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Anyone who plays Far Cry should play Matto4 (along with the previous installments). The levels, extra weapons, gameplay are all based on the excellence of the original Far Cry, with even more humor and some very creative and surreal moments.

I played it years ago (2008 I think), and it still remains fresh in my mind how much fun I had with it, because it purely is about macho, frantic, man kills man fun!

Not to be missed! A CLASSIC!


Tuesday & Ark - Continuum

Mod review

Interesting and artistic mod. Arguably an experience, not a game much like Dear Esther, though of course, Tuesday and Ark well precedes it.

It's overly vague in it's artistic pursuit, and it would be cool to see someone really make a true, complete title with an understandable resolution. At the same time, there is charm in it's faults, and that charm might be lost if someone was to change our perceptive of it, but then again, we wouldn't have to play it if we don't want the risk :P


Alpha Project

Mod review

This is an awesome mod that I wish had appeared years ago. The fact that basic BF2 experience has improved so much is remarkable, and makes for better, more realistic close quarters combat. The tighter accuracy for many weapons like the machine guns makes them much more useful on the move. The exploding cars, box and barrel physics make the world much more living rather than the passive levels of vanilla BF2 (though probably would've brought past CPUs to their knees since it's a single core-only game).

I don't want to gripe too much, especially as your aim was to recreate the original vision for the game, but I guess I'll say it anyways, since I think they are valid improvements:

1) If possible, higher resolution textures and models would be awesome. Not a priority, but would be nice.
2) The LOD is a bit annoying. If it's a CPU issue, I would leave it alone, if it's more memory and GPU side, I would definitely push it harder. I am very happy that you pushed the draw distance way out. BF2's low draw distance overall drove me nuts.
3) The weapon sights on the majority of weapons seems way too far away, especially machine guns.
4) I can haz a bit more sprint duration (with head bob?)?
5) Better character animations a possibility without taxing the CPU too much more?
6) No one plays the multiplayer it seems :(

Also, are all the weapons ballistics still there? It's hard to tell for most of the weapons, since I haven't noticed tracers outside of tank shots (I could just be blind :P)

This mod already is so awesome, and their is so much more potential for a great mix of realism and arcade action. What you've done is amazing so far and seeing the previews makes me all giddy. BF2 is easily my favorite despite my many hours spent with BF3. I also hope to see more people play it in multiplayer. I will make a valid effort to post your ModDB in my forum signatures so people who still play BF2 MP get the message.

Thanks and cheers!

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