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I've been playing this mod for 100 (ingame) days, and all I can say is that so far, I love it.

All the convenience options such as Companion Roles and Autoloot are incredible, I don't know if I will ever be able to play without them now. Also, it makes perfect sense for a role play perspective: do you really think a lord leading an army of several hundreds men should personally take care of picking and selling loot, capturing prisonners, making sure the food stocks are safe, or babysitting companions into picking the right gear? I say no, he has subordinates who can take care of that, following his own general recommendations. Really helps make the gameplay smoother, and focus less on tedious micromanagement.

I find the Special Abilities system for yourself and your companions to be really well thought out and balanced. Now your characters have an even more specialized role. My knight turned into an even more inspiring figure, charging first into battle and rallying my troops around me!

Tournament is really great now, you get to actually have fun, by customizing it to your personal preferences.

As for the tactics system, or the automanagement system, I have to admit I haven't used them enough by now to make an accurate judgment, but they seem well made and are very welcome for more advanced players!

All in all, 10/10, I love it!



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