Hello everyone! My name is Curtis, but my nickname that I kept since I was 8 is "Mac". I am a big fan of sci-fi and anything to do with technology and space. When time permits, I love playing games... If I had to choose which style of gaming is my favorite, I couldn't say. I would put RTS, 1st-person, and RPG as the top 3, but I suppose that covers a good percentage of all the games! What I also really like to do on my spare time is create maps for pc games, mainly for the C&C series but sometimes for the AoE series - I can thank RA95 for this map-building addiction! I don't have any experience with modding, though. Lately (as in the last few years, off & on, when I have time) my time for playing has been devoted to building maps for C&C3. Why this game? Because this game has a such an awesome mod that I have great respect for and thoroughly enjoy... It's called: Tiberium Essence.

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.Mac. Jul 12 2014, 11:14pm replied:

Any custom C&C3 map should work for TE just fine. They just won't have any of the TE exclusive props/textures is all, unless you or anyone added some in via WB.

Here's a good guide on how to install custom maps:

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.Mac. Jul 12 2014, 4:28pm replied:

1. Don't forget Nod is the only faction with an "epic" heavy-infantry unit, the Cyborg Commando.

2. I'd agree there are only a small few designs of his that could use some touchups and minor tweaks, but I think the Leviathan Mothership's design looks awesome as is. If Carnius is wanting to do any drastic redesigning on something, I believe it should be anything else from EA that's unsatisfactory.

3. wsted439 created a remarkable map, called London Broil, which is pretty similar to what you're after.

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.Mac. May 15 2014, 3:33am replied:

I think so too. One way or another, if the servers do go down for the games we really enjoy, I believe there is a way to overcome this.

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.Mac. May 3 2014, 4:27pm replied:

I agree on that list of light crushable units Oaks, but I think it makes sense to also add the Seeker. Then it'd be 2 vehicles for Scrin, just as it's 2 for the other teams (for a sense of balance).

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.Mac. May 3 2014, 2:51pm replied:

The Titan is a big heavy-duty mech, I think its speed is just fine as is. If Carnius wants to bring back its crushing ability for certain small vehicles though, that'd be fine with me.

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.Mac. Apr 24 2014, 1:15pm replied:

I agree with these comments about the FSG. Radius should be increased (at least stealth generator size) and I think its cool down could also be a bit less. Oaks briefly touched on this but I agree it is not always appreciated when all things that aren't your own gets destroyed (especially neutral bridges, structures, etc). How about instead of destroying enemy/neutral things, either it should have no affect on them or it only slows down their movement? Also, when activated it could use a different sound, like the "flame" sound it had in TS. Lastly, the structure needs house colors. That's all I've got after trying it out ;)

I noticed in WB Carnius also created a mobile FSG named "Aegis" (absolutely a perfect name for it BTW), hopefully with some polish and balancing it can become a tier3 GDI unit (which first requires FSG structure to be built and a limit of 1?)

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.Mac. Apr 8 2014, 11:33am says:

This looks like an imposing game of chess to me. Eclipse Tank takes Kazaur Walker... Goliath Tank takes Inferno Tank, CHECK!

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.Mac. Mar 1 2014, 7:01pm replied:

Love the eerie feeling in this one Vlado, well done :)

+1 vote   media: WIP
.Mac. Mar 1 2014, 6:58pm says:

"We built this city... only to destroy it!" XD

Looking forward to seeing it when it's done Starfox, we need more large blue-zone city maps ;)

+2 votes   media: We build this city!... [FAR from done]
.Mac. Feb 18 2014, 10:04pm says:

So much destruction and detail, very cool! I'd like to play this when you're done :)

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.Mac. Feb 12 2014, 6:00pm says:

Thanks SeriousJack, this map looks fun! I really like the thought-out layout of all the natural obstacles too.

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.Mac. Feb 4 2014, 4:49pm says:

Lol, yeah I put those expansion towers in this map before knowing Carnius wanted to swap them for the Tacitus Archive. I haven't had a chance to test things out with 1.6 yet, so we'll see what more edits I'll need to make :)

+2 votes   media: Did somebody said Tacitus Archive?
.Mac. Feb 2 2014, 1:52pm says:

This is a glorious day XD

+3 votes   download: Tiberium Essence 1.6 Beta
.Mac. Feb 1 2014, 12:29pm replied:

That will be a great game! I live right next to Seattle, Go Hawks! :D

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.Mac. Jan 31 2014, 4:56pm says:

So, we're at the eve of the release for TE 1.6, what are you guys looking forward to seeing/playing with the most??

Me, it's honestly really hard to choose because I am looking forward to EVERYTHING that Carnius has shown and talked about with us so far (see all of the pics from 1.52 to present)... but if I HAD to choose, it would have to be the unknown...

I always look forward to finding anything different and new, no matter how significant or subtle, and I have no doubt that Carnius will have a few surprises up his sleeve again for us ;)

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.Mac. Jan 25 2014, 4:32pm replied:

Carnius is working hard to deliver an update for us soon. As always, the wait will be worth it ;)

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.Mac. Dec 4 2013, 11:13pm replied:

Hmm, the maps are certainly there. I'm not sure what's wrong. Did you remember to unzip the folder? PM me if you continue to have trouble.

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.Mac. Dec 4 2013, 9:24pm replied:

"A remake of cityscape would be awesome period."

You might like a certain map in here then ;) Moddb.com

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.Mac. Nov 18 2013, 4:47pm replied:

That really means a lot to me seeing some of my maps being enjoyed and inspiring creative ideas from others :)

All of the maps I've created have already undergone certain changes to accommodate the TE props/textures thus far and I plan to have them re-released (plus several other never-before released maps) sometime after the next version of TE is released ;)

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.Mac. Nov 13 2013, 2:06pm replied:

The way I see it, C&C 4 was already released and is of the past now, but Carnius is continuing working hard on TE and will eventually be releasing the latest version... so between the two, the last C&C game will be TE :)

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.Mac. Oct 18 2013, 4:12pm replied:

Thank you, my friend XD

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.Mac. Oct 17 2013, 8:00pm says:

@Starfox, Just as it looks fine if you had +30 stealth tanks with the cool stealth FX, it'd also look fine to have +30 units with this cool pulsating blue shield FX :)

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.Mac. Oct 16 2013, 4:10pm replied:

I'd imagine that GDI's FS shield generator would be on par with Nod's stealth generator, so Nod wouldn't necessarily need another.

I would really like to see decoy/fake/mirage structures implemented in TE somehow, though. If Scrin gets something additional, I believe this ability would be suitable/best for them, since they now already have the "Decoy Army" support power - these two abilities together would go hand-in-hand for the aliens ;)

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.Mac. Oct 16 2013, 3:51pm replied:

Now that I look at it, I think that particular shield FX from C&C4, or something similar, would actually look pretty good as the TE Firestorm shield FX, which should "coat" (not bubble, as seen in that image) itself around individual vehicles and structures.

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.Mac. Oct 7 2013, 4:15am says:

This looks great Carnius! I'm wondering, is it possible to code for vehicles to actually travel on top of the pad while they're repairing here?

+2 votes   media: TiberiumEssence152
.Mac. Oct 7 2013, 4:12am says:

Those newer tiberium-infested trees look absolutely perfect, Carnius.

And I really like the tiberium roots leaching on the structure to the right, which somehow reminds me of a "face hugger" from Alien XD

+4 votes   media: TiberiumEssence152
.Mac. Jun 30 2013, 9:24pm replied:

This is a good question. I guess it partly depends on how much armor/defense on objects is increased that determines this.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
.Mac. Jun 30 2013, 8:53pm replied:

Speaking of the iron curtain, I've got an idea Carnius: Just as those units had a reddish hue when protected by that, how would it look if you attempted something similar for this shield with a pulsating, blueish hue on objects? And when the shielded object is taking fire, have these light animations that we see here light up on various parts of the body. I think this would look perfect as the Firestorm shield animation.

+8 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
.Mac. Jun 30 2013, 8:13pm says:

"Liquid death online." If these are only available at the Tacitus Archive, I can't help but wonder what more might possibly be added to that tech structure (infantry for GDI and Scrin also?) ;)

I must also add that everything about and around that blue tiberium shaft looks amazing. It appears like you even upped yourself and improved its detail since the initial reveal?

+3 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
.Mac. Jun 30 2013, 7:25pm replied:

Looking at the other picture of these firing, I think Carnius is still keeping their role the same. I'm guessing that this an upgrade (the same Railgun upgrade from the tech center), which will only increase its damage slightly, along with a new artillery/rail gun animation. If this is true Carnius, I think it looks good and I welcome this idea.

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
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