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Super Nova Space Station

Mod review

Very, very bad. With a crowbar and nothing more, no weapons, armor, or health to help me, you made me kill three alien grunts, three vorts, five headcrabs, three houndeye, and use myself as a replacement wire for an explosion (which blew off my ***). You gave me .357 ammo and no .357. AFTER I killed every single alien in the mod THEN you give me a shotgun, an AR, and 200 bullets. Like, wtf dude? Also, if you hold your nose and run through it, this mod can be beaten in under a minute.



Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Voice acting is absolutely terrible, though, other than that, this is probably in the top 10 Hl2 mods out there. They did a VERY good job. I just wish they would have gotten better voice actors, and had I been around when they had done it, I probably would've done it all for them myself. Again, other than the voice actors, it was a very good mod that I enjoyed very much.


Half Life 2: Dawn

Mod review

Short, but long for your average mod. I had no complaints, and the swamp/scary hospital scenes were amazing.



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Beginning was funny, ending was stupid. A genius headcrab planting a bomb? Come on. Plus for the fact that I beat the whole mod in about 15 to 20 minutes with only dying a handful of times, not fond of it. Also, not fond of human grunts not dying after 20 head shots from a M4A1.


Half-Life : Residual Life

Mod review

As I started off this mod, I was drawn in by the excellent mapping and classic futuristic black mesa office/research/warehouse complex feel. I was then drawn in more by the idea of playing in the white hazard suit, and not playing freeman. As I went more and more into the game, I was soon dissapointed about how easy it was. Early game I found that medpacks came all too often, and I really didn't ever need them because of how much suit armor I had. About an hour before the first female black ops, I was getting frustrated at how hard it was. I'd be going 10, 20, maybe even as much as 50 enemies without a single medpack or suit armor drop, unless I go out of my way and explore back alleys and airvents while breaking every single box in sight, which would pause my progress through the game for about half an hour at a time. When I encountered the female black ops, I was in a slight rage at how difficult they were. The buff they get (I'm not saying to avoid having any spoilers)is Wwaaaayyy too overpowered! It made me want to shut down the mod and uninstall it. I was the gamer of the year 2010 for Counter Strike: Source, and if I think that a mod is hard, brace for impact. Shortly after killing the female black ops, I probably only had one medpack a map (if even that) when there would be up to maybe 20 or 30 hostiles.

Overall, interesting story, excellent mapping, poor as far as equipment and resources. I always felt as if I would run out of ammo if I made every bullet kill two enemies, or I would run out of health if I took one damage per enemy, due to the MAJOR lack of suit armor and lack of health kits.

Had all of these empty boxes had things in them, more specifically suit armor, I would feel alot better about this game, and it would be completable for me.



Mod review

Half-Life 2

Game review

Good story, without this game you would not have l4d, TF, CS, DoD, CoD, or portal. I also like SDK that lets us make our own mods. This costs around 5$ now, but back when it first came out in 04 or 05 or so, I would have been willing to pay 1,000$ for the mod, the games, etc etc.

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