Proud Agnostic with a strong Jewish lineage, living in the largest Muslim-populated country in the world, Indonesia but also having lived in America for half a decade and planning to return there in the near future. Mostly plays war games both on video and off (AKA Airsoft). Huge military fan, plans to join the US Military in the future. Staunch Zionist. Dislikes Liberal Media. Conservative in Political Views.

Amatuer Wattpad Writer. I mostly write military and historical fiction. Links to the stories are on my Blog. Say NO to racism, say NO to sexism. All Men (a pars pro toto term that includes women) are created equal and none should be discriminated from what they've had since birth.

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Name: Rick.
Origin: Dallas, Texas.
Ethnicity: Indonesian/Jewish/Mix/Mestizo/Whatever Races don't matter these days.
Sexual preference: I love variety, a mix would be aweso Female.
Location: Jakarta Indonesia/Dallas, Texas.
Steam: highlandrgt
Skype: bpsalvade
Dreams: To become a soldier in the US Military and go to law school afterwards.
Political Views: Conservative, US Conservative.


I also write a couple of stories (for fun). These stories include:

Gaza Tonight? - 'Gaza Tonight?' is a short story (Work in Progress) about the ongoing Gaza Strip Conflict in Israeli-occupied Palestine. It follows IDF Sergeant Aaron Roth and his squad while fighting within the town of Al-Hameed (fictional) after HAMAS launches yet another rocket strike onto Israel territory

Lost Sight - 2018. Russia invades Ukraine and Poland. A classic NATO vs Russia speculation story.
Lost Sight follows Rick C. Salvade, a US Marine officer, and Mircea Ormenisan, a Romanian soldier as they go through the Russian Invasion of Romania; from the River Prut to the streets of Targu Mures.

Blind Eyes, Black Hearts - Follow 1st Platoon, Delta Company, 1/75th Rangers in their war against the madness that is now plaguing the world - Terrorism. They fight a brutal and unforgiving enemy - crawling and hiding in the civilian population, fighting in unfair and inhonorable ways. Counterinsurgency. (this one is still rather crappy)

I also write some medieval stuff:
Condottieri, A Medieval Fantasy -A Republic. A Prince-elect. A Mercenary. A Free Company. Revenge. The Rapido Peninsula holds the greatest and riches cities within the continent of Eurys. Mesarra, The City that Floats, Almeida, The City of Steel, Orion, The City of Marble, and Pescara, The City of Gold. A war took place ten years ago between the four powerful states, ending in a stalemate; but putting Mesarra in shambles. After ten years of peace and rebuilding, a Prince-elect of Mesarra demands revenge, and his efforts in making it happen are far from subtle…

My wattpad profile is rwindson if anyone has a wattpad account and is interested in adding me there, feel free to do so! But don't forget to read, rate, and comment! c:


Franchise-committed Games
Ace Combat Franchise
- Ace Combat 5: Unsung War (PS2)
- Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War (PS2) -> BEST ACE COMBAT EVER
- Ace Combat 6 (XBOX360)
- Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (XBOX360)
ArmA Series
- ArmA: Cold War Assault
- ArmA: Armed Assault
- ArmA 2 and DLCs
Battlefield Series
Battlefield 2: (PC)
- Project Reality mod.
- Alpha Project Mod.
- Some other private mods made by user Simcardo.
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Battlefield 3 (PC/PS3)
Call of Duty Series (both PC and console)
- Call of Duty(s) 2 and 3 (along with PS2's Big Red One)
- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3)
- Call of Duty: World at War (XBOX360)
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (XBOX360, formerly PS3)
- Call of Duty: Black Ops (XBOX360, formerly PS3)
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (XBOX360)
- Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (XBOX360)
- Call of Duty: Ghosts
Fallout Series:
- Fallout 3 (XBOX360)
- Fallout: New Vegas (XBOX360/PC)

Mount and Blade: Warband with practically tens of mods, including:
- Napoleonic Wars Expansion
- Floris Mod
- Hundred Years'
- Long-gone Mount and Musket
- Clash of Kings
- Europe 1200

Total War Series
- Medieval: Total War (Plus all expansions)
- Rome: Total War (Plus All expansions. I am an avid fan of Europa Barbarorum - a realistic and historically accurate mod for the game.)
- Medieval 2: Total War (Plus Kingdoms. I play tons of mods including Westeros, Third Age, and Stainless Steel)
- Empire: Total War (Special Forces Edition. I still don't get why they name it that...)
- Rome 2: Total War (Plus Blood and Gore and Greek States)

Other games:
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (XBOX360)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (PS2/PC)
GTA Series (III, VC, SA, VCS, LCS, IV)
Full Spectrum Warrior
FIFA Franchise (To hell with PES)
Ghost Recon Series
SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Series
Shellshock: Nam 67

Shopping Cart:
GTA V / Online (PC/XBOX360)
Battlefield 4
ArmA 3

Todah Rabah!

About me

About me

ChemicalHowitzer Blog
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sup mate

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChemicalHowitzer Creator

Kiwiii ma boy! Been some time m8 the lads miss ya. When are you gonna be back up?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Sakura Matou

Very Interesting blog and profile. I approve. tracking if you don't mind.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChemicalHowitzer Creator

Thanks Sakura c:

Reply Good karma+1 vote

why arent you continuing lost sight?
it was very interesting

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Ricksken wrote: 'Who attacked first'

some say germany or even serbia is the culprit for ww1 by doing the first attack, while we all know it goes much much deeper than that. furthermore i think that statement is a bit flawed ever wondered why theyd attack?
that might warrant 1 israeli retaliation then but two? and at such higher loss rate for the palestinians? no sir i dont think its justified at all and this is letting go of a lot of details on that conflict xD

rickske wrote: the Israelis never wanted to conquer one bit of Arab land

oh really

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ChemicalHowitzer Creator

'some say germany or even serbia is the culprit for ww1 by doing the first attack, while we all know it goes much much deeper than that. furthermore i think that statement is a bit flawed ever wondered why theyd attack?'

Ever wondered why the PLO killed Israeli athletes in the 1971 Olympics? Ever wonder why nearly all Arab countries wanted Israel flat during the Cold War?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hmm its true that they fired around 12.8k rockets since 2001 averaging 3 per day, only 20 procent has been atributed to HAMAS themselves (from Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center)

All in all 26 casualties have been confirmed (21 jews) i believe untill 2012, tho note that in 2013 they only fired 77 projectiles. Also smth to consider is that 1/4th of the casualties were sustained during jewish military operations cast lead and pillar of cloud, both of wich were ironically done to deter extremists to fire their rockets.

the casualty rate for jews by this attack is around 0.175%, youd need 500+ rockets to get a kill all the while the jewish officials try to justify cast lead bcs their rocket attacks “more than a crude attempt to kill and terrorize civilians—they were expressions of a genocidal intent.”
there are easier and more effective ways to outright kill people

data is scant, but it is so bcs fatalities are so rare tho they are more likely to increase during IDF operations, at the 2008 ceasefire there was no single casualty, yet after cast lead 4 ppl died

Some other fought for tought on the number of rockets fired is the swaying numbers (again) even within israeli sources, again IDF comes out with the highest numbers whilst the numbers of the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) (promoted by israeli foreign affairs)

then again
one death is one too many
and one rocket is a rocket too many
then why inflate numbers so much eh?
justifying their actions and policies that are doubtfull at best?

idk just some food for tought here

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ChemicalHowitzer Creator

Thanks for the information, _w_. Let me remind you that Palestine isn't the only conflict Israel has fought, and in fact, it was probably the second conflict Israel fought with odds on its side.

Anyway, the question is not 'How many people died in the rocket attacks' but 'Who attacked first' which could probably justify the Israeli cause by the slightest, although they do use excessive force in executing it. Israel has been facing Arab 'terrorism' since its inception, and while the Arabs seeked to kick Israel out of Western Asia, the Israelis never wanted to conquer one bit of Arab land.

Thank you for the food of thought. xD

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Facters getting facted factingly like facts my life

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

whilst researching i found IDF infographics that somehow fictionally inflate deaths and injuries compared to other sources, in fact even tho the death figures are probably wrong, they are at least final, partially objective. the injured figure.. for obvious reasons thats a lot more subjective and truth is there arent that many. at least not enough so that news reports detail the number of people that have been "shocked"

Date of attack Name Age Location Weapon
2004.06.28 Mordechai Yosephov 49 Sderot Qassam
2004.06.28 Afik Ohion Zehavi 4 Sderot Qassam
2004.09.29 Yuval Abebeh 4 Sderot Qassam
2004.09.29 Dorit (Masarat) Benisian 2 Sderot Qassam
2005.01.15 Ayala-Haya Abukasis 17 Sderot Qassam
2005.07.15 Dana Gelkowitz 22 Moshav Nativ Ha‘asara Qassam
2006.03.28 Salam Ziadin* ? Nahal Oz Qassam‡
2006.03.28 Khalid Ziadin* 16 Nahal Oz Qassam‡
2006.11.15 Faina Slutzker 57 Sderot Qassam
2006.11.21 Yaakov Yaakobov 43 Sderot Qassam
2007.05.21 Shirel Friedman 32 Sderot Qassam
2007.05.27 Oshri Oz 36 Sderot Qassam
2008.02.27 Roni Yihye 47 Sderot Qassam
2008.05.09 Jimmy Kedoshim 48 Kibbutz Kfar Aza mortar
2008.05.12 Shuli Katz 70 Moshav Yesha Qassam
2008.06.05 Amnon Rosenberg 51 Kibbutz Nir-Oz mortar
2008.12.27 Beber Vaknin 58 Netivot Qassam
2008.12.29 Lutfi Nasraladin*† 38 IDF base near Nahal Oz mortar
2008.12.29 Irit Sheetrit 39 Ashdod Grad
2008.12.29 Hani al Mahdi* 27 Ashkelon Grad
2010.03.18 Manee Singueanphon* 30 Moshav Nativ Ha‘asara Qassam
2011.08.20 Yossi Shushan 38 Be’er sheva Grad
2011.10.29 Moshe Ami 56 Ashkelon Grad
2012.11.15 Yitzchak Amsalem 24 Kiryat Malachi rocket
2012.11.15 Mira Sharf 25 Kiryat Malachi rocket
2012.11.15 Aharon Smadja 49 Kiryat Malachi rocket

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

compared to

allright shin bet actually released their own numbers on injuries (not every year tho) which takes the toll around 200 lower for both 2007 and 2008 whilst admitting most were just treated for shock.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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