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Orac| Oct 1 2015 replied:

Yeah probably. I've got a couple of assets to tidy up first but there's another bulletin on the way.

+1 vote   news: Weekly Bulletin 31/08/2015
Orac| Sep 25 2015 replied:

It's time consuming, but it's also really nice to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The bulk of the really punishing work has been done I think and now we're onto those last few big bits. We've weathered the storm so far, I think we can push on to the finish.

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Orac| Sep 19 2015 replied:

The remaining ideas, ones which aren't currently implemented or even partially impemented, are probably co-op missions and at least one further gamemode (plus hopefully a bit of retooling on out King of the Hill style mode).
Snow Theatre is coming along nicely but still needs a lot of work. Same with the Interior sub-theatre. Campaign has stalled a bit because of other commitments at the moment. The last week's bulletin would have gone out but I've spent so much time wrestling with the Firestorm Generator that I just didn't have the energy.
Bright side of it all is that the FSGen is pretty much done, which is nice.

Other than that, I dunno. Aliens?

+2 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Sep 11 2015 says:

That's a really clever set of models!

+1 vote   media: Not an Ork
Orac| Sep 10 2015 replied:


+4 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Sep 6 2015 replied:

We're looking to use a lot of soldier chatter, since that's a lot easier to match with the existing TS audio than the difficult-to-replicate Cabal and EVA audio.

But I'm also working on replicating Cabal's voice by way of synthesizer and distortion, but I'm no audio engineer so no promises :P EVA is a bit more difficult but if the opportunity arises I'd jump on the chance.

Because we don't want to record to many unneeded lines we'll probably wait until the script is mostly finalised before doing the bulk of the recording work.

+2 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Sep 3 2015 replied:

What we really need are the likes of these -
The masters from which Westwood made their explosions. At $600 for the set, these are not likely to be a possibility. But occasionally I look for things like it.
TD/RA1's explosions are good but too small and RA2's explosions have a comicbooky, cartoony style to them which clashes with the aesthetics of TS and TO. The conversion from the RA2 palette also adds a lot of yellow, while I would like to see fiery reds.

+1 vote   news: Weekly Bulletin 31/08/2015
Orac| Sep 3 2015 replied:

Not bad, lore-wise, but it could be difficult to turn into a compelling mission I think.

+1 vote   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Sep 1 2015 replied:

I'm not sure. TI got a lot of their explosion set by ripping them from a host of other games, which I feel a little bit uncool about (and even if I was a-okay with it, I wouldn't really know where to start). So we'll get some new explosions whenever I either have time to make them myself or stumble across a good GPL-ish set.

+2 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 31/08/2015
Orac| Aug 31 2015 replied:

Perhaps you're right. This is a good point which may influence a few future missions.

+3 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 31/08/2015
Orac| Aug 30 2015 replied:

I too would like to do something like this. But probably not until later in the campaign and only in response to some of your actions earlier in the story. And with you being one of the generals.

The Steel Talon idea is interesting, and since time immemorial TO has had a name for the high speed orbital strike team - Phoenix Division. Personally I'd prefer to see you working with them rather than directly being them, because dropping from space makes it harder to justify missions flowing from one geographically close place to another (which at least early on I believe is important in acclimatising the player).

+3 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Aug 23 2015 replied:

...Just as planned.

+3 votes   media: Warhammer 40k
Orac| Aug 4 2015 says:

That was awesome. And oddly reminiscent of Alien Isolation. Maybe it was the button pound animation, but the general atmosphere had it too.

+1 vote   media: The door
Orac| Aug 4 2015 says:

Dinosaurs? DINOSAURS!

+3 votes   media: Tower 57 Kickstarter Trailer
Orac| Aug 3 2015 replied:

That is definitely a mission we're doing! I've even nearly finished the special assets for it.

+1 vote   news: Weekly Bulletin 29/07/2015
Orac| Jul 30 2015 replied:

That's a very good point and I'd totally forgotten about that bug. Maybe there is something there.

+2 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 29/07/2015
Orac| Jul 29 2015 replied:

TS doesn't have the logics required to make the landing craft disembark vehicles (which is its usage in the campaign), so it won't actually *work* per se. So if ever it happens to be controllable by the player it'll need a lot of scripting behind it to fake even part of the functionality.

+6 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 29/07/2015
Orac| Jul 18 2015 replied:

"An occasionally weekly but mostly just whenever someone feels like it bulletin" :P

+1 vote   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Jul 15 2015 replied:

Here's hoping!

+1 vote   news: Weekly Bulletin 15/07/2015
Orac| Jul 11 2015 replied:

Because silhouette is very important, and needs to conform to player expectation.

+1 vote   media: GLA Hideout
Orac| Jul 10 2015 replied:

He is also damaged by shotguns and fireballs, both of which an astartes can shrug off.

+5 votes   media: An Utterly Doomed Smurf
Orac| Jul 10 2015 says:

The helmet looks a bit too tall, especially in the lower portions.

+2 votes   media: Blood raven costume update - Test fitting
Orac| Jul 7 2015 replied:

The secret is to make them over the course of six months and then show them all off at once. That way you look productive!

+1 vote   media: DM: A Tale of Two Cities (2)
Orac| Jul 3 2015 replied:

Or a different impression of the Plasma Cannon.

+3 votes   media: Into the Fires of Battle
Orac| Jun 27 2015 replied:

Swimming is a logic added to RA2, and is thus not available to us in the TS engine. The same goes for deployable infantry.

At the moment I think Nod has more infantry than it really knows what to do with (What is the flame infantry actually for?), so adding a chameleon spy is probably a poor move.

Jumpjets can already get up cliffs (and across water, and can fly all over the gaff).

+1 vote   news: Weekly Bulletin 27/06/2015
Orac| Jun 27 2015 replied:

An early version of this electric Cadre concept did have it EMPing vehicles. Unfortunately, the AI ignores units after they're EMP'd so they sit there for the duration of the game being useless and taking up space. The standard EMP cannons are usually used in conjunction with combat so EMP'd units don't stick around for too long (they're busy being blown up). The cadre was EMPing so many units though that it was liable to clog up the map entirely and led to boring slow games and brain-dead looking AI.

+2 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 27/06/2015
Orac| Jun 23 2015 says:

Some Reign of Steel assets getting some use there, looks cool.

+4 votes   media: Mental Omega Side 4 Reveal Trailer
Orac| Jun 23 2015 replied:

A weekday ending in a "Y".

+2 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
Orac| Jun 13 2015 replied:

We shrank the infantry for a while, and the results were blobs of poorly defined pixels. It's not a giant issue on the default infantry because you've played TS and can remember what they look like, but with new infantry it was really hard to get them to look human let alone get them telegraphing their weapon.

So at the moment we're using full sized infantry until we can find a happy medium between blobs of pixels and the current TS scale.

+1 vote   news: Weekly Bulletin 10/06/2015
Orac| Jun 11 2015 replied:

I agree that balance will be fine tuned with time and heavier online play, but we don't want to do that until all of the things which need to be balanced are in-game and functional.

We need to have the dynamics sorted out first (like Nod's late game or a few parts of the naval combat), then the wider testing can begin.

+2 votes   mod: C&C Tiberian Odyssey
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