This is another hd graphical mod for Quake2, with advanced glsl render.

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it is quite good. the only problem is its not compatable with Intel graphics, so alot of people like me are missing out. but they have Beserker for that

Квейк хорошь из без модов. Берсерковский не запускал, а этот както не очень смотрится, отличий от оригинала мало, разве что изуродованный худ. Ну и еще кровь, которая не нужна, загаженные взрывы, которые в полигональном виде выглядели прикольнее... Да както не то совсем, ну может комуто нравится. 7 не больше. Можно было меньше поставить, но надо быть объективным.

some bugs but in all realy nice done.

great mod! I like it! this is by far the easiest place to download it from.

Very good!

Game Graphics 10
Game Performance 10
Game Audio Quality 9,5
Game Cutscenes 9

Expectations of a updated version


Amazing engine for Quake 2 with amazing current graphics techniques and options as well as legacy support through a compatibility mode. I've found that most mods work well with this engine.

very good port, has modern graphics technologies such as screen-space mirrors and improved deluxe mapping for fast and high-quality per-pixel lighting

This port now looks much better than it did a month before.

Being one of the oldest, it is absolutely brilliant!

Teenager donnish roosters' ratings don't cost more than a rotten chicken corpse.

It's just a little bit ****** tho. No reason to play this because it have no sense. That effects look pretty ridiculous, are you serious think it might be better than Quake 2 Evolve? I really better be playing vanilla game or something much more different, because this mod is sucks. Nothing personal, just opinion of people of out team. Make something impressive next time.

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