Hey, I'm a composer, a writer and a beginning recording engineer! (That black box on my profile header is to protect my identity.)

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New Symphony!

MochaShakeaCan Blog

I've started composing a new symphony, my first one in two months! I hope I can still muster the courage and patience to actually sit down and write the music. So far I've been at it for a half an hour and it is going so-so. I'm having trouble remembering the construction of chords, so I have to keep consulting an old textbook on music theory. I have 45 measures of music thus far and boy is it a lot of work.

Well, at least I have something that can keep me busy while I'm out of school for the time being. The piece is in F minor, or at least the first movement is, and it sounds dissonant and has an undertone of suspense. Well, granted that suspense and dissonance kind of go hand-in-hand in music, but still it sounds quite cool. Wow, I sound like a complete douche, QUIT STROKING YOUR EGO COLIN, golly, gee-whiz! I hope that my compositions will be used in movies, or videogames some day, I want to be remembered for something OTHER than the kid who sits in the back of the room. The kid who says nothing, has his headphones on all day long, has a book of manuscript paper on him at all times, that creepy kid. I just want to show all of those bullies that I AM good at something.

Anyways, I hope that anyone who reads this has had a good day so far! I've had a lot of fun so far and I hope that the fun doesn't stop for a while. Well, I'd better get back to composing.



MochaShakeaCan Blog

Hey, this is my very first blog ever? I don't quite know what to write about in these things, I understand it's usually some girl teenage spluttering about some hot guy named Troy. Thankfully, I am NOT a girl or a guy named Troy. So, uhhhh.... I composed more on my symphony, I feel weird being one of the few people that I know of that is around my age and actually ENJOYS listening to classical music. Bare in mind that I do not listen solely to classical, I listen to an eclectic collection of music, I just don't really care for country or rap. Oh dear, imagine if those two mixed. . . It'd be literal CRAP :D. However, I must digress, I really hope that I can find someone for whom I can compose for someday, I'd be happy as a clam if I could compose for a video game. But, that's a distant dream, well anyways, I'm gonna go buy stuff now. So. . . yeah I'm done....

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