3 votes   article: Tiberium Wars Advanced 1.71
Orac| Feb 13 2012, 3:03pm replied:

You just have to be creative about it :P. Massive drops into tumultuous water, walls too tall to jump or too complex to climb, things like that. So long as they're integrated into the level in such a way as to seamlessly blend to everything else, you may not even notice they're there.

+1 vote   article: New Overgrowth a169 video devlog
Orac| Jan 30 2012, 5:38pm replied:

I'm not sure what the obsession with increasing blood and gore is - it seems unnecessary to me.

+3 votes   article: New Overgrowth a167 video devlog
Orac| Jan 27 2012, 3:01am says:

Cool stuff. Pathfinding is a personal gripe of mine in many games - glad to see that 0 A.D. will not be among them!

+3 votes   article: More Fun With Pathfinding
Orac| Jan 8 2012, 9:30pm says:

lose health over time? Is that a reduction until it's only 1 HP, or does it eventually destroy itself?
I'm not a fan of the latter. Cool model either way, however.

+6 votes   media: New Feature :: Outposts
Orac| Dec 6 2011, 1:20pm replied:

I've got a soft spot for the order of Saint Lazarus, but since they didn't do a great deal of fighting it gets very little rememberance. And I guess it was basically a Hospitaller order anyway.

+1 vote   media: Somebody called space nazis ? :)
Orac| Dec 5 2011, 5:21am says:

Niiice. You did some very good work with those edits.

+1 vote   media: Some Allied & Dominion units.
Orac| Dec 1 2011, 2:20am says:

Indestructible bridges :(

-3 votes   media: Hi-way, No-way (2-8)
Orac| Oct 30 2011, 11:03pm replied:

Your brain doesn't have super-soldiers clad in power armour.

+5 votes   media: More 40k
Orac| Oct 19 2011, 4:41pm says:

There is a date in mind by which I'd like to have TO finished, but since it relies on the work of other people as well I can't really put an official date on it.

+2 votes   media: WIP Map Testing
Orac| Sep 24 2011, 11:25pm replied:

Ares 0.2 feature, I suspect.

+2 votes   article: Update
Orac| Sep 21 2011, 1:42am says:

Son of a bitch... that trailer is pitch perfect RA.

+12 votes   media: The Red Alert Launch Trailer
Orac| Aug 29 2011, 11:44pm replied:

And considering how fast RA2's walls get built, I'm not surprised at all.

+12 votes   media: Allied Reinforced Gate (closed)
Orac| Aug 28 2011, 1:38am says:

You can do some serious damage to a Disruptor with swarms of infantry, but generally they only get one or two shots at the Dizzie before combusting. The price of swarms of infantry is higher than 2-3 Attack aircraft or verhicles to outrange the Dizzie.
In this particular case, infantry are decidedly not the answer even if you're desperate.

+2 votes   media: Disruptors in the Field
Orac| Aug 26 2011, 2:07am says:

Oh good, Adam Baldwin.

+3 votes   media: Armageddon
Orac| Jun 29 2011, 10:42pm replied:

The weak ones do.

+1 vote   media: Name and combat designation
Orac| Jun 22 2011, 12:44am replied:

XXXw.vxl, actually - it's a suffix.
And yeah, Ares only.
It'd be good if there was some code to deal with the voxel being picked up or shook about.

+1 vote   media: Desert Epsilon & Water Soviets
Orac| Jun 17 2011, 8:16pm says:

Damned Awesome.

+2 votes   media: Su-47_BAF
Orac| May 12 2011, 4:39am says:

That Daemon is screwed.

+1 vote   media: FoK screenshots
Orac| Apr 28 2011, 4:16pm says:

I love these buildings.

+2 votes   media: screens
Orac| Apr 19 2011, 4:58pm replied:

When in doubt, blame gypsy magic.

+1 vote   media: Arrival
Orac| Apr 13 2011, 3:22am says:

Wow. I know that Minecraft could look breathtaking, but this is amazing

+2 votes   download: Paradise v1.0
Orac| Apr 12 2011, 11:02pm replied:

Infantry go in, heal, and come out. If it was possible to give it some sort of healing aura then I'd definitely investigate how that worked gameplay-wise, but afaik there aren't any ways to do that.

+2 votes   article: April 11th Update
Orac| Apr 1 2011, 5:32pm replied:

The power of the WAAAGH, which makes everything work, and red ones go faster.

+2 votes   media: warhammer stuff
Orac| Mar 3 2011, 4:34am replied:

Primarily I'm an RTS or RTT kind of guy, but a good FPS is always a good change of pace. Then there's racing, of which I am always happy to partake.
Stick in my love of retro sidescrollers and puzzle games (Oh, and don't forget the modern equivalent)...

I agree with him, most people will try new things. Even if only moving one step away from their home genre at a time: For me it was something like RTS -> RTT -> Squad based Shooter -> Conventional Shooter. Or in the other case, old sidescrolling puzzle games -> Portal.

Yeah... I agree with him, while we may be shallow husks, we're bored too, and boredom screems for genre change. That said, this looks kinda like Wesnoth to me.

+2 votes   article: Minecraft creators’ next project is a strategy game: Scrolls
Orac| Feb 24 2011, 12:01am says:

Looks perfect. This is easily the best iteration of the Chronoprison I've ever seen, although I would give the core a bit lighter a shade.


+1 vote   media: Take a guess.
Orac| Feb 10 2011, 2:12pm says:

The marines are here :D

+2 votes   media: AROS Securities Medium Armor
Orac| Feb 7 2011, 8:39pm replied:

"For the greater Weeaboo" is an alternative take on the more common "For the greater good" - the drawing is pulling our attention to the idea that the two are pretty much the same in the minds of many Tau fans.

However, I'm rather partial to the Tau and I don't watch much anime, so it may be slightly flawed in that respect.

+1 vote   media: For the greater weeaboo
Orac| Feb 6 2011, 12:42am replied: +1 vote   media: Phoenix Revisited (6)
Orac| Jan 30 2011, 10:10pm says:

I love everything about this mod.

-3 votes   media: Red Alert Millenium
Orac| Jan 1 2011, 8:54pm says:

Another great looking piece. Looking forward to this :D

+1 vote   media: Soviet Flak Cannon
Orac| Dec 31 2010, 5:00pm says:

Another awesome model. Great! :D

+2 votes   media: Infantry Tactic Command
Orac| Dec 27 2010, 4:52pm replied:

Yep, the version of the Trailer in the Christmas Update (most recent news post) is linked from YouTube.

+1 vote   media: Tiberian Odyssey - Christmas Trailer
Orac| Dec 26 2010, 5:17pm replied:

Hah, I'd never really thought about the Christopher Nolan-era Batmobile look, but I can see where you get it from... I guess that in campaign it might be interesting to have an alternative colour scheme for a specific clan to make them stand out as more powerful or something.

I'd always thought the Devil's Tongue would be the unit known as 'Batmobile'.

+1 vote   article: Tiberian Odyssey Christmas Update
Orac| Dec 25 2010, 1:54pm replied:

Looking at the size of the TSR dropship, I'd say that it'd be most sensible to simply remove the cargo pod entirely for the mammoth drop - also, I think it'd look cool to have the Mammoth secured in that space and would give a better look at it in the air.
Not sure if its possible to have multiple different appearances for different drops... I guess it must be but idk.

+2 votes   media: GDI Dropship Bay
Orac| Dec 15 2010, 3:35am replied:

I dunno, if you're going to reference something in Dune then 40K is a good thing to reference - it references Dune a bit in the back story.

It's lovely how ever you slice it, though. I always did like the look of the Rhino.

+1 vote   article: Development Blog: Concept Art - Part 2
Orac| Dec 3 2010, 2:28pm replied:

Well, he is wearing quite a lot.. Underneath the fireproof clothes, he looks well proportioned to me.
As for the design, it looks well fitting of the faction and role.

+1 vote   media: Harkonnen Inferno Trooper
Orac| Nov 17 2010, 3:34am says:

Yep, you've definitely got my vote.

+2 votes   article: C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Wants Your MOTY Vote!
Orac| Nov 16 2010, 3:33am says:

Bellerophon is great. The Greeks are great. Sparta is great.

I'd love some AI, but still the smooth graphics are enough to keep me interested.

+5 votes   media: Forty spears of death
Orac| Nov 9 2010, 1:45pm replied:

We working on this are too.

+1 vote   article: September 21st Update
Orac| Nov 7 2010, 12:31am replied:

For the moment it disables ground units and defences and burns infantry. It cannot fire at other aircraft, although that is a somewhat ongoing debate.

+1 vote   media: Orca Interceptor
Orac| Oct 20 2010, 11:51pm says:

Those Humvees are massive!

Aside from that, lovely stuff.

+1 vote   media: C&C3 Generals : Evolution - New Images
Orac| Oct 10 2010, 3:37am replied:

Whatever it is, very aesthetically pleasing.. I guess its just a shape I like.

As for the reactor, the secondary building, I guess the control room, looks a little detached (hah, because it is entirely detached) - I would suggest some sort of pipes connecting the two parts of the building, or at least give the building a platform between the two segs.

+1 vote   media: Legion Tokamak Reactor WiP
Orac| Oct 7 2010, 3:35pm says:

I like that building behind the Tokamak reactor. The shape is good, and the texture is actually fairly decent. I would only suggest that you add to it a semi-opaque layer with some sort of concrete texture so that you get the existing seams of the texture here and the additional marks and scratches of the RL texture.

Apart from that.. you're doing fine, Dutchy.

+1 vote   media: Legion Tokamak Reactor WiP
Orac| Sep 29 2010, 11:28pm replied:

Oh, the trucks you have to defend are the much larger convoy trucks, and you'll be defending them for a lot more than 50 yards.

+1 vote   media: Campaign Testing
Orac| Sep 27 2010, 6:07am replied:

One of the oldest domestic breeds, from my knowledge.

Good models - is the building the mastiffs are outside of a kennel?

+4 votes   media: Additional Celtic buildings.
Orac| Sep 24 2010, 12:42am replied:

I see what you mean.

+1 vote   media: Urban "Enforcer" APC
Orac| Sep 23 2010, 7:16pm says:

Can't help but love broken columns.

+5 votes   media: Broken Columns
Orac| Aug 26 2010, 4:47am replied:

Damn. Awesome idea.

Must do.

+1 vote   media: Pallas
Orac| Aug 24 2010, 4:33am replied:

I might take the time to unify the scheme with the other Nod units (especially the engines). But tbh, It looks fine to me :P

+2 votes   media: Banshee Eclipse
Orac| Aug 22 2010, 1:32am says:

I actually quite like the use you've found for this vehicle

0 votes   media: PsiExoda Seeker
Orac| Jul 19 2010, 4:58am says:

Nice looking screenshots... I'll watch this.

+1 vote   game: Cristalia : Crystals
Orac| Jul 10 2010, 7:12am says:

Tsk Tsk.. Turret normals look to still need a tweak.

+1 vote   media: Disruptor
Orac| Jun 11 2010, 6:38pm replied:

You'll have to play the campaign, the splinter cells will be explored more thoroughly there.

I have already created a couple of Nod basic tanks to give a little bit of variety between the splinters, and make which splinters you ally yourself with a little more interesting.

+2 votes   article: The Brotherhood of Nod
Orac| May 8 2010, 7:43pm says:

I love my Odyssey :D

+2 votes   article: The Tiberium Odyssey.
Orac| May 6 2010, 5:04am says:

Mammoth (Mark 1) X71b, or some such, I guess.

+3 votes   media: Mammoth Tank
Orac| Mar 14 2010, 4:35am says:

Shiny stuff. Good that the navy will be being unveiled soon :D

+1 vote   article: More progress on Oydssey!
Orac| Mar 13 2010, 1:40am says:

The Repair bay has the TS Eagle on it, rather than the TO one...

+2 votes   media: G.D.I. Early Skirmish Base
Orac| Mar 12 2010, 11:34pm says:

Morpher, your base will be crushed pretty quick without some aircraft for support :P

+2 votes   media: G.D.I. Skirmish Base
Orac| Mar 5 2010, 2:26am says:

Wow. Reborn has come a long way since I started paying attention to it.
Good job to all you lucky staffers who get the private alpha :P

+2 votes   article: February Update
Orac| Feb 13 2010, 10:19pm replied:

Component towers were an interesting idea, but not very well executed. They slowed down GDI gameplay because of the normal build style.

The component tower might work better in Generals of beyond, but the classic build style doesn't work well with component towers because you can only build one thing at a time.

(However, I think that the lack of Component towers is made up for with the Firestorm Cannon :P)

+4 votes   media: GDI Auto Cannon / Vulcan Tower
Orac| Jan 4 2010, 5:03am says:

Those are a few more petrol canisters than I like to see on the outside of a vehicle :P

+2 votes   media: Nod Buggy
Orac| Dec 19 2009, 12:19am says:

That green mist is just exactly what I wanted to see :D

+2 votes   media: Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux Screenshots
Orac| Dec 6 2009, 3:46am says:

Wow... Huge nostalgia.
I love it. I really, really love it. The plane, the HoN, everything.

+2 votes   media: Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux Screenshots
Orac| Nov 14 2009, 10:24pm says:

It can't be coincidence that it looks like the Psychic Tower of YR.

0 votes   article: Arm Tantalus Omni Sensor Tower
Orac| Oct 6 2009, 4:07pm says:

Cute :D

+1 vote   media: Blue October?
Orac| Oct 5 2009, 5:44pm replied:

Disagreed. Every mod has textures! This one is doing something new and interesting! :P

+2 votes   media: Yuri Stuff
Orac| Oct 5 2009, 5:42pm says:

Very good. The whole mod is very nice to see, doing so much with so little :D
The lack of textures makes the whole mod into a dissection of Generals...

lovely, lovely stuff there Dutchy and DaFool.

+2 votes   media: Blue October?
Orac| Sep 15 2009, 12:41am says:

I love my little tank :D

+1 vote   media: ALL HAIL SOVIET POWER (and Allied light tanks)
Orac| Sep 10 2009, 5:40am says:

If you think that this looks battle-ready, you should see the battle-mech designs!

+2 votes   media: KERA Scout Ingame
Orac| Aug 4 2009, 12:13am says:

As far as I know, KERA is undergoing an overhaul with a large number of additions graphically and the DEA is currently under construction...

But I'm only staff, so what would I know? :P

+2 votes   mod: Dominance
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