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NUSNA_Moebius Nov 22 2013, 10:52pm says:

Looks awesome! Tracking.

+1 vote   game: HEATHEN
NUSNA_Moebius May 20 2013, 5:42pm replied:

I noticed the same thing when I started up AP from Desura.

+2 votes   download: Alpha Project V0.2
NUSNA_Moebius May 20 2013, 4:46pm says:

Your work in this is awesome! Great job!!

+1 vote   media: Alpha Project 0.2 Content Reveal Trailer
NUSNA_Moebius Nov 12 2012, 9:24pm says:

I love the F-15J Kai from Patlabor 2! I'm really pleased to see it put into the game!

+1 vote   news: Report 028: F-15J & more
NUSNA_Moebius Oct 7 2012, 7:10pm says:

Can't wait, can't wait!

+1 vote   media: FarCry 2010 Level Research 0.16.23
NUSNA_Moebius Oct 4 2012, 11:20pm says:

LOL Atlantic Conveyer!!!!!!!

Is the map scaled down to represent the Falklands at a much smaller scale while preserving the congruent geometry?

+2 votes   media: Project Reality: BF2 Falklands v0.1 Addon Trailer
NUSNA_Moebius Oct 4 2012, 10:40pm says:

I'm glad to see you're still working on the mod!

+3 votes   media: FarCry 2010 Level Research 0.16.22
NUSNA_Moebius Sep 11 2012, 11:57pm replied:


+5 votes   mod: Reality: ODST
NUSNA_Moebius Jun 16 2012, 12:16pm says:

My only real complaint about FH2 is what seems to be an unwillingness to push the draw distance that other mods gladly do. I know it really beefs up the need to have better graphics horsepower, but it's so beneficial for aircraft and general situational awareness.

+2 votes   news: Requesting Reinforcements !
NUSNA_Moebius Jun 16 2012, 12:12pm says:

That looks pretty awesome. Close in, dense foliage was never BF2's strong suite, but it seems you guys are really good at overcoming that.

+1 vote   media: Jungle Status Update
NUSNA_Moebius Apr 10 2012, 2:01am says:

How flexible can you get with custom shaders? I remember one of the past BF2 patches making custom user made shaders either difficult or impossible to do.

Nice work by the way. This mod is certainly alpha like it is titled, ranking with Forgotten Hope 2, Project Reality 2 and AIX in quality and overall playability. The more unique BF2 mods, the better!

+3 votes   mod: Alpha Project
NUSNA_Moebius Apr 10 2012, 1:58am says:

The mappack is pretty good in scope, layout, and variety. However, the Pripyat level blew me away. The LOD was a bit visual intrusive but the overall atmosphere and composition was excellent with dense, tall grass, nice details, and good map layout. The CoD music was also an excellent touch :P

Is it possible to boost the texture resolution and model geometry? Obviously alot of the elements in the maps are taken right out of BF2. It's not a huge issue, but would be nice on the eyes.

Thanks for the hard work and excellent design!

+2 votes   download: Alpha Project 0.1 Close Combat Mappack
NUSNA_Moebius Jan 30 2012, 12:52am says:

I played this mod 2 or 3 year ago, and it's a very surreal and fantastic piece of work. It's a big barren, but it adds to it's artistic appeal. I just wish it had a logical ending instead of just.....ending.....

Yes, I too wish this would get a revival, staying on CryEngine 1, but completely fleshed out.

+2 votes   mod: Tuesday and Ark
NUSNA_Moebius Jan 30 2012, 12:48am says:

Not to diss or anything, but the images make the game look very similar in style and tone to the Xbox versions of Far Cry. And is that the deep water shader you're using?

+2 votes   mod: Fear Cry
NUSNA_Moebius Dec 3 2011, 3:11pm says:

Your work is fantastic!

+1 vote   media: Work in progress Far Cry 2010 Mod (Level Pier)
NUSNA_Moebius Nov 10 2011, 9:22pm says:

This mod looks pretty sweet, going to give it a go! I guess this will be the closest us PCers will get to playing ODST with a mouse and keyboard!

+4 votes   mod: Reality: ODST
NUSNA_Moebius Nov 10 2011, 9:03pm says:

So will this be like HAWX or Ace Combat, or maybe similar to them but with more realism? I hope at least for a realistic flight model.

+3 votes   game: Vector Thrust
NUSNA_Moebius Nov 10 2011, 7:01pm says:

This game looks and sounds pretty sweet. I never get sick of comprehensive games set in WW2. There are still plenty of stories to tell and battles to fight!

+2 votes   game: Heroes & Generals
NUSNA_Moebius Nov 10 2011, 6:57pm replied:

Something is better than nothing, and if you're going to carry spares, might as well make use of the otherwise dead weight. Though it's perfectly plausible you may end up damaging vital spares you might really need at some point the and your main hull armor would've been just fine anyways.

+2 votes   media: 6th November Screenshots
NUSNA_Moebius Nov 10 2011, 6:54pm says:

Always wondered, how limited by the engine are you guys when it comes to graphical improvements based on denser textures and geometry? Not to dock how great of a job you guys have done, but it's something that has interested me. I'd really love to see the draw distance expanded too, which I know can be done (seen it with the BF2 Allied Intent Extended mod). It would be incredibly nice for the huge desert maps.

+1 vote   media: 6th November Screenshots
NUSNA_Moebius Nov 7 2011, 6:49pm says:

Thank you for this awesome mod to my favorite single player FPS ever!

Always wondered about the shadows. Why are they so blocky when you enable more of them? I've encountered this in the CryEngine Sandbox SDK too, and always have pondered as to the reason for the issue......

+1 vote   mod: FarCry 2010
NUSNA_Moebius May 19 2011, 8:47pm says:

Crashes when I press either single or multiplayer button on main screen after log in :(

Win7 64 + Core 2 Duo P8400 + 9800M GS 512 MB + 2 GB DDR2 667

+1 vote   mod: BF2 ASSAULT MOD: PREPARE 2 GET SOME!!!
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