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MassDownloader Nov 23 2015 says:

Just a small(ish) battle featuring the death of a bunch of titans and other capitals.

I was playing together with another person vs an Unfair AI. It was at the end of the round as we were taking enemy planets at a rapid pace.

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MassDownloader Nov 19 2015 replied:

Which files exactly? The tweaked broken ones? xD
Currently doing my 2nd pass so if you want the tweaked files I can upload em in a few hours once I'm happy with the changes.

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MassDownloader Nov 19 2015 says:

Btw, would anyone be interested in multiplayer? 400 hours of solo play tends to get bland, so if anyone wants to team up against the AI I'm all for it.

Just hit me up on steam:

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MassDownloader Nov 18 2015 replied:

It was actually one of the changes I made as well in my tweaks for the capitals, probably halved or more the build times of the capitals with subcaps coming in my 2nd pass. Thanks for reminding me xD Although it's true that it's a 4x game, the previous version was quite a bit faster at it. Although now early game is more fun rather than just spam(especially on ai side) it can feel rather slow.

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MassDownloader Nov 18 2015 says:

Was trying to tweak some things around again as I usually do, and noticed all the files aren't in their usual easy-to-edit form, and was wondering how I could unlock them.
I tried using the rebellion converter, and although I could edit most of the files afterwards(Some planets/suns wouldn't convert), reversing the process only ended in me breaking the game on start-up cause it could no longer read the files.
Really wondering how you did that xD

If you're interested:
I tweaked the EHP amount of the Nyx to be lower than the Aeon, while having more powerful drones.
Reduced drones on (super)carriers to 10, nearly doubling fighterbomber stats.
Buffed all drones EHP so they don't all get volleyed off the field by a destroyer/smartbomb in the first 10 seconds of combat
Reduced respawn times for all drones
Reduced range on Short Range Moros/Revelation(Short Range shouldn't be capable of shooting across the entire gravity well I'd think)
Reduced Long Range dreads EHP, while buffing their DPS
Buffed triage/dread cap recharge just a little
Added 2nd triage rep for triage carriers that can only rep titan/capital/starbase while removing their launch bay, so they rep more and rep capitals more consistently
Fixed research costs on Gallente resource extraction
Gave thanatos/nyx/aeon remote capacitor transfers that only work on other capitals/titans instead of remote shield/armor hardeners(I think)
Made it so that all capitals have all abilities maxed out at lvl 10(Reducing max levels while buffing the abilities so there is no loss in ability strength)
Changed ship level progression speed and buying costs.
Changed flagship abilities to increase survivability and early game (combat) usefulness.(Added MWD/point/web instead of cyno/tracking computer/hardener)
Upped doomsday capacitor cost while reducing its cooldown

I think that was all I changed on my first pass, if I can get it converted back somehow and still have it working my 2nd pass will likely include titan tweaks.

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MassDownloader Nov 13 2015 replied:

The titan foundry has an ability(autocast enabled by default) that costs 37.5k credits, 17.5k metal and 12.5k crystal if memory serves, if it gets activated a titan gets spawned in the gravity well of the titan foundry. This way you can make as many titans as you want as long as you have capital/ship supply.
The cooldown is rather long(1000 seconds I believe) but building multiple titan foundries allows you to circumvent it a bit by having multiple cooldowns going at the same time.

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MassDownloader Nov 11 2015 replied:

3 and a half hour game, no crashes still. Did get an amazing battle though where some 30 titans were on the field at once as well as some 80 other capitals and a few hundred subcaps. It got rather crowded at the asteroid xD (It also got really laggy with 2FPS for a very long time >.<)

The early on capacitor problems might just be solvable by actually using the rorqual for more than colonizing xD
The research tree also has some weird costs, like the resource harvesting speed upgrade goes from 1st upgrade really cheap > really expensive, and the 2nd upgrade is suddenly really cheap again and ends more expensive, doesn't really make sense. A slower more stable build-up of upgrade costs would make more sense.

I also noticed that buying ship levels can get really expensive(100k+ for a single ship from 1-10) and since there are 99 cap ships slots, it feels a bit too expensive.

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MassDownloader Nov 10 2015 says:

Playing first round, Large single, Gallente(Me)+Amarr vs same vs same. Other slots all AI Unfair Random Personality.
I will only list issues for now(I love the mod, as I always have, just things I noticed that I'd like to know your opinion on), some or most of which may not apply for long to me(as I'll likely be heavily tweaking again) but things I noticed anyway.
Some of the issues will just require some getting used to or changing away from my usual tactics from the previous (heavily tweaked) version.

Also: @Haiyooo, the AI went medieval on my hiney too :P Gave up once my entire fleet got killed at an enemy planet(See ECM battery issues) and a 3rd enemy joined in with a massive fleet(including 3 titans) that broke through my (super)carrier reps.(My capitals were holding and slowly winning against the planet+his fleet, but the 3rd enemy was too much to tank and having a large enemy fleet at one of my own planets meant I didn't see me winning that round anymore)

Description of the strikecraft auto-(un)dock ability: "They will they(n) automatically return to..."

Drones being recalled mid-battle thus forgetting your orders due to the new auto-(un)dock ability.

Triage carriers being useless at lvl 1, no rep, no remote cap, yet it constantly triages, running out of capacitor before reaching lvl 2.

ECM batteries being OP as hell, fighting on an AI planet, he build like 12 ECM batteries, felt like my entire mid-game fleet was jammed by them(Probably close to half was actually jammed however). The turrets are useless in comparison to jamming an entire fleet.

Triage carriers and dreads were nearly unkillable early game, 500hp/s is unbreakable unless you bring a ton of neuts, and even then 1 cap transfer from a carrier and it's doing it again.

On the other hand, being Gallente and having no cap transfer early on(see triage level issues) my dreads ran out of cap at the enemy planet and never were able to go back into siege because of a lack of regen.

Execurors don't seem to rep at all during battle, preferring to deal damage.

I saw a Nyx of mine(Or well... 7 of em at once) get webbed to 2100%, this basically meant it was standing still. Intended?

The Vexor doesn't seem quite useful in comparison to the Dominix, the Dominix has more health, neuts, has more drones, meaning the Vexor is just either a resource waste or at best a short lasting useful ship.(I'm sure there are more ships with this issue, but it was the most obvious one I noticed)

The drone bonus on some ships isn't quite useful, 100% weapon cooldown but they still aren't capable of doing more than 1 attack per run.(Not extensively tested, but it was the same in the previous version)

And 2 questions:
Did ships get a lot slower or does it just feel that way? It felt like it took forever for my rorqual to get to the next planet to colonize.(Faster ship speed in round-options enabled)

I also couldn't help but feel that it took very long to build ships in comparison, although that meant the battles were smaller and less lag overall, it felt strange. Did build times get upped a lot?

That is all for today(If you care, I can keep doing such posts as I play rounds and notice things over the coming week, or if you don't care about my personal opinion just tell me to stfu in a PM or reply :P)
Note that despite all the things listed, I did enjoy the round I played and love how the gallente looks :D Will definitely be playing more tomorrow hoping to get pirate strength maxed out next time ^.^

Also: No crashes to report so far, perhaps some people aren't playing on medium graphics? I know that was an issue for me in the past in mid-late game.

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MassDownloader Nov 3 2015 replied:

Just watched it, would have live viewed but didn't know in time xD
Was fun seeing you choose red NC. as I always take my ally as that when I play, and PL yellow myself.

The gallente looks great though! Makes me look forward to the next update even more ^.^ AI went a bit medieval on your hiney though. Especially since that was maybe a half of his fleet fighting you and you already got overwhelmed xD

Too bad the MP didn't seem to really work though, would have been interesting to see

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MassDownloader Oct 14 2015 replied:

~Not on the mod team~

Quick rundown of changes.

• New gallente ships added, (all ships)

• Several new graphical updates (explosions, weapon GFX, bubbles etc)

• New sounds added for gallente weapons.

• Balancing overhaul w build time adjustments.

• Faction battleship additions (Vindicator and soon the Bhaalgorn)

• Further AI adjustments.

It's up there in the "News article", it was posted 2 days ago ;)

I don't expect there is a confirmed date yet, probably more on the basis of "It's done when it's done".
But as with EVE, it will always be "Soon™" ^.^

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MassDownloader Sep 4 2015 replied:

3 hours later, I've managed to get music into the game, and have the game only play that music.
When the exact music triggers however I've yet to understand, the battle music doesn't always trigger and sometimes it changes while it's in the middle of the music.

Not sure if I can even fix those issues however as those were also present in base sins as well as the current mod version. But at least I got new music in and working.

On another note: I just got facewrecked by normal AI. I may have made the AI too powerful xD(Although I wasn't playing normally and could have likely taken him on otherwise, his fleet was nothing short of amazingly huge(11 archons, 3 triage archons, avatar, 16 short range revelations, felt like I destroyed 1 capital and he warped in 2 more, didn't have the economy to counter him))

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MassDownloader Sep 4 2015 replied:

Having not gamed in like 2 weeks(RL as well), I want to do some modding again(the itch to mod has been growing again haha) I'll give music a try. Will have to learn how it works etc. though so it might take a few hours to get it working and tested if I can get it working at all.

I'll be back!

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MassDownloader Sep 1 2015 says:

For anyone who missed it:
Work does continue but sadly it has had to be sidelined significantly due to serious RL issues which I have to focus time on.
I do occasionally get time to work on it and test features out.
But for now what I'm going through has to get priority.

It's possible to release now but it will be an incomplete build.

Posted on the 28th of August but is on 2nd comment page because Moddb sillyness.
I wish you the best in whatever your RL situation may be Lord_Drokoth. RL can definitely be a bitch.
I'll leave the decision to you what is the best in terms of when to release, as I have no idea how much content is added or unfinished. Though as stated in the comments, there are quite a few people(including myself) willing to help where we can.

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MassDownloader Aug 11 2015 says:

Actually, thanks to a reply I was going to do @Ryanrules247...

@Lord_Drokoth, is there anything I can do to help for the next update? I don't know what kind of changes are still required for the next update, but I have tweaked v0.06 a lot and mayhaps I can help get you to it sooner by taking some of the easier but still needing-to-be-done workload off of your shoulders.(New ships/Completely new abilities are outside of my knowledge, but changing any existing file in the GameInfo folder has so far been within my ability, as well as mapfiles and adding a 2nd rep to the Augoror(Exactly the same as the 2nd triage rep except for the name))

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MassDownloader Aug 11 2015 replied:

Last I read from the modder, work has not stopped but has slowed down due to real life.

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MassDownloader Jul 30 2015 replied:

@Guest, I quickly checked whether or not I could make the titan bridge affect others in the gravity well and make them jump from farther from the edge, and although it is most likely possible given enough time and tries, it is not a simple thing like I hoped it would be. So I am not gonna do it as my real life is quite packed currently.
I quickly added the entity modifier for gravity tolerance to the jump bridge ability, however that only ended up with the planet itself getting that buff, and not the ships in the gravity well. This means that I expect I would need to make an extra file that makes the ability target both the planet and the ships, and give each different buffs. Or it might be simpler than that, but it was a real quick test now that I had a little bit of time.

On the bright side: I fixed a few non-important errors in files(map files, I removed wormholes from the maps I play on) in my own tweaked mod that I didn't know about as I had never started my own tweaked mod in Dev mode before xD

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MassDownloader Jul 28 2015 says:

@Guest, this comment system is quite horrible so I'm starting anew to make reading what you say easy.
It's true that the aeon is expensive, but don't forget that you can make a lot of Aeons and only 1 Avatar at such a low price. Multiple Avatars at the same time is gonna require a lot of credits/resources.
However, changing the resource values yourself is also easy as the ability change is.
Again in the mod's GameInfo folder, search for Amarr_Ship_Supercarrier_Aeon.entity and open it, scroll down to
credits 20000.000000
metal 5000.000000
crystal 4500.000000
(And then I'd suggest searching for Gallente_Ship_Supercarrier_Nyx and make the Nyx cheaper as well to keep it fair)
and change it to whatever you want. Almost everything about abilities and ships can be changed in the GameInfo folder, just have to search for the appropriate .entity file and the line of text that changes what you want. Luckily it's quite easy for these kind of tweaks.

Don't ask about adding completely new ships or abilities as that goes beyond my ability xD Changing what abilities a ship has, or changing all capital that you can build into Aeons/Nyxes I can still do though.

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MassDownloader Jul 27 2015 replied:

The one that still crashed was "The blue giant of Talthus", What I saw on my screen when it crashed was my Beliskner class ship(5 weapons/5 armor upgrades) getting destroyed by the asteroid field, having only the shield generator hardpoint alive after passing through it, I wanted to sent it back into the field to have it destroyed because it was useless to me, however the ship was unresponsive to the move command and the game crashed a second later.
What I saw on my screen might have been completely irrelevant however xD

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MassDownloader Jul 27 2015 replied:

Glad to hear you got it working! Making the Jump Bridge longer is trivial(like, 2 seconds of work)
Go into C:\Users\*name*\Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.82\SINS OF NEW EDEN\GameInfo and search for the file
"BuffTitanJumpBridgeSpawnerCaster.entity" and open it with notepad++/wordpad/microsoft word/ etc. and scroll down to the lines
finishConditionType "TimeElapsed"
Level:0 30.000000
Level:1 30.000000
Level:2 0.000000
Level:3 0.000000

Change the 30 to 50 to make it last 50 seconds, or any amount of time you want.(Ability cooldown is 60 seconds, so I'd really recommend not going over that)

Jumping directly from the titan(like the wormholes in sins or actual titan bridging in EVE) is impossible,
but making them able to jump farther from the gravity edge is possible(not sure if I can reduce it to from anywhere of the gravity well while the jump beacon is active, but I can try)
Though that will take me at least 24 hours and possibly a bit longer to get working as sins is currently not a priority for me.(Maybe after the next update haha)

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MassDownloader Jul 27 2015 replied:

That's strange, is the Sins of New Eden mod the only mod enabled at that time? I'm guessing yes but can't hurt to ask.

Besides that, the only thing I can think of is redownloading the mod, unpacking it, and making sure it is in the correct place.

Just to make 100% certain, you did install Sins of New Eden v0.06 and then installed the hotfix over v0.06 correct?(Placing the files of the hotfix in the New Eden Mod folder overwriting the older files)

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MassDownloader Jul 27 2015 replied:

Played 2 rounds vs Goa'uld as Tau'ri, 1 crash, 1 went fine. Both played without the squadron upgrade. Not using that upgrade helps for sure, but doesn't seem to be a complete workaround. Or the crash was for another reason.

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MassDownloader Jul 27 2015 replied:

Awesome, thanks for the response! Will try it out and see if that indeed fixes the issue and will respond back in a few hours.

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MassDownloader Jul 27 2015 replied:

Did you not see the mod at all in the Option > Mod menu? If not, then I think there might be a problem with the way you installed the mod. And you forcing it to start the mod through the EnabledMods.txt just causes it to try and load a faulty mod installation which would indeed then crash.
Please make certain that the path to the GameInfo folder inside the mod is similar to:
C:\Users\*name*\Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.82\SINS OF NEW EDEN\GameInfo

If you can't start the game at all currently, a way to fix it is going into(assuming steam)
(Although disabling the mod in the EnabledMods.txt file also works)
\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion and then activate the Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Dev.exe , this causes the game to start up in windowed mode with default settings, restarting the normal game after that also places it in default settings. This would at least make the client responsive again.

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MassDownloader Jul 27 2015 replied:

Let me help you with that. Will be asking some general questions to try and identify the possible causes.

What version of rebellion are you running, with or without DLCs? Did the game work before you installed the mod? Did you get to activate the mod in the option menu?
Have you tried re-installing the game and/or re-downloading the mod, making sure your anti-virus is not blocking anything?(Some anti-viruses are more like viruses themselves and see everything as false positive)

I am just a lover of this mod, not the mod developer. Though I am sure I can at least try to troubleshoot it for you.

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MassDownloader Jul 26 2015 says:

Mod keeps crashing mid-battle, Me as Tau'ri vs Goa'uld. Tau'ri vs Wraith also had the problem. Wraith vs Goa'uld went without any trouble what so ever.(aside from noticing the Wraith Hive Ship's warp signature is slightly off center)

Wraith vs Goa'uld was definitely fun though, loved this mod some few years ago, still do now :D

The error log tells me:
Exception in thread 858 - Main Thread
The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
Attempt to read from address 000007E0

Exception occurred at 007C3EDF - Unknown code pointer

Stack walk:
00628DA0 : Unknown

Register dump:
Eip:007C3EDF Esp:0018F978 Ebp:0000A411
Eax:23599201 Ebx:00000001 Ecx:246E6D08
Edx:00000004 Esi:00000000 Edi:246E6B10
CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0053 GS:002b

Bytes at CS:EIP (007C3EDF): 83 BE E0 07 00 00 00 53 7E 21 8D 4C 24 10 51 8B 4C 24 20 8D 54 24 28 52 57 56 E8 E2 EE FF FF 5F 5E 5B 81 C4 D4 00 00 00 C2 0C 00 8D 44 24 10 50 8D 4C 24 28 51 8B 4C 24 24 57 56 E8 A1 F2 FF FF

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MassDownloader Jul 17 2015 replied:

Gallente has some capital ships in the current build. Moros Long and Short range versions, Nyx and the thanatos(if memory serves), I'm pretty sure the next build will have some more things.(Though as I am not one of the modders, I have 0 idea when it will come)

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MassDownloader Jul 14 2015 replied:

Asked on the official Sins forums, as there are some really experienced modders on there. This was his response regarding the ability to do the thingies I'd like:

Assuming you mean instantly appear at your target, no. You can however mod the speed of how fast you travel via phase gates, so you could make the tech that unlocks the phase gate give 1000000% bonus to jump speed and that would be a bit closer.

It will still have to be a jump though, there is no way around having to go to the edge of the gravity and go through the phase jump animation. There is no way to duplicate the way the Wormhole planets work by other means.

So yeah, sadly it is not possible in the way I'd like :( But the mod is tons of fun anyway, just wish I could play with others to create some truly OP fleets xD(Not that my fleets are lacking or anything with 98 nyxes and an avatar xD or an even more OP Amarr fleet)

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MassDownloader Jul 11 2015 replied:

In a past version of this mod, capital ships had a "capital drive" that reduced their Gravity Tolerance(The modifier you are thinking of) by 1000%, causing them to be able to jump from about half the gravity well, this brought some weird issues however with end-points of their jumps where predicting their landing points became almost impossible and could bring your fleet in big trouble because of them landing all over the gravity well you're jumping to.

Something that might work as well would be increasing speed/acceleration/turn rate/jump speed/jump charge up rate, but that would open up some exploits as the buff would be gravity-wide and not limited to ships headed for a jump but all ships, making ships far too fast while the cyno is active while in combat with an enemy.

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MassDownloader Jul 8 2015 says:

@NeonKodiak774(Again, this comment system is horrible, so I am making a new "thread" as it's easier to keep up with new comments then)

Glad to hear the tutorial seems good ^.^

Regarding wormhole travel. Did a quick test to make certain I am not spewing ******** here xD
It is actually possible using Galaxy Forge(Sins of a solar empire's out-of-game map creator) to make a wormhole > planet connection function the same as the wormhole > wormhole connection except that it is 1 way only, from the wormhole to the planet.
During my test however I ran into the problem of making a planet function as a wormhole, this was because the wormhole connection is the center of the gravity well, which space is occupied by a planet. I however was also unable to make a "radiation cloud" function as wormhole, this leads me to believe the wormhole might be the only planetary body capable of doing that without modding the planets themselves somehow.

Why did I test planets? Because I assume SOASE might be incapable of making a ship the "wormhole", instead of making the gravity well function as a normal wormhole would, so I wanted to see if it was possible to wormhole through planets.

I'd personally like it if you'd have to approach the JB, but giving the JB a large enough radius so that overcrowding doesn't happen. However, even the already in-game wormholes have trouble with massive capital fleets jumping through(I'm talking about 80-100 capitals) where some of them will freak out and keep teleporting between the 2 wormholes until I personally interfere.

Not much in the mood currently to do further testing and going through files to see if I can mod the cyno ability myself, maybe some other time. Haven't been very busy with Sins lately though as I have been playing another game xD

On a sad note: Sins Of A Dark Age(Their MOBA(like LoL/Dota)) is ceasing production and is shutting down the servers in a few months.

On another note: Sorry for such a long and probably chaotic comment, it was typed inbetween tests over the space of an hour or so, so not much consistency left.

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MassDownloader Jul 7 2015 replied:

Sorry for the slightly late response! This damned website's comment system is horrible :/ On to your response!

Oh no, not silly at all! It just depends on how you use the cyno is all. I often go for "hotdrops" and kinda never use cynos for backups so that is where the beefier Devoter rules(or 50 magnates all having cynos active xD) but in your situation an arbitrator would do just fine.

As for how to mod it:

Go to the folder:
"C:\Users\*name*\Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.82\SINS OF NEW EDEN\GameInfo"

And look for the files:(Assuming you only want the arbitrator to be able to cyno)

Open them in wordpad/notepad++/word/etc.

Scroll to the bottom of each of these files and look for the lines:(devoter taken as example)
ability:0 "AbilityMicrowarpdrive"
ability:1 "AbilityInterdictionSphere"
ability:2 "AbilityAmarrCynosuralField"
ability:3 ""
ability:4 ""

Make the Ability2 blank like Ability3, making it this:
ability:0 "AbilityMicrowarpdrive"
ability:1 "AbilityInterdictionSphere"
ability:2 ""
ability:3 ""
ability:4 ""

Make the Ability2 blank like Ability3, making it this:
ability:0 "AbilityExplore"
ability:1 "AbilityMicrowarpdrive"
ability:2 ""
ability:3 ""
ability:4 ""

In case of the Arbitrator, you will want to add the Cyno, making it this instead:

ability:0 "AbilityDroneBonus"
ability:1 "AbilityMicrowarpdrive"
ability:2 "AbilityTimedCharges"
ability:3 "AbilityAmarrCynosuralField"
ability:4 ""

*Note: I have not tested this exact change and although there shouldn't be any problem with such a small change, if it crashes after this change then it might be necessary to remove 1 of the other Arbitrator's abilities.
Note2: The Cyno ability will 99.99% certain not show up on the arbitrator HUD until you have researched the cyno ability in the combat tree.

If my explanation was not clear enough please tell me and I'll include some pictures!

If there are any more changes you'd like help with I'd be happy to help! I can't do everything but I have made quite a ton of tweaks here and there myself xD

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