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MrModeste @ AMK: Autumn Edition

Thank you for your help!

I've been able to successfully edit my fov.

When I apply your config files for the minimap, it does disappear, but instead I have a strange number that appears a little above the minimap former position. I think it represents the distance to the exit of the current level, as it gets smaller when I get closer to the exit.

Anyway, it isn't a big deal, so don't worry, I can play perfectly fine with the minimap. Thanks anyway!

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MrModeste @ AMK: Autumn Edition


First of all, I'd like to say that I love these mods. The environment is beautiful, the shooting feels great, the zone is harsher than ever, NPC behave realistically, anomalies are actually deadly, a lot of great stuff in it.

I've tried to search in the documentation files, but I haven't found how to get rid of the minimap (I don't use it, and even if I wanted to it's far too small on my 1366*768 resolution). I haven't found how to change the FOV either. Could anyone give me a hand please?

Keep up the good work!

PS: I believe bloodsuckers are far too tough, the first one in the Agroprom Underground is insane to kill. I had to google it up, and apparently, it's easier to kill it with a knife.

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MrModeste @ Status

Hello Predator,

I appreciate you taking the time to try to provide us with a better STALKER experience. I have had Clear Sky in my game library for years now, but I was waiting for your mod to be released in order to play it.

However, if you don't feel like doing it, don't do it. You owe us nothing. I'd say do what makes you happy, but nobody could decently hold a grudge against you for not finishing this mod.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you choose to do.

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MrModeste @ Ruthless Traders

I had a look at your misc files with, and it looks like he just took your 3 config files, and just add 1 point to every max value of [XXXXX_Sell].

Just PM the administrator of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of Chernobyl page, with some proofs, so that this upload could get removed.

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