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Lexx2k Feb 21 2015, 3:04am replied:

It's for balance and difficulty reasons. If everyone gets a pistol it becomes very easy to gun down every enemy.

+1 vote   mod: Commandos: BCD - Mission Pack
Lexx2k Feb 20 2015, 11:52am replied:

You can reinstall it anytime. Just click the button, even if it's greyed out. Also run the installer with administration rights, that might solve your problem. (I am guessing the war_mp.dir file wasn't extracted correctly)

+1 vote   mod: Commandos: BCD - Mission Pack
Lexx2k Jan 24 2015, 4:27am replied:


you can totally ignore the mission time. I've never dealed with these settings, as I find the values rather strange to get correct. Right now I think they are all based on the very first Commandos mission... which means you would need like 10 or 20 minutes to finish each mission, which is pretty impossible, as you wrote. Maybe I look into it a bit more for the next update.

Not 100% sure about the soldier reinforcements, but I think they should be at max ~15 soldiers per garrison right now, depending on the mission.

Thanks for your feedback. Commandos is pretty old by now and not that many people are caring for this stuff. Sadly, since release and while working on the mod I've got only very, very little feedback, so everything helps me to make it a better campaign.

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Lexx2k Nov 8 2014, 7:47pm says:

My god, so many years since the release. I feel old now.

+6 votes   mod: They Hunger
Lexx2k Oct 17 2014, 12:27am says:

Wait, the original Unreal didn't had bones for character animations, no? This is pure madness.

+2 votes   mod: Salvage Storm
Lexx2k Sep 19 2014, 12:23pm says:

No idea what the walls are.

+5 votes   media: Swamp zone
Lexx2k Jul 5 2014, 3:16pm says:

That music. I've never regretted to have bought the physical disc.

+6 votes   media: NEOTOKYO Steam
Lexx2k May 24 2014, 4:04am replied:

I just tested it with a clean GoG installation and had no problems. Every mission was working without any problems. Do you use a non-GoG Commandos version? Maybe there is something with different text strings or similar (though, I heavily doubt that this would produce a crash).

In worst case, you can go to /datos/missiones/MISIONES.DAT and delete the mission entry, then try again.

+1 vote   mod: Commandos: BCD - Mission Pack
Lexx2k Apr 9 2014, 11:32am replied:

Robinson Crusoe, that is.

+2 votes   game: The Forest
Lexx2k Apr 9 2014, 11:26am replied:

It's still meh... Me personally, I'd rather prefer a setting that really could happen to some extend. Octopusmonsters and stuff really can't. Remember the book Man Friday. That's kinda the direction I'd hoped this thing would go.

+2 votes   game: The Forest
Lexx2k Mar 17 2014, 2:05am replied:

Steal the K├╝belwagen and drive to the north east position, marked on the minimap. This will end the mission.

About the difficulty: Use all features your men have to offer. Throw stones, use cigaretes, use enemy control to distract soldiers and combine it all together (e.g. use cigaretes to lure a guard away, then use the Green Beret's radio to lure him even further away, etc.). I tried to make all available characters useful- and most of the time you will need them all in some form.

Behind Enemy Lines works for me without problems too. You might want to try the High-Resolution Patch. It should fix the high framerate issue that some people experience.

+1 vote   mod: Commandos: BCD - Mission Pack
Lexx2k Mar 15 2014, 1:13pm replied:

There should be no problem with playing the game on WinXP. It was running fine for me on WinXP and is now running fine on Win7.

+1 vote   mod: Commandos: BCD - Mission Pack
Lexx2k Mar 11 2014, 4:02pm replied:

Thanks. There is some minor stuff for C1+Mission pack, as far as I am aware. But the biggest mission pack for C1 is Strike In Narrow Path, which you can find here:

+1 vote   mod: Commandos: BCD - Mission Pack
Lexx2k Aug 25 2013, 9:34am says:

For all the lamps on the ceiling it looks quite dark in there.

+8 votes   media: Omnicorp West Warehouse
Lexx2k Jul 22 2013, 11:17am says:

I think this looks super awesome.

+5 votes   news: Black Mesa - On a Rail Uncut - B2 Alpha
Lexx2k Jul 18 2013, 1:20am says:

To be honest, I couldn't care less about a trailer. It gives me nothing other than "bleh, another project I will have to wait 5 more years"-feelings. If at all, then I am in favor for actual ingame footage or simply (more) regular updates, that's all.

+5 votes   news: Progress update
Lexx2k Jun 2 2013, 4:00pm says:

If I want to end the prequel, I'll get the popup for name, trait, perk and skill change, etc. but after that I am fixed on the bed and nothing else happens. So I am kind of stuck right now. No idea what to do and I don't really feel motivated to restart all over.

+2 votes   news: [Fallout: Project Brazil] BETA 1.0.1 PATCH
Lexx2k May 20 2013, 11:02am replied:

2238 has its own changelog board. We only post updates on ModDB if something more important happens.

+1 vote   engine: FOnline Engine
Lexx2k Sep 16 2012, 2:05pm replied:

Thought the same. Blue Shift, as example, pretty much uses all assets from HL1, so using assets from BM for a source Blue Shift sounds totally valid. Especially now that BM has set the bar very, very high.

+1 vote   mod: Guard Duty
Lexx2k Feb 22 2012, 5:25pm replied:

Released in 2007.

+2 votes   mod: Shattered Destiny
Lexx2k Feb 22 2012, 5:24pm replied:

We posted some stuff on the blog. Still working on it, etc.

+2 votes   game: FOnline: 2238
Lexx2k Feb 16 2012, 8:00am replied:

And then you get poor due to being sued. :>

+3 votes   media: Cry of Fear - Launch App
Lexx2k Dec 28 2011, 3:58pm replied:

While talking about old and repitative, some fun fact: Bethesda is doing the same game since like Terminator: Future Shock in the 90s.

+3 votes   mod: What Remains
Lexx2k Dec 5 2011, 2:34pm replied:

When it's done. :p

+2 votes   mod: Shattered Destiny 2
Lexx2k Nov 8 2011, 10:31am replied:

It is a Silent Hill 2-esque monster. Pretty cool ****, imo.

+5 votes   game: Cry of Fear
Lexx2k Jun 25 2011, 7:24am replied:

Well, it *is* a real 3d model.

+1 vote   media: New Armortype in Detail
Lexx2k Jan 20 2011, 6:05pm replied:

It's just my repository directory. Nothing of much interest for the public.

+2 votes   media: Script Example
Lexx2k Dec 19 2010, 5:10pm replied:

Nope, the mod is still in development and a great part of it is already done. Right now, progress is a little bit slow, as I am too busy with eating, sleeping and a fulltime job.

+1 vote   mod: Shattered Destiny 2
Lexx2k Dec 5 2010, 10:04am replied:

The player 'Anarchie' was a regular player and not a GM. We checked the logs and no commands have been used from this account.
Our GMs are walking on thin ice, if they try to abuse their power. Even a small thing can cost them their position, so we don't get situations like killing other player for fun, etc.

+2 votes   game: FOnline: 2238
Lexx2k Dec 5 2010, 9:40am replied:

It is "just" the graphics that would need to be re-done, because the graphic assets are the only things the game really needs to run.

+1 vote   game: FOnline: 2238
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