There is not much to say, I am already gaming for years, always wanted to make my own, finaly I am getting closer and closer.

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Noek1993 May 26 2011, 4:54am says:

It's nice to see some Dutch people making a game with Dutch in the lead role, I have been waiting for this. I once tried making a game with the same idea, but I didn't get far, hope you guys get further.

Good luck

+1 vote   game: Alpha Project: Line of Fire
Noek1993 Nov 8 2009, 4:42pm says:

I really like this idea
it gives me the idea of generals 2 :D

+1 vote   mod: C&C Generals Evolution
Noek1993 May 28 2009, 9:03am says:

but it looks almost the same as this weapon:
is it that weapon?

+1 vote   media: Another gun test
Noek1993 May 25 2009, 3:47am says:

what gun is it based on?
this is almost the same weapon as the Miniseries Marine Rifle for BattleStar Galacica, only the front and colours are a bit diferent.

Nice gun BTW

+1 vote   media: Another gun test
Noek1993 Jan 16 2009, 10:00am says:

the f-302 is based on death glider so they both look like it

+2 votes   media: Wraith Render
Noek1993 Jan 6 2009, 1:46pm says:

its the head of planentary assautl carrier, but its cool :D
but isn't it to dark???

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence v1.1
Noek1993 Dec 18 2008, 10:33am replied:

It's the pre TD version.
I did come somewhere between RA and TD, this is an early version of the EVA

+1 vote   mod: C&C Renovatio
Noek1993 Dec 18 2008, 2:56am replied:

I am sure you need EP1, but I am not sure about EP2.
I self have EP2 but I will try if it works without EP2.

I do not need EP2 to play the mod

+1 vote   mod: BLACK MESS
Noek1993 Dec 16 2008, 4:08pm replied:

maby a nuclear bomb???
black ops placed a warhead and they let it detonate, nobody stopped them because the base was completly evacuted because of the large allien force

+1 vote   mod: BLACK MESS
Noek1993 Nov 30 2008, 12:49pm says:

I will look how i change it.
and I will see what I can do about the zombies.
and those headcraps need to annoying.

+1 vote   download: Black Mess Demo/BETA
Noek1993 Nov 30 2008, 9:29am replied:

The idea was cool and it was on of the ideas I had in teh beginning: re visit Black Mesa. But I can't make the textures and models needed for it.
But it sounds very interesting, but I should need a team.

+1 vote   mod: BLACK MESS
Noek1993 Nov 30 2008, 5:30am says:

It's now like 3 months ago since I stopped, but I am going to contineu now.
It's fery fast to play it out this time, I will at more in the future, but I had a good place to stop so I made a beta/beta.
good you people like it :)

+1 vote   download: Black Mess Demo/BETA
Noek1993 Nov 28 2008, 4:30pm replied:

I am a 'beggining' HL2 mapper but I am doing my best to make it better.
I will try it out but when I use prites something goes wrong, but I will try again.

thanks for the support

+2 votes   mod: BLACK MESS
Noek1993 Sep 6 2008, 1:19pm says:

the person wo made this level places the top of the lader wrong xD
rotate it 180 degrees and move it a big up, move the ladder up 2 and its ok

+1 vote   media: Pictureslevel1
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