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Black Mesa

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Nightmare House 2

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Titan: XCIX

Mod review

Very good. Plenty of funny hidden easter eggs and very Mass Effect-y. The the voice acting is good for the most part, accept for the Captain. (Dear god give that guy some acting lessons so he doesn't sound like he's trying to remove a rock from his throat.)

But it felt way to much like a movie. The game is pretty much just running around wacking stuff with a wrench, and at one point with a battery. The one boss fight was good though.

But it was not a good idea making the awesome looking action scene at the end a cut scene. That is the biggest problem I have. I hope part 2 will start there and we will be allowed to play it.


Human Error

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The awesomeness in this mod canbe summed up in one sentence: You get to drive an APC. You get all the badass weaponry a combine CP should have.

It has very few problems, but still some. Anders' girlfriend's character model is just horrible looking. The gameplay is solid, excpet for it's biggest problem. It was too easy. I didn't die once in the game, even when I changed the difficulty from normal to hard towards the end. Vortigaunts, grunts, and the super weak rebels all died instantly with the power of my shotgun.


The Stanley Parable

Mod review

It's a joke when it is said that it's a "narrative-driven" game. It is literally driven by the narrator.

The narrator is awesome, Stanley has a great name, and it is chock full of Portal humor and 4th wall breaking. Every ending was awesome, and all super funny. Only problem was it was too short even getting all 6 endings.

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