29 yrs old; employed on piston production workshop; Born in Inowroclaw Poland; date of birth: 14 march 1986; favorite games: fps-FarCry, DooM3, Prey /rpg-BaldursGate, Diablo2 /sports-NfS: Porshe2000+Underground+MostWanted+ProStreet

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First let me introduce myself.

Imię / Name:
Piotr / Peter

Nazwisko / Surname:
Kowaslki / Kovalsky

Data urodzenia / Birthday:
14 marca 1986 r / 14 march 1986

Wiek / Age: 29 lata / 29 years old

Miejsce zamieszkania / Location:
Polska / Poland

Zawód / Occupation:
Physical Worker (bring this - sweep that), Specialized Machine Operator (pushing buttons, putting things in, getting things out), Vertical Surface Conservator (Janitor - master of conspiracy, pretends to know nothing, but step on his finger and tremble in fear).

Zainteresowania / Hobbies:
Manga i anime, komputery, gry komputerowe, filmy / Manga & Anime, computers, computer games, movies.

domowe jedzenie, dobre książki, niskie rachunki :P / home made food - fast food sux, good books, low bills :P

There are very few mods for FarCry which change things for better and most of them can be found here. One of them is named FarCry Addon Mod. Let me introduce it to you.

FarCry Addon Mod isnt just an mod. It's a whole new game with new textures, effects, shaders, modified maps (almost all of them) and set off integrated unofficial patches which fix almost everything that official 1.4 patch screwd up, and much more (improved ai, extended draw distance, optimized performance).

Requierments: FarCry original- well it figures (i hope you arent cheap pirated version user bastards) xD; 1.4 Cumulative patch - no matter which version you have it will be updated just remember about CUMULATIVE in the name.

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