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Crysis - Maximum Immersion Mod

Mod review may contain spoilers

It rocks


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Oblivion Lost 3.1

Mod review - 1 disagree

Many interesting additions such as new quests, weapons, gameplay and item balancing and optional high quality textures.

Only thing i didn't like was swaping most of the factions with military personnel. It removes almost whole diversity from the game. But i understand it was mod authors choice for sake of realism. Zone should be under military control as in real life. But still this is only a game.


Overthinked DooM^3 (Realistic Mod)

Mod review

Doom 3 at its best.


Arsenal Overhaul 3

Mod review

What is Arsenal Overhaul 2.4.1?
Its just what its name implies.
Total overhaul of existing weapons and armours plus completely new entries into COP arsenal (dozens of guns and few armours).
But wait its still not all.

It introduces numerous changes to ingame mechanics selectable starting gear, new traders and assortiment, AI (optional M.S.O.) and graphic overhaul (optional A.N. 3.01, AF 3).

If it only had engine tweaks from version 2.4 (only cause of 9 instead of round 10. But i can still play without them.



Early access mod review


Mod review

Payne Effects 3

Mod review

Whats the point of doing one sentece reviews? You are better off putting whatever you written in comments section.


+new skins
+new animations
+new particles
-needs more resources, older machines can get lag and increased loading times


+new music
+new sounds


+revolutionary systems: m&e (mark and execute), slide and cover move
+rebalanced and added weapons
+/- new deep BT (known as rage mode) makes whole screen become red at some moments when important NPCs die or when Max gets totally ****** off, there are those who like it as well those that hate it.

Verdict: Payne Effect mod makes Max Payne to like it should originally be. Everything has been enhanced and extended (visuals, audio, gameplay). But on other hand it also requires more resources from our PC's. If your PC isn't more than 5 years old you should be able to run it pretty smoothly and be pretty satisfied by what it adds to MP2 gameplay.

I give it 9/10

At least until i finish putting my new PC together then it will be revised to 9+/10.

Why not 10/10? Because nothing and no one is perfect. Theres always something that can be fixed, added or enhanced.


Victoriously Enhanced Max Payne 2

Mod review

FCAM (FarCry Addon Mod)

Mod review

Angelic Orbs: Broken Memories

Game review
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