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Moonlightwolf Oct 10 2012 replied:

you had bugs and crashes? weird it ran perfectly for me and my pc's fairly old.

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Moonlightwolf Sep 19 2012 replied:

I really don't get where you're coming from I thought they got half-life 1's pacing down almost perfectly, a couple of the levels were shorter than I remember but the actual placement of enemies and periods of downtime felt pretty much just like Half-life.

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Moonlightwolf Sep 14 2012 replied:

We know the tracker part but we need the torrent file first anyone know a mirror

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Moonlightwolf Sep 14 2012 says:

does anyone have the torrent file uploaded anywhere shack news is slowing by the second we need a torrent

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Moonlightwolf Apr 18 2012 says:

Isn't the key to kickstarter success: Already being well loved developer with a proven track record and an idea that reminds people of their gaming childhood.

I'm glad he's done well with kickstarter but I can't help feeling that if kickstarter were the only funding method indie projects for unknowns would have much less chance of funding. The other danger is that if double fine adventure, wasteland 2 or several other kickstarter projects turn out to be disappointments then the whole scheme will fall into disrepute.

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Moonlightwolf Dec 6 2011 says:

I thought I downloaded Privateer some time ago though now I can't seem to find it.

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Moonlightwolf Sep 16 2011 says:

This mod was funny but it does seem a little sad to be making a parody of one of the best modern games in a long time. I get where they're coming from on pre-order DLC, highlighted objects and regenerating health but what is wrong with ironsights are we really against more realistic aiming. I don't see the problem with takedowns either. Jensen is a mech (mechanically agumented) some of the mechs you encounter in deus ex have machine gun arms and rocket launchers, in comparison arm blades seem pretty tame and what the hell is wrong with a game having an art direction.

Sorry to rant, overall this mod was fun and most of its more general games industry points I agree with. I just cant help thinking this is the wrong game to be parodying when there's so many more deserving games out there.

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Moonlightwolf Mar 19 2011 replied:

Though I found the school shooter mod a frankly rather pathetic concept I didn't at any point comment on it's page or anywhere else about my opinion because in all honesty thats all the mod and its creators were after. A bit of hatred to bolster their deficient ego's (take ego as an innuendo if you must) the best thing to do with people looking for that kind of attention is to ignore them but unfortunately the mainstream media thrives on giving these idiots the attention they desire. Considering that television already has a vested interest in making games look bad (because games are constantly stealing their audience by being a lot more interesting) its not surprising that they take any opportunity to make a fuss and start tarring all mods and games with the same brush.

So well done moddb for not letting some pathetic attention seekers misuse freedom of speech to make trouble for the rest of us.

(and as for the school shooter developers, just save up, buy a really big car and drive round and round, it'll give your 'egos' the same extension without causing trouble for all the real developers out there.)

+10 votes   news: Why we removed the school shooter mod
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