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Brutal Doom

Mod review

Best Doom Mod. Improvements anywhere


Kane's Wrath Reloaded

Mod review

Not playable due to OP Nod artillery. Apart from that good ideas and units but cant rate it more than this if I literally cant enjoy it without being striked by some OP missile **** that breaks the game.



Mod review

C&C Generals Zero Hour : Enhanced

Mod review

Most boring mod I've ever played.

Graphically good but the long build times makes it unplayable and incredible boring. I always wanted to wait 1 minute to train barely something.

The start basically means that you watch your HQ 1 minute while doing nothing till your worker is finally done building.

Then you wait another minute till your barrack is done and your next worker is produced, it feels like an eternity literally.

The balance also does not feel better cause I've played as USA and I was so slow that the GLA roflstomped me kinda fast. While I was barely able to counter thanks to the long building times. I do not recommend this mod, it surely has good visuals and some interesting gameplay changes but making this so slow paced while the actual fights are fast paced is just incredible stupid

Infantry takes also that long. Even though they halfway come in groups.
With these building times im asking me what Im doing with my life.
Im asking me if the devs have tried their mod themselves. Also the soundtracks are rather unmatching and bad as well, the official onces were alot better.


General Enhanced

Mod review - 1 agree

Inspired me to make a video of the campaigns cause the mods visual and gameplay changes are so stunning!

Have you ever thought the combat is somewhat unrealistic cause of the ranged/damage? IT IS FIXED NOW <3 If you want to see gameplay of it.


3000 Miles to Tokyo

Mod review - 1 disagree

Looks good but way too difficult and unrealistic as ****.
In the first mission you have to take that outpost that has like 20 men and 2 MGs aiming at you with your two men who aren't accurate enough to kill the MGs. also behind it you see your allies driving to the beach and guess what. Its like an endless march of vehicles and nobody gives a **** about your situation. so realistic.



Mod review

Why is this not game/mod of the year.
Why is this not an own game in the first place?
This is the best Mod that I have ever played, the gameplay/combat is AMAZING, the story/voice actors are AMAZING..and funny xD the black people especially^^
10000/10 literally :3



Mod review

Great Ideas, bad implementation.
The Idea is nice but whats the fun in watching my stuff needing YEARS to be build while units are cheaper and can be produced at the normal speed?

I got incredible bored after a short time that I did not wanted to play


Black ICE Mod

Mod review

Men of War - Global War

Mod review

This mod is the best SP mod ever made in my opinion. Its extremely unique and special and to play against the AI is just fantastic! its challenging and really fun! Sure not everything is perfect yet and I have my complains and there are some minor bugs but the main gameplay works greatly and its incredible much fun! this is something I would like to see in an official MoW game than just putting 5x the same Skirmish for each country with the same units. I am sure if this mod gets ported to AS2 it would be easily the best mod on the workshop for SP. PLAY IT.
(Review written on the 1st of August, 2014/Version 1.0 released so far)

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