Zombie first person shooter taking place in various areas. Can you take the pressure?

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jedimannan111 says

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just a bad game.


InriveX says

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Loool OMA's fps kit xD. Don't lie and say YOU created this game xD.


Marzio99 says

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First map vote: 6. This map really scary me, but it is horrible maked, the zombies compares next to u and when the zombies kill u, you can't retry.

Second map vote: 9. This map is better than the second, u can drive the helicopter and the jeep.

Third map: Fantastic weapons, but there are not zombies to try it, the water effect is lousy and the launch of grenade is about 60 m!!!!!


TheZombieGamer says

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Great game! This game is more addictive then Call of Duty Zombies. I would give this 10/10 but Indie wont let me. Great game! :)


Staminist says

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Personally, I like it and enjoy every second of it!
Keep rocking and I'll be here for EVERY single update! ;)

Cheers and greets from Serbia! Rock on!


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