Towns brings a fresh new take on the city building/management genre by introducing many RPG features.

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It is a game with great potential. The gameplay is like DF Lite (If it existed), which is not coincidental because the developers said they had Toady's masterwork in mind while working on this game.

An important difference between Towns and DF is that Towns has an interface more attuned to the human eyes. That's right, wanna mine that wall? Click, drag, click, orders are now set! Now watch the Townsfolk perform hard labor!

(Note: Press Ctrl to toggle wall visibility. It makes tracking your village's going-ons easier.)

But for the next patch, something more unique will be added: Heroes and parties! In order to clear the dungeons at depth level 3 and below, one has to attract heroes to your Town. Then, try to keep them there with food, a cosy tavern and rewards for doing their thing! Once heroes are introduced, you can help them by adding soldiers to their parties. Once a dungeon level is cleared out, the villagers can safely access the floor.

There are still some minor issues, but that is what the beta phase is for. The developers listen closely to their fans on the forums and are actively involved with the (still quite small) community they have amassed.

If you're not going to buy it now, at least keep an eye on it.

Why is this game so fun!? WHY CAN I NOT STOP PLAYING!?

Very good idea, needs more advanced buildings and better early game armor/weapons. Tutorial would be a good idea and a campaign to slowly expand from basic to advanced. Should be more clear how to get more villagers. Villagers shouldn't starve to death when you give them an order to make food.

Even at this early stage of development, Towns is a lot of fun. The game borrows elements from Dwarf Fortress, but presents them in an accessible format thanks to a friendly user interface and warm graphics.

Towns will soon incorporate elements of another notable game, Majesty, by adding heroes. Having played Towns as it is today, I know that their inclusion will really lend some diversity to the gameplay. Currently, Towns offers the fun of building a productive town and fending off monsters. The inclusions of heroes will further add diversity to the town society, and create an item-based economy.

Given that the game is already fun, and the planned updates provide interesting new content and gameplay, I can't imagine Towns being anything less than a hit.

This is one of the most promising indie games in development right now!

It surely draws inspiration from modern classics such as Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper but adds and plans to add so much more to the whole concept. In the near future you will be able to send heroes on quests into the dungeons while you build and manage your prospering town above with fully customizable buildings and an ever growing number of possibilities to help your villagers survive.

Watch out for this indie gem!

Nice game.

Excellent take on city building. Very enjoyable gameplay.

VERY Goood, I recommend it!!!!!!!!!

A eye pleasing DF :D

I have fun playing it, and its a Alpha!
Last time i had fun in a Alpha was Minecraft.

This game has much potencial.

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