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klj Sep 27 2014 says:

"The next step in the development will be the VR-Version for Oculus Rift.
So for what do you wait?"

- I wait for the VR-Version! :-) I hope it'll be out soon.

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klj Feb 26 2014 replied:

Thanks for replying, but the option isn't available in Linux - even if I do switch to the SDK beta. All other VR-enabled Source games (HL-series + Estranged) works fine.

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klj Feb 23 2014 says:

"5) Not all people have noticed, but there is an "Oculus Rift support" line in the description and I finally started to work on it.
But I need someone to test the results, since I don't have the hardware. If I won't find anyone, OVR support won't be available before release, perhaps only months later after that."

I hadn't noticed - but I'll be happy to test it in Linux (and Windows too if you need it). It looks like it could be awesome in the rift!!

I'm sure you'll find a lot of other people who'd like to test as well on or

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klj Dec 22 2013 replied:

That is one nice gift!! Thanks!!!

I hope the Rift Implementation will also be available for the Linux version? If You need someone to test it, I will of course be happy to do it!

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klj Nov 21 2013 replied:

Oh man... SO happy to hear that! :-)

HL2 (+ the EPs) is still the best experience I've had in the rift since I got it 4 months ago - and Estranged with it's great scenery and atmosphere looks like it could be right up there with HL2.

For me as a mere gamer, the Rift is mindblowing.. I can only imagine how it must be for a developer and artist to be able to step into his own creation and be a part of it! You're in for an amazing experience! :)

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klj Nov 16 2013 says:

Hi... bought this to try it out with the Rift in Linux - but Desura tells me that it's not available for my platform?

In "Profile" it says Windows, Mac, Linux - and Your latest update says that You have uploaded a new beta, and "We have also updated the Oculus Rift SDK and fixed some Linux and Mac specific bugs."

Could I have the Linux (64 bit) version, please?

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klj Apr 22 2012 replied:

Apparently Desura accidentally sold the game for 32 bit systems. They then discovered that they had made a mistake, and changed it to 64 bit only.
These things happen.

However, I haven't received any mail apologizing or explaining the situation - and offering a refund for the game I bought, thinking it would work on 32 bit.

This I find absolutely unacceptable!
At the very least, they should let us know about the error on this page?

Very, very unprofessional!

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klj Apr 19 2012 replied:

Yeah - apparently I just bought a game I can't play on my platform, even though it says 32bit.

I tried downloading the lightfish-32.tar-bz2 file, but it seems I can't do that either? Not sure if it's my Desura installation that's acting up - but even so, I shouldn't have to download a .bz2 file. The game should start directly from Desura like the rest.

Please fix this ASAP... I'd hate to see stuff like this turn people awary from Desura.

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klj Aug 18 2011 says:

So.. this PR officer.. his (her?) job is to limit any relations with the public to an absolute minimum??

Joking aside... With Primary Carnage abandoning Unigine, I thought it was really up to Dilogus to take over and become the posterboy for the engine, and to keep people interested.
Seeing how OilRush is being postponed (and unfortunately becoming old news in the process), I really feel bad for the Unigine people. I still truly hope that all their hard work pays off, as their engine looks amazing - but I can't help thinking that they are being let down again.

Please "nag" the devs a bit more, Ashley!

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klj Mar 26 2011 says:

So this never made it to Linux?

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klj Jan 11 2011 says:

Hmm... finally preordered to try the alpha in Linux... seems that was a dumb move.

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klj Sep 29 2010 says:

That sure is one large nail You just hammered into the linux-game futures coffin - and maybe also Unigines. I think a lot of us were looking to You to build that initial momentum for games on Linux... I was also under the impression that it was something You were rather passionate about.

Your game looks great. On Windows and the Consoles, it will be fun to play for a while... in Linux, it would have been a game-changer (so to speak) that people would have talked about for years, and that would have put Lukewarm Media in the history books.

I'm really surprised and sad to learn that You regard the Unigine engine as "unfinished". We were having real high hopes for it.

Still.. good luck with it.

+3 votes   news: Primal Carnage - Something big is coming to the UDK!
klj Jun 15 2010 says:

Didn't think to check wikipedia :-)

Thank You for the link and info! That sounds great!

+1 vote   news: Garshasp high poly model
klj Jun 15 2010 says:

Will this in fact be on Linux as well as Windows? It's listed under linux here on moddb, but I can't find any mentioning of linux here or on the official page?

+1 vote   news: Garshasp high poly model
klj Mar 19 2010 says:

Looks great!

.. and the fact that it will be available on linux. That is huge!!! Thanks!

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klj Mar 17 2010 replied:

Thank You very much for Your answer.

Running a game though wine doesn't make the game linux-compatible in my book, though :) If that was all it took, most games and mods on this site would qualify for the linux-tag.

Oh well.

+2 votes   mod: Star Wars Conquest
klj Mar 17 2010 says:

Looks great! - well done!

- but how is this linux? ("Platforms" says pc, linux)

+2 votes   mod: Star Wars Conquest
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