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KingJones Nov 9 2013, 11:02pm says:

Loving that time of day / atmosphere. Great plane model too.

+5 votes   media: Airspeed AS.51 Horsa Glider
KingJones Aug 5 2013, 8:25am says:


+1 vote   media: atWar screen shot: Europe in 1334
KingJones Aug 4 2013, 5:22pm replied:

Alienswarm plays/works just fine. Maybe I'll try the repair option for the mod (verify) to check all files.

+1 vote   mod: Lambda Wars
KingJones Aug 3 2013, 7:29pm replied:

Restart the game, save game should still be there and it'll show. I get the same issue. I just create a save game then restart Project Zomboid, click it, create a new chracter voila, it works. lol

+1 vote   game: Project Zomboid
KingJones Aug 3 2013, 3:26pm says:

Soo, I was up late last night trying to play and well... lets just say my screen or mouse ingame was spazzing out. It was as if the mouse was always border scrolling, therefore I could not focus my screen on any unit or object or simply any where on the map. It was always on the move. Mouse works fine on every other game I own. Figured this had to be a mod/error with this game. Just a headsup anyways.
Ohh, and lets not forget I went to create a match with the "Create Game" button in the server browser/list and the game crashed to desktop silently, no errors popped up or anything.

+1 vote   mod: Lambda Wars
KingJones May 24 2013, 2:52am says:

For those of you having Issues with getting the Newest(Latest) Update of Project Zomboid to work and Install properly.
Manually Delete or Uninstall the current entire PZ Directory from your...
Windows 64 - F:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Common\Project Zomboid (Would be "C:" drive for most of you)
Windows 32 - F:\Program Files\Desura\Common\Project Zomboid (Would be "C:" drive for most of you)

After doing this, restart desura and log in, find PZ in the game list right click it.. click version -> alpha then Install it (or it should od so automaticly.)
voila, worked for me. Hope this helps at all.

+3 votes   game: Project Zomboid
KingJones May 9 2013, 2:30am says:

Where in the flying **** is the Desura Update for PZ dammit. Growing a bit impatient considering we were told to be on the look out for one shortly.

+7 votes   game: Project Zomboid
KingJones Feb 26 2013, 2:54pm says:

lmao, Shaking my head *Continues slapping*

+2 votes   news: First contact with aliens did not go as planned!
KingJones Dec 11 2012, 8:20pm says:

Team Fully Edible, got my Vote.

+2 votes   news: Vote on the Mojang Pepparkakshus Showdown!
KingJones Oct 23 2012, 3:07am says:

This game/mod is going to be soo ******* sick man.
that 30 second mark spooked the living **** out of me too.

+4 votes   media: Inquietude - Paper Flowers Trailer
KingJones Oct 21 2012, 4:41pm says:

NOW This Is the type of DLC i've been waiting for. Not some Cruddy Amored Kill.

-1 votes   media: Battlefield 3: Aftermath Premiere Trailer
KingJones Oct 10 2012, 10:55pm replied:

I Agree ^ I Have a weaker System & My performance isn't what it used to be, though gameplay is still manageable.

+2 votes   news: Natural Selection 2 Release Date
KingJones Oct 6 2012, 3:14pm replied:

Exactly what I thought aswell >:|
Disappointing ashell isn't it?!

+2 votes   media: m24 w/ M1911s-TAC
KingJones Oct 1 2012, 1:24pm says:

All I thought of was the Movie Battleship...

+2 votes   media: Cybran Shredder Drone
KingJones Sep 25 2012, 5:41pm says:

I Would say, Add some Grass & you've got yourself a quite impressive environment.

+1 vote   media: Da Nang Environment Preview
KingJones Sep 25 2012, 5:39pm says:

First HL2 Mod i've seen with such Great Animation work.
It's very Immersive, Keep it that way and continue with the immersion. It should get you alot of views IMO.
Work like this deserves great attention. Awesome stuff man. Keep it up.
and on a Side note, that's aside from the inperfections which I already assume are noticed and will be fixed in further time. So i have no complaints on what looks out of the ordinary as of right now.
Just keep working hard on what you've started.

+2 votes   media: WIP Weapon Animations
KingJones Sep 18 2012, 3:24am says:

******* Loved Pokemon & Still play. But with emulators ofcourse... I've always wished someone would just recreate and add their own touch to a game like pokemon and release it for PC. YES!

+2 votes   game: Pok√©mon Survival Island
KingJones Sep 14 2012, 6:22pm says:

this looks Bad *** xD Love it!

+3 votes   media: GasGuzzlers: Combat Carnage Multiplayer Deathmatch
KingJones Sep 11 2012, 1:44am says:

Omg, this is sick. Lord of the Rings (Especially the First fue in the Series) are my fav movies.

+4 votes   media: Balrog - by Christian Hecht
KingJones Jul 19 2012, 1:12pm says:

E P I C ! ! ! !

+1 vote   media: Cybran Wallpaper
KingJones Jul 16 2012, 11:10pm says:

Sometimes I'd Question Myself when I play the Mod.
Why is it Soo Addicting??
One of my Fav Mods (Though I haven't played in some time.)

+3 votes   mod: Modular Combat
KingJones Jul 15 2012, 7:21pm says:

Shouldn't PewDeePie Be at the top? ( # ONE )
I'm quite the bit Confused.

+1 vote   media: Fanboy or Legit?
KingJones Jul 3 2012, 10:38pm says:

lol Good ****.
"We'll Bang Okay?"

+6 votes   media: What the hell?
KingJones Jun 14 2012, 11:54pm says:

Thanks for this :D

+5 votes   news: High-D Texture Pack for Minecraft: New release
KingJones Jun 2 2012, 11:14pm says:

No Way... I'm Lost for wards this was even moreee hilarious dude!!
xD lmfao "We'll Bang, Ok?"
& the Whole rectum thing n Woman... ohhh goddd... lmao

+6 votes   media: Gamer Poop Mass Effect 3: Episode 3
KingJones May 31 2012, 11:25am says:

lmao this was ******* hilarious.

+6 votes   media: Gamer Poop: Mass Effect 3. Part 2
KingJones May 24 2012, 2:02pm says:

one Word....
S I C K !

+1 vote   media: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - The Sarajevo Urban Comba
KingJones Apr 14 2012, 9:47pm says:

What is it? I Don't Play Minecraft much.
Though it's fun every now & then :)

+1 vote   media: UW Eden
KingJones Apr 13 2012, 9:46am says:


+2 votes   media: Aboard the Titanic
KingJones Apr 13 2012, 7:30am replied:

No Problem :)

+1 vote   media: Playing Dynamic Zombie Sandbox (v85) [MODIFIED]
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