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kalixx1 Nov 21 2015 replied:

Well, I wrote about those things I didn't like in the beta.

I just wanted to know if any of those "issues" were improved in this final version.

Looking at your post, they were not. You have saved me from downloading all of this again. Thanks.

(I have no problem with FF content.)

+1 vote   mod: Der Schwarze Nebel
kalixx1 Nov 20 2015 says:

I have played the beta and it wasn't very good.
It was:
-random maps without any continuity. The weapons were taken away after each map.
-insane (FF) difficulty
-poor performance

Is this any better?

+2 votes   mod: Der Schwarze Nebel
kalixx1 Aug 22 2015 replied:

The creator claims that he has lost control over this site and that is an error.
Though it seems very odd considering he can still post pictures and he is still listed as said creator.

+3 votes   mod: Fast Detect
kalixx1 Jul 26 2015 replied:

It was "ready" 3 months ago.
so probably a few more months.

0 votes   mod: Fast Detect
kalixx1 Jun 30 2015 says:

So Obergun50chickens, could you tell us what's going on?

You have said the mod is ready and it's release date is may - june 2015.
Which is almost over.
(not to mention you responded to me at feb. that the release is very close.)

However you also said you are going to add new weapons, monsters and do something about the graf. -don't remember what- so it doesn't seem ready to me.

When exactly are you going to release it?

+1 vote   mod: Fast Detect
kalixx1 May 31 2015 says:

If it's ready then why do we still have to wait for localizations?

Even if you translate it to my language I would still choose english.
Probably most of us like this.

+1 vote   mod: Fast Detect
kalixx1 May 11 2015 replied:


Xen could be years away and when it gets released there is a chance you no longer care.
So please consider it!

+1 vote   news: Not Dead
kalixx1 Mar 7 2015 says:

I completed the E3, city 17 and under chapters.
I think it's unnaturally dark. I set the ingame gamma to maximum but hard to see anything.
Many level of the city 17 chapter has awful loud noise, the rain. Horrible.

I see you applied the difficulty settings from FF. It would be nice to have option to play with the original difficulty settings instead.

+3 votes   mod: Build 2046. Beta Edition (mod)
kalixx1 Mar 3 2015 replied:

That's one thing but why is this so big?
This file also contains only materials and I doubt all of these are actually needed for the mod.

This, or the mod is the longest and biggest one ever made...

0 votes   download: Build 2046. Beta Edition 5.0 - Alpha (5\6)
kalixx1 Mar 3 2015 says:

This file only has materials in it.
Are you going to upload the rest of the mod?

+1 vote   download: Build 2046. Beta Edition 5.0 - Alpha (6\6)
kalixx1 Feb 26 2015 says:

The crowbar replacement doesn't seem to work as intended.

+1 vote   mod: Cremation
kalixx1 Feb 26 2015 says:

Nice maps, remind me of g-string.

Though this is extremely short, only first map feels like ok length. No backstory of any kind. No connection between maps.

The instant death is not a good choice, hardcore or not. Since the game was so short the lack of hud is ok but in a longer continuous mod it would be annoying as well.
Also the mod is bloated, full of unnecessary files.

+2 votes   mod: Cremation
kalixx1 Feb 25 2015 says:

In order to play the 1st map download this savegame I made:
Extract it to your Steam/Steamapps/sourcemods/SpruceCape/save

Start the mod and load the savegame instead of starting a new game. You'll be right at the begining and can play normally.

+1 vote   mod: SpruceCape
kalixx1 Feb 23 2015 says:

Till the volcano map it was ok for a beta. That map doesn't make much sense and what comes after that feels like early alpha to me.

+1 vote   mod: Twelve Absent Men
kalixx1 Feb 10 2015 says:

It looks like it come from a red faction game.
Very nice work!

+1 vote   media: Lost Squad 'Destroying a building' Dev Video
kalixx1 Feb 5 2015 says:

I managed to make this work without any errors (apart from a random crash on both map) and I have to say this is an awesome work.

Too bad most users won't be able to play this.
and even more unfortunate that there was no more content released.

+2 votes   mod: Provenance
kalixx1 Feb 2 2015 says:

I hope this means release date is now close.

+2 votes   media: Gameplay
kalixx1 Jan 26 2015 replied:

Well, they did not. Only 3 were there standing there doing nothing.
I was able to replicate the issue 4 times before I figured out what's wrong.
I also remember the first time I killed every combine and spent at least a minute before went into the next level and all allies left the map before me. Yet when I followed them there were only 3 of them. Maybe one of them got lost before the arena? I started playing again from start that time.

Anyway, that's ok. Maybe this issue is extremely rare.

+1 vote   mod: The Citizen Returns
kalixx1 Jan 25 2015 says:

Not bad. Level design is good. Nice graphics.

There are some unforgiving area like the first few steps. If you don't know where to go you die. Easy to run out of ammo.

Why is there no crosshair? Ammo is sparse, every shot counts but you can't aim. That is ****.
English text ingame are horrible.

+1 vote   mod: Antarctic Sciences
kalixx1 Jan 24 2015 says:

I completed this and first part too. Both are very good.
I found every easter-egg location in the first part and all the letters/notes in this one. (the casino one was evil)

Thanks for these great mods!

I forgot to tell that it's easy to break the game at the ice arena. If I exit the level before all 4 allies do that there won't be a way to continue playing.

+2 votes   mod: The Citizen Returns
kalixx1 Jan 22 2015 replied:

There are 4 clocks (or maybe 3 I don't remember) to be find with painted arrows.
One of the clock is set to 06:30

Yes, it's that simple.

+1 vote   mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
kalixx1 Jan 21 2015 replied:

oddly enough I can't run in this mod. However jumping makes you move much faster so use that.


Anyway I managed to find all sticks. That nonsense ending was disappointing though.

+1 vote   mod: Below the Ice
kalixx1 Jan 19 2015 replied:

Did you find the 3 notes about this puzzle?
It's very easy.

First note:
(2 2 2 2)
(+ - / *)
(2 2 2 2)
(= = = =)
X1 2 3 4)

4 0 1 4

Second note:
X1 2 3 4)
(+ * + *)
(2 2 2 2)
(= = = =)
Y1 2 3 4)

6 0 3 8

Third note:
Y2 4 1 3)
This is the order of the digits.
0 8 6 3

You have to fix the music box and then input what you hear into the piano.

+2 votes   mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
kalixx1 Jan 19 2015 says:

Completed ending 1 of 3. Didn't pick up the gun. Though when I had to escape I got hit at least 200 times but still didn't die.

I only found 10 sticks (at least that's the number I remember). I looked everywhere, even found the one behing a loose panel. I don't think I would find more on another attempt.

but later I'm going to play again anyway. to see the gun ending.

The whole design is rather simple but still an entertaining mod. Got feeling of cube, portal, mistery.
Rated 7.

+1 vote   mod: Below the Ice
kalixx1 Jan 19 2015 replied:

Chance of death in percentage:

Asley = 50% patient may die. (50%)
Joseph = Not guilty. (0%)
Robert = 80% survive (20%) (he is the only one who hasn't been mentioned by name)
Nancy = No sterilization, caused patient died. (100%)
David = 2x more guilty then robert (40%)

Nancy, Ashley, David, Robert, Joseph

+1 vote   mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
kalixx1 Jan 19 2015 says:

I completed it. Brilliant, even without fighting.
Awesome puzzles. I especially like the warping doors near the end.

+1 vote   mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
kalixx1 Jan 19 2015 says:

I completed it. Awesome! I modified my rating to 10.

The mod version also crashes when I select anything in the extra menu. The steam version works without any issue.

+1 vote   mod: Estranged
kalixx1 Jan 19 2015 says:

Oh I just noticed there is a steam version as well. I tried that with my save and it's working.
So the error only effects the mod version.

+1 vote   mod: Estranged
kalixx1 Jan 19 2015 says:

I played the most recent version and it's really good. Unfortunatelly I can't finish the mod because it's always crashes when I select the "generator console".

+1 vote   mod: Estranged
kalixx1 Dec 11 2014 says:

Oh I first thought that flying object is a mechanical cloud :)
Looks amazing!

"If there was no interest out..."
That's impossible. This is one of the most important mod since source engine was released.

+8 votes   media: Thanks!
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