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10 Review

Mod Review on Sep 15th, 2012

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9 Review

Mod Review on Aug 25th, 2012

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8 Review

Mod Review on Jul 31st, 2012

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The Projex
10 Review

Mod Review on May 11th, 2012

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Perfect Dark: Source
10 Review

Mod Review on Apr 27th, 2012

For what has actually been created, it's a masterpiece. A perfect remastered image of the original Perfect Dark. Although there are completely new textures for the guns and maps, I believe that is actually the definition of "remastered". As for the gameplay, the aiming system can be somewhat difficult, but nothing too out of control. And the HUD and weapon selection is an outstanding resemblance of the original. Also, the guns work perfectly in comparison to the original. I would give this a 9.5/10, but I can't do .5, so I just went with 10

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