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Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos

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Well, I gave it a ten out of ten because I really enjoy it! It's a lot of fun to play with the family and I enjoy spending nights playing it!



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'Towns' seems to be a game with great potential, it's fun, it's addicting, and holds old a special place in my heart. This game seems to be a lot like Age of Empires and Dwarf Fortress, but I still feel like I'm playing a different game. Some people may say that "this generation of game is behind us", and to that I say "NO!" This game may look old and have some qualities that seem obsolete, but that makes the gamers from the 1980's - 1990's a sense of nostalgia and have our childhoods fly back to us, usually with awesome memories!

The Gameplay:
I found myself lost in the game when I first started playing, I felt like I was just a kid from a 7th grade chem. class into a senior year forensic science course. I felt like I had a sense of needing to learn, not enough games these days actually force the player to learn to adapt to situations. Too many games are relying on the "boom 'n pow' guns, and extreme gore to adapt to the teenagers and young adults, we need more games with 'Towns' nostalgic values of gameplay. I found my intellect being tested in the various situations the you are presented with throughout the game.

The Audio:
I am a huge music geek, so I pick up on REALLY small things right away. The first thing that I noticed when I opened the game was the awful tuning of the guitar tracks, it was like nails on a chalkboard until I turned the music off. I was also kind of disappointed that there were only two audio tracks, I don't mind the lack of audio tracks, I just felt like that there could've been a little more music in some situations. Like a fanfare if you find an item, or a dirge if your town's population dies. The noises of the creatures dying was funny, but a little unfitting, I highy doubt that a cow gags when it dies.

I reccommend this game to anyone looking for a blast from the past in RTS gaming. Anyone looking for a unique experience and a great way to spend some time and a mind tester should play this game!

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