How's going bro's? My name's Marzio now i'm playing Amnesia TDD i'm not sure i do a gameplay, but if i find a very lol mod i upload some videos on youtube. OH right i'm a fan of Slenderman too now i'm playing Slenderman'shadows and i'm a bro of Pewdie HI BROS!!!!!!!!

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Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

Game review

Is very difficulty, i like this game especially the coperative mode!


F├║rias Naturais

Game review

This game is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C i don't have word for describe it, is very funny and u can play beautifuls drake, the level and the environment is well made.
you've done a good work
(But plz add the earth and the wind drake, thanks!!!)


Evil aRising - Free Zombie Game

Game review - 1 disagree

First map vote: 6. This map really scary me, but it is horrible maked, the zombies compares next to u and when the zombies kill u, you can't retry.

Second map vote: 9. This map is better than the second, u can drive the helicopter and the jeep.

Third map: Fantastic weapons, but there are not zombies to try it, the water effect is lousy and the launch of grenade is about 60 m!!!!!



Game review

The best puzzle/adventure game y plaied, the soundtrack is sad, but is really good.
Nice work!!!


Survival Ball

Game review

i don't have word to describe it
IT'S A BEAUTIFUL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but plz add the profile log-on



Game review

This game is creepy than the hell!!!!
The a*s face in the game (not the flyng skully) looks like scp 087
This game is a mix of scp 087 and 432


Major Mayhem

Game review

Dungeon Siege

Game review - 2 agree

The best role game i've played!!!!!
It is an interesting and well made tactical game, where you can create your own character and fight waves of monsters: undeads, ice monsters, goblin, trolls there are alls. The story is charming and with secrets, Npc's and arcan items.
The legends of Aranna expansion pack make it more interest to play. But the graphics can be emproved.


Amnesia: xTenenteMors Revenge 2

Mod review

ahahaha troppo divertente, la fine fa un po schifo e le mappe son riciclate da altre tue mod.
Ma comunque questa mod mi ha spaventato e allo stesso tempo divertito. GRANDE!!!!!!


Just Space Reloaded

Game review - 1 agree

The best relaxing game after hours and hours of work and horror games,is a game that stimulates creativity and imagination of those who play it, the quality is amazing and you can create just as beautiful screenshots.
P.S (I suggest you play it)

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