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MassDownloader Jan 24 2015, 6:35pm replied:

Don't feel like thinking too much about it right now, but one thing that made me scratch my head was:
10 - Remove Dreads Smartbombing ability

Dreadnoughts cannot smartbomb as far as I am aware?

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MassDownloader Jan 24 2015, 4:26am replied:

Part 1:
part 2:
Part 3:

Finally done :D
Blocked in:
1: Germany
2: Germany
3: Germany/Japan

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MassDownloader Jan 23 2015, 5:14pm says:

Because I am silly and like making videos for no reason, 3 parter upcoming of a massive battle(2 hour long fight), which is the sequel to my previous 2 parter battle. This time played my most random youtube playlist,hehe. Won't bother trying to make it available for all countries however, sorry!(There are ways around that block however for whoever wants to watch it)

Will post links in a few hours when they are done uploading and processed, just figured I would give a heads up.

@ModTeam very much looking forward to the next version! ;D Too bad the battles take the engine to the limit haha, not even my beast of a PC can handle it. :(

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MassDownloader Jan 22 2015, 11:56pm replied:

Processing(Not verifying) took a long while lol. youtube >.<. But that is part 2 unrestricted, had to delete 2 songs in the video.

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MassDownloader Jan 21 2015, 4:02pm says:

2 more videos of an hour long fight, disabled in Germany for both, 2nd in USA as well. Currently am verifying a version for the 2nd part that isn't locked at all. Freaking copyrights :/

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MassDownloader Jan 11 2015, 11:01am replied:

Regarding 7, a beam dreadnought is coming which will feature lower damage more range I'd expect. I think an ability to switch ammo could be interesting but not certain how that would work. Since you would need an ability that can either switch between a passive +Range -Damage and -Range +Damage being active. Though that could replace the tracking computer I suppose by removing tracking computer, and adding Radio(+50% range, -50% damage) and Multifrequency(+50% Damage, -50% range) as active abilities. It should be balanced in such a way though that you can't activate both active abilities at once and come out better than not using the abilities at all.(So they need to cancel eachother out)

Regarding 6, why Devoters don't work properly is because their active ability only gets triggered when they get shot, and I don't think they are a target high up in the list so they get mostly ignored. So I agree it is a bit of a pain having to micro them to actually get use out of them.(I have put this in a feedback comment as well of my own)

My point 13 was about you suggesting moving Pulse Research to a higher tier, and now you state it is too expensive and too time consuming for the gains you get, that is kinda the opposite of what you suggested earlier, could you explain what you want to happen to it exactly?

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MassDownloader Jan 11 2015, 10:59am replied:

(note: I am not part of the modteam, just a very enthusiastic person that has followed the mod closely for a long time)
Yeah, thanks for the larger explanation of your thoughts as well ^.^
The research is called Capital Ship Cargo Bays, under Military, Hull, Armour & Capacitor, Tier 3, 3rd row down.
"Adds cargo bays to capital ships, allowing them to immediately salvage and loot some of the wreck left behind by the destruction of hostile ships", Fraction salvaged: Max 25%, 5 levels of research.

I will be playing another round after this post and see if my memory was correct or perhaps a bit wrong on how fast things warped.

Know that Lord_Drakoth is working on a patch, and has posted on the 2nd page of comments what will be in it.(From what he knew when he posted it)

Regarding point 1 and 3 and 9, They actually can not warp at all places, in some gravity wells they need to be about halfway to be able to warp(especially painful for avatars which move like bricks) but yeah in most situations you are correct.

The movement will be hard to balance for (super)capitals between being too easy to catch and too hard. Right now you could lock down a capital fleet using executioners while the rest of your fleet closes in, and most often capitals that aren't already close to in position to warp can be caught(at least from what I remember) by subcapitals.

A way to make cynoing more dangerous could be done not by a resource cost, but a capacitor cost for example 40%-60% of their maximum capacitor, since capitals are quite dependent on capacitor to actually do things like repair friendlies.

I can see your point though about capitals perhaps being too easy to move throughout the universe, I'll keep a close eye on it during my next round and see what I think then.

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MassDownloader Jan 11 2015, 5:47am replied:

1) I disagree, them not being affected would make it even harder to kill them with subcapitals. There is definitely no need for that.
2) Subcapitals don't have the slow movement that capitals have, that is why I agree with the current warp system and would make it far too easy for enemy fleets to disengage in basically any situation.
3) Capitals are already very slow, both in speed and turning, I don't think they need another nerf to mobility.(Nor a buff)
4) They can already jump to cynos...
5) Do you mean the interdiction bubbles from the devoters? If so there is no point in longer durations as they got a (from memory) 20 second duration but also a 20 second cooldown, basically permanent.
6) I don't see how it slowing subcaps makes sense keeping EVE in mind...
7) They already got siege and tracking computer to get extra range and damage, I don't think they need extra abilities.(Though a DPS buff could be useful)
8) I haven't even found a way to use the cynos on the magnates after researching that, are they bugged or something?
9) I wouldn't mind a cost to cynoing, but I don't see a point to it as the moment where cynoing will be viable you'll generally be extremely rich anyway xD
10) I am not certain if that kind of thing is possible in Sins, but what kind of hole could they still fill that all of the other ships don't?

11) There already is a research that does that, but then 25%.
12) Most ships make use of pulses yes, but not all. Beam research is worth it even if as one of the last researches to do the most DPS you can
13) Research is quite expensive already, even on Fastest, it already is the most expensive of all researches so I think it is quite fair.
14) This would make sense to a point, but making it a higher tiered research might not be needed as the armageddon/apocalypse/abaddon will be removed from capital ships in the next update. So making archons/revelations available early is kinda a must I think.

Just my thoughts on your feedback.

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MassDownloader Jan 6 2015, 11:59am replied:

No worries! I don't work for the mod(team) and am simply trying to understand different experiences with the mod as to broaden my perspective. Your feedback is just fine in my eyes as negative things are easier to explain than good things(at least for me).

I should personally do a larger map with more enemies and allies, only done 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 so far, but those got some pretty large fights as well, maybe will go against 2 hard AIs on my own next, see how those battles turn out ^.^

Thanks again for providing feedback for the mod even though I am not on the modteam, I just like seeing (semi)constructive feedback :D

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MassDownloader Jan 6 2015, 12:42am replied:

Why am I able to edit your comments... ~Confused~
I don't know what your map looks like but I have played on large multistar and large singlestar and have not run into the same problems regarding the pirate base or time it takes. I have been comfortably able to decimate the pirates and build a decent fleet in the first hour though my liking of the big battles is making my games last long as I usually wait a bit before killing the AI completely trying to get another fight out of them.

It should be noted I play on every setting "Fastest", not sure what speed you play at?

The thing I do also notice myself is the high HP of the fighterbays and turrets, but once large fleet battles start happening(Like in my videos I posted in the comments) those drop as flies as well so balancing them early game VS late game would be very difficult and it does fit in the "EVE" feeling the game has where (starbase) defenses are powerful and have quite a bit of health points.

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MassDownloader Jan 2 2015, 11:09am replied:

Awesome! Looking forward to the next release whenever that happens.
Looking forward to seeing the Shield Oracle and it making sense :P

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MassDownloader Jan 1 2015, 3:54pm replied:

That pirate base. was it with Pirates Active? I have pirates on inactive and have no trouble clearing a pirate base with a single avatar or a small capital fleet.

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MassDownloader Dec 29 2014, 4:58pm replied:

It only features Amarr vs Amarr right now. But it is quite fun to play already!

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MassDownloader Dec 29 2014, 4:49am replied:

I do hope the battleships have a larger supply need than the harbinger? And do they still have levels or are they now fixed abilities?(Assuming the latter)

I was thinking maybe add in a penalty to health/weapon upgrades? Like +damage -armor, like in EVE making a choice what to go with, tank or DPS. But that could be a bit too harsh.

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MassDownloader Dec 28 2014, 7:47pm replied:

That would actually be really awesome! I would love to have a titan that is really good at boosting, though thinking here that it should have a better tank and less DPS as the combat titans as well then as primarying it would be logical as it provides the whole fleet with boosts(and presumably would do so better than other titans)

And the new health update, does it bring it back up to the current levels once upgraded or is it lower?

And in those pictures, did I see correctly that you boosted the amount of active capitals?

Thanks for the continued work!

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MassDownloader Dec 28 2014, 10:40am replied:

Is it possible to set a limit on it? Like maximum 5 or maybe 8 active at once? They got quite a bit of tank and do take a while to take down at high level so having 20 of them on 1 side might be too much ^.^

Aside from that fear, I would love to see more titans and them not costing capital supply ^.^

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MassDownloader Dec 28 2014, 7:43am replied:

How often do they currently spawn and what triggers their spawn? I have had 8 active at once, but have no idea how or why.

Depending on how often they spawn I would love to see their capital supply need go away.

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MassDownloader Dec 28 2014, 2:54am says:

Had a massive battle that lasted about an hour and a half, although it did freeze a few times for a few seconds it didn't crash! :D
Recording it probably didn't help with the FPS though xD I would upload it but it is in 4 parts and I have yet to find a program I can work with without feeling like flipping tables to combine them(and black out a little corner because steam talk).
Something I noticed badly during the fight though is that the Remote Repair AI isn't the smartest, lost 1 archon to a DD because they didn't put their reps on it but on pulse laser defenses, and almost lost a 2nd archon because of the same reason but to a subcap fleet.

All in all, in that battle I lost an outpost(rebuild during battle), a lot of defenses(rebuild during battle) and 1 Archon, while killing hundreds of subcaps and tens of capital ships and a handfull of avatars. My fleet composition was nothing but 3 avatars for a long time(Supported by 10 beams, 15 pulses and 5 fighter bays(100 templars) and 2 outposts), that got then supported by 16 archons when my last remaing avatar was in low health(jumped the other 2 out at 20k health) and then another avatar and then 34 aeons some time after I lost the archon and then 4 more archons and aeons at the end of the battle that were done running down the last planets of the AI in my star system.(3 stars map)

Twas great fun! ^,^ Time to do part 2 of that battle and engage them in their territory :D I expect to lose quite a few ships in that battle though as the enemy will likely be better at focusing fire.

PS: I don't know what exactly is moddable for the AI in this game, and just place pointers/feedback based on what I feel might be worth checking. So my feedback might be unrealistic for a mod.

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MassDownloader Dec 26 2014, 5:55pm replied:

Comment 2 of 2.

Warping with titans is a bit of a pain... Titans are slow as hell(As in EVE, quite fitting I admit!) but the weird endpoints of warps makes it really painful at times to use titans. I lost a lvl 9 titan(The one I actually spend resources on and build *cries*) because it ended up at the end of the gravity well with an enemy fleet, with 4 titans at the beginning and all archons and aeons also landing at the beginning of the well and not getting in rep range soon enough.

Devoters like to go after defenses instead of sitting near capitals to tackle them, had to micro them quite often just to keep an enemy titan tackled because they would just run off.

Ship selection can be a pain in the *** due to ships not being visible. Not sure if this is just me but I have trouble seeing and selecting ships when partially zoomed in.

Video, should be up in 10ish minutes:

@MrPerson, I have been playing some EVE, some Warframe, trying to learn Japanese ^.^ Hows you?

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MassDownloader Dec 26 2014, 5:53pm says:

Feedback time once more!(Wall incoming!)

Finished my first map, took quite a while, tons of battles and far more explosions ^.^ Youtube video #2 incoming! :D

Question: Is it intended to have like 8 avatars at the end of the round? I don't mind(and honestly like) instaĆ­ng a lvl 10 titan of the field with DDs but just wondering. Was also fun taking on like 70 rebel capitals with 3 titans and winning by just DDing everything(lvl 4 DD+lvl 4 cap/recharge speed makes for quick DDing)

I disagree. As you can see in my videos aeons+avatars is pretty much win from what I saw in my playthrough. Any capital(not battleship) can die quite quickly to subcaps if caught alone yes, but combine mostly Aeons with avatars and with some archons and Triage archons and you're practically invulnerable. Revelations are quite useless in comparison to either archons or aeons as their damage application and amount is too low to be worth it.
Hell I tanked DDs in my archons due to the insane reppage.

Some more points:
Ship tree is a bit of a problem...
Don't think original sins does this... xD

Flagships, not sure how I feel about them... Nearly impossible to catch. Those 850 executioners? I needed them to actually catch their flagship because he kept warping in .2 seconds.
I'd rather have him allign far slower but deal far more damage.

Defenses are a mixed feeling for me, when thinking in EVE style they are spot on, but gameplay wise feels like it reinforces the aeons+avatar fleet need because they deal so much damage and tank so much. Especially outposts are a mixed feeling for me as their impact is so large but have such a large amount of tank.
Not sure if I like it or hate it, probably depends on whether I am fighting with or against the defenses. heh.

Comment 1 of 2.

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MassDownloader Dec 25 2014, 5:08pm replied:

Please do, would be interesting to see the differences in when it crashes.(If it does at all later on)

Glad to hear about the reviewing, no matter the results love that you are willing to check those.

I was playing on everything fastest, quick start, flagship, no pirates. But I meant faster gameplay mostly in the way of battles go quicker. In standard SOASE some small battles could feel like a grind because it took a while to apply damage, that didn't feel like a problem at all in this case as things were dropping(Or should I say exploding) right and left :)

I have all DLCs and am using the newest update(1.82) of SOASE, so that will not be a problem ^.^ Thanks for all the work the whole team put into this!

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MassDownloader Dec 25 2014, 6:48am says:

Just did a few hours of play, gotta stop now because family is here for Christmass(Happy Christmass everyone!) and have to say:
WOW, freaking awesome!

I had a smaller skirmish which I lost, because the gameplay is quite a bit faster than normal sins and thought my lvl 7 abaddon could win that fight with the support it had. The faster gameplay is something to get used to but I like it.

And had a massive engagement(Youtube video uploading of the last 10 minutes of the fight, forgot to record but yeey for Shadowplay) that I barely won against a larger enemy fleet but I had a better composition and was reinforcing everything I lost.
I expect later battles to last longer and, maybe, too long but if the battles are going like this I don't mind that as it is packed with action and is not boring at all.

A few small pointers currently:
Research costs, it would make more sense(To me) if, for example, resource upgrades would cost more and more, instead of upgrading Tier 1(first upgrade) costing significantly more than buying the Tier 2(2nd) upgrade.

Some ship icons are hard to see what they are from a glance due to the numbers being in the way(Stacked Tree View), for example the Devoter is only half visible when 10 are stacked.(You can see this as well in my video)

Is there an installation guide with the mod? Could be useful for some.(Not for me, I know how to apply mods xD)
And playing on highest graphics crashed me in ~18 mins, but playing on medium seems to work fine.(As is usual for mods on SOASE, just saying it)

Can't remember more points currently, overall I have loved my few hours so far! Can't wait to see what the future brings.


Should be up in the coming minutes.

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MassDownloader Feb 5 2014, 4:36pm replied:

I saw you respond recently on the forums which made me find it out as well haha.
Sadly I won't be able to assist you this time in the UI or any department :(
Got an internship at an IT service which works for my school(several buildings under the same name in the same province) so my free time got hit hard from ~10 to ~4 for the coming 20 weeks(Required internship in an IT service for my IT certificate)...Most of which is spend on Forum Warrioring or Warframe or Singularity xD

Can't wait to see the next update on this, I will make sure to make another video of the mod, and my own iteration(EVE online actual health/damage numbers) on it again :)


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MassDownloader Jan 28 2014, 11:31am replied:

Noooess.... Which alliance were you in? And was it the 18 hour fight(or so) it was in?

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MassDownloader Aug 28 2013, 7:57am replied:

Do you also have the expansion? The files for the expansion are found in -/Medieval 2 Total War/mods. (The same place where you place this mod)
I use the Kingdomslauncherapp to get mods to work, otherwise I was unable to start mods.

Remember: You need the expansion for this mod to work.

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MassDownloader Aug 26 2013, 4:46pm says:

"Mumakil count as heavy cavalry, stakes will be effective no matter what.

Maybe you should try it first instead of making biased claims and say my advice isn't useful."

Maybe because I already did?
I use stakes every round, that is why I know they are quite useless.
The moment mumakil charge into my troops, the battle is lost since they don't die, and they won't run amok by normal arrows.

And thanks to asking on the actual site of the mod as well(twcenter), it appears that the mumakil in the fellowship campaign are actually broken, and that other people have beaten the mission by counter-spawning(cheating) some mumakils of their own.

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MassDownloader Aug 26 2013, 12:58pm replied:

If only there was actually useful advice.

Stakes don't have any effect it seems.
Luring in the mumakil only makes me lose my entire army.
Can't make them go amok without fire arrows.

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MassDownloader Aug 26 2013, 10:03am replied:

I am doing the Fellowship campaign.
Where the hell am I supposed to get those ******* javelins from?!
I got 1200 ithielin archers who cant use fire arrows because they crash the game! It is impossible to win that battle!

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MassDownloader Aug 26 2013, 5:39am says:

"Not really, Mumakils go down real easy with armor piercing arrows and Javelins. Even normal arrows will do the trick."

What game are you playing?
It is 1200 archers vs nearly 2k troops.
I had 4 group of archers fire all their normal arrows at the 5 mumakil(1 group) and NONE OF THEM DIED. In the end I ran out of arrows, their complete army was gone basicly and had only 4 heavy cavalry left and the 5 mumakil, and they still won because those mumakil are unkillable!

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MassDownloader Aug 25 2013, 3:09pm says:

Mod is great, but in the Fellowship campaign against the harad it crashes when I'm trying to use fire arrows.
It is really annoying and am unable to win the fight without them since the mumakil appear to be near invincible without fire arrows >.<

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