Avid Python & C++ programmer, 2 & 3 dimensional artist, and designer. Has developed a small collection of scratch 2d games in the past, as well as mods of Warcraft.

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-Kwah- Jan 31 2010 says:

What's the deal with the circles at the top? I'd think they'd make more sense swtiched.

+1 vote   media: Character Screen
-Kwah- Jan 18 2010 says:

Now that is nifty. Lighting and grain could use work, but the concept is entertaining.

+1 vote   media: Recent Work
-Kwah- Jan 16 2010 says:

I'm assuming you've played some industry level, 'point and click' control games. If you haven't played them, I highly recommend the Myst series.

This is hawk900, btw.

+1 vote   mod: Arcadia - Rise and Fall
-Kwah- Jan 16 2010 replied:

Mostly ...

I've totally forgotten his name. Chubby boss in D2.

+1 vote   news: Tristram Concepts
-Kwah- Dec 24 2009 replied:

Multiple haiku!?! O.o

Nice work tho!

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak Christmas Giveaway!
-Kwah- Dec 23 2009 replied:

See jeff! You HAVE been called furries.

+1 vote   news: Assassins of the Bright Tapestry (concept art)
-Kwah- Dec 22 2009 replied:

It's no peace pipe. That is a genuine death pipe.

+2 votes   news: Assassins of the Bright Tapestry (concept art)
-Kwah- Dec 22 2009 replied:

For now take the second one. Hopefully more will follow.

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak Christmas Giveaway!
-Kwah- Dec 22 2009 says:

Above description is senseless.

0 votes   download: The trigger Challenge
-Kwah- Dec 21 2009 replied:

Go to the modifier panel (in 2.5 & 2.49), and Add Modifier > Mirror. For most cases you want the options of Do Clipping, and X set, so that it mirrors around the x-axis and forces the vertices to stay on their side/merge at center.

Hope this helps.

+2 votes   group: Blenderheads
-Kwah- Dec 21 2009 says:

Dinosaurs oppose
The future protects its own
Welcome to Jailbreak

Escape is wanted
The wanted are escaping
Want to play Jailbreak?
I'll decide which one I want later, or maybe write a new one.

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak Christmas Giveaway!
-Kwah- Nov 25 2009 replied:

Lul, missed post. Hey.

+1 vote   member: -Kwah-
-Kwah- Nov 15 2009 says:


+1 vote   member: TheOneKnownAsMe
-Kwah- Aug 5 2009 says:

Destructible environment shouldn't be overly difficult, no?

+2 votes   news: Terrain Environment Revised
-Kwah- Aug 2 2009 replied:

As an avid player of both, BG2 takes the cake.

IWD, lost lots of the spell caster interest, especially 2.

+3 votes   game: Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
-Kwah- Jul 23 2009 says:


If it's the polish that counts (Which at least in part, it is), you guys've got this set.

+1 vote   news: Blending land and sky
-Kwah- Jul 19 2009 says:

Tile a tad repetitive, but better than previously.

0 votes   news: Valley of Trials
-Kwah- Jul 17 2009 says:

Say, looks awesome. Perhaps add some dynamically generated undergrowth for forests?

+1 vote   news: Pine tree asset
-Kwah- Jul 17 2009 says:

I have to say. I <3 the cursor.

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
-Kwah- Jul 13 2009 says:

From the screen, I'm seeing that the game is still running while this is open.

That going to be the case in the final?

Also, a brief complaint about the screenie. It'd be cool to have the bridge model(s)not have that gap down at the bottom of the supports.

+1 vote   news: Skill Tree Preview
-Kwah- Jun 25 2009 says:

I have to say, that this thing is simply mind boggling. I have a serious lack of money, so can't pre-order it, but I'll do my best to get a copy once it's released.

The way you did the decals is pretty cool, I have to admit. What is the deal if you project onto an animated surface? Do they deform with the poly that they are placed on, or is this impossible? >.>

+1 vote   game: Overgrowth
-Kwah- Jun 21 2009 says:

Erm. Overpowah'ed much?

The shadow is totally wtfbbq awesomely rigged.

+1 vote   news: New Unit Preview
-Kwah- Jun 20 2009 says:


rarely updated. :)

+1 vote   group: deviantART
-Kwah- Jun 9 2009 says:

But anyhow. I'm impressed.

+1 vote   news: OffTheGrid terrain: terrain mesh simplification revisited
-Kwah- Jun 9 2009 says:

Mine screens look awesome. <3 the lighting.

+1 vote   mod: Bloodstone Isles
-Kwah- Jun 8 2009 replied:

Seeing as I use it on a 7 year old Ubuntu laptop, without lag something strange is certainly going on.

It could be a compatibility issue with your OS, for sure.

+2 votes   feature: The Battle for Wesnoth 1.6 Impressions
-Kwah- Jun 7 2009 says:

The first time I looked at it, I kinda shrugged it off due to the graphics.

But, you find yourself getting used to the sprites, and really getting into the game.

I've gotten dozens of hours of entertainment out of this without even stretching it.

+3 votes   feature: The Battle for Wesnoth 1.6 Impressions
-Kwah- May 30 2009 says:

I'm not sure about having the fog this light blue. The black really looked better to me.

+1 vote   news: Environmental "Depth "
-Kwah- May 27 2009 says:

Ah. Define . . . every unit.

Lights get reallly messed once you have enough.

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
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