I'm a hobbyist game maker who likes to lone-wolf a lot of my projects. After several years of using the FPSC engine, I've been able to use the engine to my liking and produce some cool side-projects. I've released several unfinished games in my time but I'm devoted to having my next game out in a completed state. I'm just a 1 man show so I can't respond all the time and I can't do EVERYTHING the way I might want to. I try to get things done with these restraints however. I enjoy playing indie games and learning some useful designs from them. I might derive likeness from several games but I'm not out to completely clone any game I've ever played. I like to cherry-pick ideas so I can create an amazing low-budget title.

Review RSS Feed PHOBIA 1.5
10 Review

Game Review on Jan 23rd, 2014

Review coming in due time. This game is pure gold but a few set backs make it less than a perfect 10 and more of a 9.5.

PHOBIA: The Fear of the Darkness
8 Review

Game Review on Jul 19th, 2013

This game holds a special place in my heart as an FPSC user. I would rather like to give this game a 8.5 but that isn't possible yet. There is just something about the level design, story, and custom cutscenes that makes this one a blast to revisit. Sure, its a FPSC so the quirks of the engine come with it. However, I know how to appreciate a good single-man made game.

I was REALLY looking forward to Phobia 2! Maybe you and me could get together and make it happen huh? :)

Dead Darkness
6 Review

Game Review on Feb 28th, 2013 - 2 people don't

Too dark to know what you are doing. The lightmapping could be much better. You wonder around lost for far too long to keep your attention for more then 5 minutes.

Extended Comments: As nothing really grabs your attention from the start, it is hard to continue forward. Other people mentioned scares but most of the time people are just going to be bumping into the walls. Sure, the name is dead darkness but I know FPSC has the ability to do a flashlight now and maybe this could have been used in some way.

7 Review

Game Review on Feb 28th, 2013

To me, this game is average. I love the effort put into it but I wouldn't give it more then what it deserves. If time allowed, I think you would have benefited from making the house bigger. Since the game takes place all in one location, I feel as though that would have been a good move. The puzzles were thought provoking but maybe a little too much? Again, maybe it is that you had to make the puzzles complex to make up for the ability to have more then a few. It was a nice little play-through but all around average. A 7 or 8 seems natural but I'm leaning towards the 7 for the reasons mentioned above.

Cry of Fear
10 Review

Game Review on Mar 22nd, 2012

No review provided

The Stairwell ( SCP 087 )
8 Review

Game Review on Mar 11th, 2012 - 2 people agree

It scared me quite a few times and the ending is very well executed. However, I almost had the urge to quit when I was on floor 34 and nothing had happened yet. I'm glad I played through the whole thing however.

1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg
10 Review

Game Review on Feb 25th, 2012

No review provided

Z Warrior Chronicles
9 Review

Game Review on Jan 31st, 2012

No review provided

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