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MystriousKieran Sep 1 2012, 3:06pm replied:

+1, there's no reason not to because steam players can play with non steam players in any game. It's a real shame that such a great game goes so unnoticed because it has little exposure.

They could even add it to the Steam workshop to encourage more developers to contribute.

I wonder if they've considered applying for 'Greenlight'?
I know greenlight for Xonotic and Warsow is being discussed by their dev teams. RE should beat em to the punch!

+3 votes   game: Red Eclipse
MystriousKieran Aug 17 2012, 10:07pm says:

Please don't let this die!

+1 vote   game: MekArcade
MystriousKieran Aug 17 2012, 10:06pm replied:

That reminds me; how is 1.3 coming along? It's getting harder and harder to find a game with actual players in it :( Any chance we'll see it before 2013?

+2 votes   game: Red Eclipse
MystriousKieran Aug 17 2012, 9:39pm says:

I sure hope this wasn't abandoned...

+3 votes   game: Iron Fist
MystriousKieran Aug 12 2012, 3:18pm replied:

Hello, Just wondering how the progress of IronFist is coming along. When can we expect to see this shakedown edition released? I'm guessing you had to delay the release for more polishing.

It seems like you're taking things in a much better direction than red eclipse and have a lot of ambition for your project. Making use of bullet physics and Tesseract is an excellent idea. I'd say this has the potential to be a very popular and successful tactical sci-fi shooter if it's advertised enough to get recognition. I'm very excited to see what the future holds for your game.

On another note, I'm capable of 3d modeling and doing light c++ programming. Are you open to contributions if the quality is up to snuff?

+3 votes   game: Iron Fist
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