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Review: F.3.A.R.

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First off all i want to clear few thinghs out. Yes i did play F.E.A.R. 1 and 2 and as first installment was very good (catching and scary story, interesting mechanics, good graphics) second was extremely medicore (repetitive, not so scary, graphics barely touched).

But F.3.A.R is a whole other and the very same story at the same time with some top notch movies thanks to help of Jhon Carpenter (The Thing still rocks!!!). Mixing horror and action parts perfectly, adding achievment system that has meaning - i got fed off searching health and reflex boosters, and totally sweet and awesome cover system.

But it also isn't perfect. It has the same problems that other F.E.A.R. games had. And those are: extremely linear gampeplay, rare but noticible stutters (most noticible after save/loads).

Story [5/5]:

You once again take role of Point Man. Haunted by your brothers ghost you continiue your struggle against Armacham, Combines and Alma's (but are those realy Hers doings) psychic etenieties on a quest to find mother and put and end to this nightmare. Also games ending (after credits) implies another F.E.A.R. may be made.


No matter which you hear sounds or music theyre all at least good.
As for voices i got a feeling they didn't put much effort into them. Enemies sound like "Oh, its him, lets sorund him and eliminate him... yawn... and then have some tea."

Graphic [4/5]:

They are better but also could've be even better. At many places you get scared more by blurry textures than the game itslef.

Gameplay [5/5:

Theres slow-mo (as in every other F.E.A.R.), cover system (whole lotta better than this form F.E.A.R.2), and new achievment system that has a meaning -no more you have beaten a level achievments - for achievments you get rank up's which effect with increased slow-mo, health, number of ammo you can carry and so on.

Overall [4.5/5]:

F.3.A.R. is the most complete installment of the series it perfectly balances horror and action parts of the gameplay, lets you level up your character in natural uniterruptible way, and on other hand can give you few iritaiting sutters, and shitty textures but overall its still a pretty good game to play.

I am Batman!

lol3r_86 Blog 1 comment

Damn i always wanted to say this. Today i finally managed to put on my beloved bat suit and whoop da shoop some nasty, scary, and mostly overwhelmingly stupid thugs. What am i talking about? Does Arkham Asylum rings any bells?

After 3 hours of - almost in some places you just HAVE to think - non stop beating action I can say only one thing. Batman Arkham Asylum is one of if not the best comic to gaming system adaptation ever made.

Well i didin't finish it yet... So please don't spoil my fun talking about anything further than fighting Bane.

What i like: fighting system, upgrade system, chance to reveal Akrham's mystery, most of supercriminals so far, and Mark Hamill as Joker - FTW !!!

What i dislike: Fighting bosses is really shcematic - stun&hit all round the clock, WTF did they do to Scarecrow instead of shitting from fear i pissed from laughing but at least he got pretty good plan with Bruce's parnets.

And i say to all of you! I didn't finish AA and am already waiting for AC!!

I'm back

lol3r_86 Blog

I found a job with decent pay, upgraded my PC, installed Windows 7 Ultimate, installed SP1 RC and was amazed in what ways it screwd up my maybe not perfect but at least stable Win7-U SP0.

Remember boys and girls do not i repeat DO NOT install anything from Microsoft that is labeled as Release Candidate!

It can start an unstoppable chain reaction an make your PC attack you with BSoD's random hangups and many other things that will damage your mental health or body (as effect of slamming your head into the keyboard form despair).

To be safe after MS releases Final version of any of they products wait another half year for them to release about 100 fixes and then install it to be sure that you will have stable user experience.

From tomorrow i will resume my MOtD review series. Well if anybody read it anyways ;-)

My mod recomendations for today #4

lol3r_86 Blog

With no further delay.

Mod name: MM Weapons mod
Game: Half life 2
Game modes: Single & Multi

This mod is separated into 2 parts MM_Weapons and MM_Armory.

MM_Weapons = new weapons skins + tweaked weapon stats for counter strike

MM_Armory = new weapon skins + real weapon names + tweaked weapon stats for half life 2 base (retail).

Install instruction can be found in mod package included readme.txt

My mod recomendations for today #3

lol3r_86 Blog

With no further introduction.

Game: Half life 2
Game modes affected: Single player & Multi player
Mod name: SMOD (SuperMOD)

There are many variations of SMOD and only 1 i can really recomend. SMOD Tactical Delta aims to bring as much realsim to half life 2 as it is possible. Forget about out of the space combines now theyre just plain humans with present gear and weapons. And so are you. No more EAV suite, just simple kevlar vest standard modern warfare and new kick mele attack [Thats an rip off cheap bastards!! - Duke Nukem]. Welcome to HL2, CS:S style.

Also there are many new graphical effects:

-dof depth of field
-motion blur
-Blood and water decals (witness blood splattered on your, water droplets sliding down of your visor
-and much more.

Google it for newest 5.56 (aka Limited Edition) version.

My mod recomendations for today #2

lol3r_86 Blog

Today i would like to present you NG Shaders for Prey.

Attention: This mod works only with graphics cards supporting OpenGL 2.0 or higher.
You can try it out on older GC's but you may encounter enormous glitches.

Desccription: NG Shader mod was made to make your Prey game look eaven better. For detailed informaton google: "preyfiles NG Shaders dfama".

My mod recomendations for today.

lol3r_86 Blog

GTX v 1.5 (beta) for Doom3 or Quake4

GTX v 1.5 (beta) brings your Doom3 or Quake4 to the next generation quality. New shaders, new particles, new specular, new lightning, high resolution textures, reskinned monsters. Its 100% guaranteed that you are gonna shit your pants once more. Just like when you played Doom3 for the frist time.

Link: Not icluded search ModDB for yourself lazy bastards :P
Also avaible at FileFront.

Hi there !

lol3r_86 Blog

First let me introduce myself.

Imię / Name:
Piotr / Peter

Nazwisko / Surname:
Kowaslki / Kovalsky

Data urodzenia / Birthday:
14 marca 1986 r / 14 march 1986

Wiek / Age: 29 lata / 29 years old

Miejsce zamieszkania / Location:
Polska / Poland

Zawód / Occupation:
Physical Worker (bring this - sweep that), Specialized Machine Operator (pushing buttons, putting things in, getting things out), Vertical Surface Conservator (Janitor - master of conspiracy, pretends to know nothing, but step on his finger and tremble in fear).

Zainteresowania / Hobbies:
Manga i anime, komputery, gry komputerowe, filmy / Manga & Anime, computers, computer games, movies.

domowe jedzenie, dobre książki, niskie rachunki :P / home made food - fast food sux, good books, low bills :P

There are very few mods for FarCry which change things for better and most of them can be found here. One of them is named FarCry Addon Mod. Let me introduce it to you.

FarCry Addon Mod isnt just an mod. It's a whole new game with new textures, effects, shaders, modified maps (almost all of them) and set off integrated unofficial patches which fix almost everything that official 1.4 patch screwd up, and much more (improved ai, extended draw distance, optimized performance).

Requierments: FarCry original- well it figures (i hope you arent cheap pirated version user bastards) xD; 1.4 Cumulative patch - no matter which version you have it will be updated just remember about CUMULATIVE in the name.

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