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Lets continue tweaking Battlefield 2:

A good add to the tank I saw in POE2:
1 Guided Missile.
2 Canister Shell (convert your tank in a giant shotgun)
Also in POE2 they add some smoke when you fire the main cannon, this make the shoot more realistic and looks more powerful.
Make sure your tanks has at least 2 types of munitions: AP rounds and HE rounds. (Like in AIX)

Vehicles in general:

Remember, is always better one vehicle with multiple munitions, than various vehicles with 1 or 2 types of munitions.

1 vehicle with multiple types of ammo = multiple tactical options = fun = good mod
1 vehicle with 1 or 2 types of ammo = poorly tactical options = boring = bad mod
Multiple vehicles with 1 or 2 types of ammo = poorly tactical options = boring = bad mod
Multiple vehicles with multiple types of ammo = multiple tactical options = really funny = OUTSTANDING MOD

In AIX you can turn on the radio and listen some music.
Also in Alpha Project, in Pripyat map has some ambient music. The music from COD MW 1, that's is a nice detail!

In the air:

The slight movement of the cabin in SOW2 make the piloting experience more real.
If you think that the Minigun of the A10 in AIX is little bit exaggerated, you can use the Minigun of the A10 in AIX MiniMod, also in this mod the machinegun of the jets in general do a lot of damage and overheat very quickly, forcing you to think when pull the trigger.


The smoke should no disappear so quickly. This increase the chaos in the battlefield.

To make a good mod, keep in mind:

1 Nametags: Use the system of Alpha Project
2 Sound: this is VERY IMPORTANT.
3 Effects: Improve the effects of explosions, countermeasures, etc. (even a slight improvement change lot the game)


In POE2 the Littlebird has a turret for the co-pilot. This is a really good complement for this chopper.

Arcade Vs.. Realistic

Maintain your mod semi-realistic. If you made it arcade, becomes boring. And if is to much realistic, becomes tedious.

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Emiliomau Jul 7 2014 says:

hello friend sorry for not responding

+1 vote     reply to comment
~M~I~Ł~O~S~Z~ Apr 14 2014 says:

You are sending an awful lot of messages which look like advertising about what you're doing.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Super747 Creator
Super747 Apr 15 2014 replied:

Hi bro! Yea, I know is annoying, but this is the last announcement. My plan was do this only in the beginning, to ensure that someone read the articles.
Apology for the inconvenience!

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~M~I~Ł~O~S~Z~ Apr 15 2014 replied:

In many cases in your articles you did not discover anything new. Maybe for beginners, these articles come in handy. Apology accepted :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Super747 Creator
Super747 Apr 16 2014 replied:

Thanks for accept the apology!

I think the articles are useful for beginners because can act like a guide or advise; but for the advanced modder is useful too, because maybe can help to decide in what thing invest the effort and time.

Frequently I try to use examples from others mods, to be sure that is possible.

Not always I seek to write news things, because I think that are a lot of amazing ideas that should be used in new mods, in order to improve them.

Many thanks for your feedback bro!

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on1ondevelopment Apr 13 2014 says:


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TheObscure Apr 6 2014 says:

Thanks for the invite bro! Oh, and welcome to moddb :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Super747 Creator
Super747 Apr 6 2014 replied:

Thanks! if you need opinion/ideas or whatever for yours bf2 mods just contact me, im glad to help..

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