I'm a hobbyist game maker who likes to lone-wolf a lot of my projects. After several years of using the FPSC engine, I've been able to use the engine to my liking and produce some cool side-projects. I've released several unfinished games in my time but I'm devoted to having my next game out in a completed state. I'm just a 1 man show so I can't respond all the time and I can't do EVERYTHING the way I might want to. I try to get things done with these restraints however. I enjoy playing indie games and learning some useful designs from them. I might derive likeness from several games but I'm not out to completely clone any game I've ever played. I like to cherry-pick ideas so I can create an amazing low-budget title.

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The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Jul 23, 2013 The Lighthouse Full Version (265.04mb) 4 comments

This game was developed in 2012 for a 3 level competition. This is a dated project but I want to experiment and see what the Let's Play community thinks...

Escape the Bunker: 1944 v1.2 (Abandoned Project)
Escape the Bunker: 1944

Escape the Bunker: 1944 v1.2 (Abandoned Project)

Apr 11, 2012 Escape the Bunker: 1944 Full Version (447.34mb) 6 comments

Free download of Escape the Bunker. I dumped this project because of several issues. Level 2 is hard to get past but it picks up quick afterwards, I promise...

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