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liqid @ Art Asset Overview #21

Nice to see the variation on the cats. That, I think, makes their colourful character really stand out. On the other hand though, you're also running into the danger of too much variation. For example, if I imagine a market scene with lots of cat-characters on screen, I think that you'd get the same effect as if you'd look at static on a TV screen. Overall it's just a grey picture and in the detail, there's no information.

I know of a pretty good way to capitalize on the colours and drive a story with it, I suggest that you have a look at heraldry (, if you haven't done so already. It provides a few simple rules about which colours go together well on things like uniforms, crests and so on.

By sticking to the rules of heraldry you can have every piece of cloth tell it's own story, where it came from. You could establish different families and linages which can easily be told apart. Each house could display something that shows the linage of the owner. For example the paint-scheme of the house or the curtains or poles (like the mooring poles in Venice) or a crest and so on.

Now imagining the market scene again. You could immediately tell who goes with whom. And say there is a brawl braking out, you could immediately figure out what's going on and who might join in as well. This would greatly add to the experience.

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liqid @ Editors Choice - Best Upcoming Mod

Again: DOH!

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liqid @ Fast object instancing

The idea is good. There is something along that way. Not a mirror, but it's called impostors and is used to render clouds and volumetrics for example [1].
How it works is, you basically render a complex object onto a texture and put that texture onto a sprite. As you get closer, you only update the sprite every now and then, saving render time. Getting closer still, you'll have to substitute it for a real model, though. This way rendering objects (particularly trees) which are far way can be sped up a lot.


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liqid @ Building a tower

Have you ever considered doing your drawings in vectors instead of pixels?

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liqid @ ModDB Video Spotlight - July 2009

Didn't you get your winnar wrong this time? The Popular Mods column on the frontpage seems to suggest so.

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liqid @ Research and Development released

The fixed version is definitely an improvement. 10/10 after the fix - as promised.

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liqid @ Research and Development

Setting the few bugs aside, you've made a hell of a game, pal. 9/10 for this release and 10/10 if the bugs get fixed.

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liqid @ Research and Development

Ok tactic for the keypad is to quicksave after every successful press.

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liqid @ Research and Development

There seems to be a problem with the keypad in the zero point energy lab. I'm only able to type 3 when looking at it properly. I have to look at it from very odd angles to be able to type any other number. Is there any way to predict which key is going to be pressed?

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liqid @ Radiator

Great stuff. I enjoyed it.
One gameplay suggestion though: use the fire-button to activate stuff being pointed at. I had several cases where I was pointing somewhere random and activated the next item accidentally. As feedback for "firing", maybe you can make the "pointer" flash or glow. Or you could provide a hand model that points when you make up your mind. There is also missing feedback, for when you're wrong.

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liqid @ Time-Lapse Zero Gear Modeling Video

Well done, but that music - god that's wonky.
Two things though. I find it easier to use a vector graphics programme to texture. Something else that cought my eye: why didn't you box-model the whole thing?

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liqid @ Zeno Clash

Besides the story and the graphics this game is not very good.

The gameplay feels sluggish and disconnected, you can hack away on the buttons all you want - nothing is going to change what's happening. After all the combat is just playing back animations. Moves and combos can not be aborted. It almost feels like you play a turn-based game with all the warmup and cooldown times of the moves. Not fun at all. It's also quite frustrating since the game doesn't offer quick-saves. Besides I feel that despite being confronted with multiple enemies, the game wasn't geared towards it. You can only fight one enemy at a time, but you'll often find yourself engulfed in a group of them. Freeing yourself gets impossible, when you are cornered. The arenas offer way too little opportunities to separate them from each other. Also when holding the enemy (which also takes time to prepare) the throw can not be aimed. As soon as you have the unconscious enemy ready to throw at the others, they will be behind you and hitting you. It's also quite irritating that you can neither jump nor duck, while the AI can.
Another thing that let's the game down a bit are the ever repeating enemy animations and their monotone moves.

But putting that all aside the game looks and sounds absolutely fabulous, the story is also pretty good.

So only a 6/10 because of the weak gameplay.

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liqid @ Dear Esther


Miiiiiindddd numbingly boring.
You can do absolutely nothing except walking around slowly. The only way is to agonizing your jump-button to speed things up just a little bit.
That said, nothing much happens either. There is no story that you as the player are involved in, no interaction at all.
I don't want to ridicule your efforts, but I think that what you've done is just not good enough. And let me tell you why:
What you've done is create a story, an interesting one, as in if I'd have read it it would surly be good but the way you've presented it is simply incomplete. Unfinished. Because as I've said earlier, I expect to be involved in the story, not just a spectator. If you want spectators, make a movie, if you want readers, write the story down, if you want listeners, make a podcast or an audio-book and if you want to make a game, the player needs to be involved. That's because nothing else makes much sense.

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