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jfpoliveira12 6hours 4mins ago replied:

What about "Gunner Squad" or "Chaingunner Squad"? For squad name suggestions.

+1 vote   media: GDI Officer
jfpoliveira12 11hours 11mins ago says:

Those miniguns are too big for infantry not using power armour. An officer squad is a bit weird too, perhaps an upgrade for the rifle squad like the Cabal confessor. Very cool model though.

+7 votes   media: GDI Officer
jfpoliveira12 Feb 23 2015, 3:44pm says:

Only way he'll learn!

+2 votes   media: Innnnteresting
jfpoliveira12 Feb 22 2015, 4:46am says:

So, so, bouncy!

+4 votes   media: gif
jfpoliveira12 Feb 19 2015, 8:12am says:

I am so glad TibSun is still getting this much attention. Its like the game is still being developed and improved after so many years. Modders like you guys are a value to the gaming community with the quality of work you put out. Sorry if this sounds like buttlicking, it relly isnt, I just had to put out wwhat I really feel every time I get an update on Tib. Odissey, Twisted Insurrection and Dawn of the Tib. Age.

+12 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 19/02/2015
jfpoliveira12 Feb 17 2015, 5:07pm says:

So, are you going back to BFME1 style?

+3 votes   media: CASTLES!
jfpoliveira12 Feb 16 2015, 5:09am says:

Sad I wont be able to play this mod, it looked really awsome. I will, however, closely follow your game project, good luck with it.

+3 votes   article: A sad end and a new beginning
jfpoliveira12 Feb 16 2015, 5:07am says:

Wow, so cool. I didnt realise WBC2 had so much better terrain graphics than WBC3!

+2 votes   media: WBC2 graphics
jfpoliveira12 Feb 12 2015, 1:47pm says:

No worries bretheren of the master PC gaming race, after I am through with her, she will never stop shouting: "Hail GabeN, hail the Great Master Race, death to the console peasants!"

+1 vote   media: Doctor - Playstation 4 new ad
jfpoliveira12 Feb 11 2015, 5:32pm says:

Really cool, like the Reaper skill but Nod version. Unit changing Support Powers are now a theme to this mod.

+2 votes   media: Renegades - Nuclear Components
jfpoliveira12 Feb 10 2015, 8:06am replied:

You mean like Iron or Copper?
Now that is good metal!

+3 votes   media: . . .
jfpoliveira12 Feb 10 2015, 8:04am says:

Stared to death by Cthullu in the White House.
I'll be president in an ancient god Cataclysm and I'm not even american.

+2 votes   media: How will you die?
jfpoliveira12 Feb 10 2015, 8:01am replied:

A public execution building may fit more in a prison facility than an experiment lab, I think this is a good idea.
Of course one doesn't necessarilly have to replace the other, maybe we could have both! ;)

+4 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 09/02/2015
jfpoliveira12 Feb 10 2015, 7:59am replied:

There is no problem in that. I even prefer when mod teams are accurate about what they really did, it gets me much more hyped than talking about plans for the mod, but maybe thats just me.

+6 votes   article: Weekly Bulletin 09/02/2015
jfpoliveira12 Feb 6 2015, 7:22pm replied:

But how?
Alduin is a huge reptile.
Dovahkin's mother was most likelly a medium sized humanoid mammal.
Please, someone, explain how it is possible, I'm at a loss here, Alduin didnt even have the power to shapeshift!

+1 vote   media: . . .
jfpoliveira12 Feb 6 2015, 7:02am replied:

Yeah, those games nailed naval combat.

+2 votes   media: Naval Rampage
jfpoliveira12 Feb 2 2015, 5:12am replied:

Then its that awkward moment when I must shout: "For the Light! For the Alliance!" right in your face.
Sorry, but as an Alliance player and human supremacist, I am required to do it. Have a nice day.

+2 votes   media: LOTR/Hobbit Jokes by Trudy Cooper
jfpoliveira12 Feb 1 2015, 6:23am replied:

A violent response to percieved provocation will only generate another violent response.

+4 votes   media: Its satire so it suits in here well
jfpoliveira12 Jan 31 2015, 9:47am replied:

Actually, we helped and were helped by jews for centuries, even the iberian muslims had large jewish communities wich they actually believed were supperiorly qualified for certain tasks, like surgery. Jews faced persecution for centurries and still have helped shape the history of most of all the european nations and respective cultures. Persecution of a group of individuals based solely on their culture or ethneticity is medieval and wrong.

+5 votes   media: Its satire so it suits in here well
jfpoliveira12 Jan 31 2015, 9:22am says:

Since Rohan will be a sepperate faction, will Men be renamed to Gondor?
I believe it would fit, it would also make sense, but I saw no mentions to it in summary or the updates, that is why I had to ask.

+1 vote   mod: Middle-earth Expanded
jfpoliveira12 Jan 31 2015, 9:20am replied:

I really like the shielded spearmen look of the "on foot" Royal Guards. In BFME1 Gondor's Tower Guards looked more powerfull than the Uruk and Rhun Pikemen units because they used shields, in BFME2 they lost the shields that made them so cool. Im glad that someone other than me wanted a unit like this in game + the Rohan faction. Thanks for that and good luck in the rest of the project.

+1 vote   article: MEE Update 2 - Gamling and the Royal Guards
jfpoliveira12 Jan 30 2015, 6:58am says:

From Warlords Battlecry, nice addition.

+1 vote   media: Hellbore
jfpoliveira12 Jan 30 2015, 6:54am says:

Quite nice!

+3 votes   article: MEE Update 2 - Gamling and the Royal Guards
jfpoliveira12 Jan 17 2015, 9:08pm replied:

I wish Flash games could achieve this level of complexity and awsomeness...

+7 votes   article: Recycling Technology Update 9
jfpoliveira12 Jan 16 2015, 6:43pm replied:

Sorry for late reply.
I meant a communications building that gives no tech or units, just the transport ability and the "Black Widow Strike" support power. That building would be called Aerial Beacon or something similar, it would also fill that missing building slot BH has when compared to the other Nod factions.

+1 vote   media: Black Hand - Black Widow
jfpoliveira12 Jan 16 2015, 9:24am replied:

I'll just ready my Mstas and Bastions.
"Attention 42nd Brigade, prepare for Counter-Artillery tactics on the designated location upon command!"

+2 votes   media: EU Arbalest MLRS
jfpoliveira12 Jan 13 2015, 3:08pm says:

Aircraft carrier looks nice, cant wait to play with them.

+3 votes   media: Screenshot
jfpoliveira12 Jan 12 2015, 3:22pm replied:

What the hell are you doing in a mod and game site! XD

+2 votes   media: I have the things
jfpoliveira12 Jan 12 2015, 3:19pm replied:

Its the Romulan Narada. Doesnt even fit Romulan designs but it looks good. The girl looks good too, only her butt is a bit too skinny.

+1 vote   media: Star Girls
jfpoliveira12 Jan 7 2015, 4:26pm says:

It looks more like a heavy bomber or aerial fortress unit to me. The model is very professional, I hope we get to use this unit a lot, I love it already.

+1 vote   media: Allied heavy transport plane
jfpoliveira12 Dec 2 2014, 8:35am replied:

I was hoping for IF-21 Black Widow's and/or Raptors from Tib Dawn cinematics. Those should be old enough that the mutants could get their hands on a few black market ones.

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 2.0 - Forgotten
jfpoliveira12 Sep 10 2014, 2:23am replied:

Teleported drones sounds good actually. I would prefer the ramp or an electromagnetic catapult though.

+1 vote   media: EU Drone Carrier concept
jfpoliveira12 Aug 24 2014, 10:43am replied:

Dude, think of all the screaming they would do in that grinder. I deserve to sleep after a day's work.

+3 votes   media: White knights
jfpoliveira12 Jun 6 2014, 2:22am replied:

Yes, it was a horrible excuse, the Tiberium Universe was very much alive with all the mutation, making Earth ever more alien as the decades spun out. C&C3 is a good game, just not a great game, they screwed up too much with both the Mutants (fauna, flora and humanoid faction) by almost erasing them completly, it was just a weak cop-out, like you said.
As a game, I actually enjoy TibSun more than TibWars, it just gives me a much more C&C classic feeling, both factions are incredibly complete (while still set in their own tactics and play style) and we have real artillery, that can hit long range on those huge, asymetrical maps that you just dont see in most modern RTSs.
And all that detail in almost every map + destructible terrain, I just feel it is a superior game, C&C3 is too multiplayer, they want to have a C&C that would compete with Starcraft too much.

+3 votes   media: Misc: Tiberium Flora
jfpoliveira12 May 18 2014, 6:41pm replied:

This is actually a good suggestion, A Tesla Deathray Artillery/AA/Anti-missile Mobile Weapons System, that looks like the more industrial RA1 model.

+1 vote   media: EU Plasma tank
jfpoliveira12 May 18 2014, 6:32pm says:

I just think the Explosion could use a large smoke cloud for a few seconds.

+1 vote   media: NOD Nuclear Liberation
jfpoliveira12 Mar 24 2014, 3:05am replied:

I agree with this post, classic tib would be a boon, appearing more often than this one though. Im afraid it would be more work though, and for something that isnt a gameplay necessity, just a visual reminicense of the well loved plant-based tib.

+3 votes   media: Tiberium field
jfpoliveira12 Feb 27 2014, 9:03am replied:

Fair enough!

Seriously, this is the funniest comment this picture could ever conjure.

+2 votes   media: Dump.
jfpoliveira12 Feb 17 2014, 5:54am says:

How do you up grade them? Through a research at the building/defence tab, or through the protocol system?

+1 vote   media: SCRIN Gun Walker
jfpoliveira12 Feb 11 2014, 6:28am replied:

Sorry, I wanted to upvote.

+2 votes   media: Combination
jfpoliveira12 Jan 27 2014, 3:41am replied:

Its actually true. Microsoft is incredibly monopolical on its PC regime.

Loved the "deliver us from console peasantry" part!

+2 votes   media: Gaben our lord and savior
jfpoliveira12 Dec 30 2013, 2:42am replied:

it would just be a slower (like the Yakolev, so AA would be better against it, also could fire in a small strafe so it affects more targets but does less damage than a Mig, like a tank hunting plane) missile plane and expand the Allies air options, wich are very small for a faction whose focus was airforce on the sequels. And is awsome.

+2 votes   media: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.12
jfpoliveira12 Dec 27 2013, 2:30am says:

Thats one hell of an overpowered AA buggy, I like it. Give us some more "Murricah" superiority please, I want to roll over the battlefield with support vehicles, laser buggies and AA railgun tanks with marines on the side.

+1 vote   media: USA G6 Avenger
jfpoliveira12 Dec 10 2013, 2:21am replied:

His parents had nothing to do with this, thats the problem. A lot of people just dont bother educating their offspring.

+4 votes   media: wut
jfpoliveira12 Dec 8 2013, 10:18am says:

If this is a large building, its going to be awsome.

Only the cannons look too big and elevated. But thats so they can each hit all around the fortress right?

+2 votes   media: GLA Fortress
jfpoliveira12 Dec 5 2013, 8:26am replied:

Its just that Dune franchise rights are too expensive to even think about making another Dune game or movie/series. That being said, Dune is classic western scifi and deserves a place in modern video game industry, the only thing left for me to say is: "For the Baron!"

+5 votes   mod: DUNE20XX
jfpoliveira12 Nov 29 2013, 8:55am replied:

Perhaps a midpoint, GLA keeps most of its Soviet Era equipment but replaces a few of its more ancient and scrap weaponry with stolen Euro-tech, I would like this a lot even if its just in one General.

+1 vote   media: GLA "El Burrito"
jfpoliveira12 Nov 29 2013, 2:11am says:

GLA deserves to get some stolen Euro-tech, and its logical that they would, they litterally raided Europe. Stll waiting for GLA Leopard/Ariette or LeClerc tanks. ;)

+4 votes   media: GLA "El Burrito"
jfpoliveira12 Nov 27 2013, 8:43am replied:

No, please continue, there never was a WW2 (as we know it) C&C, and I always thought it would be a good idea. This was close, though technically it would be WW3 or 4.

+2 votes   mod: Command & Conquer: The Beginning 1994
jfpoliveira12 Nov 27 2013, 6:03am replied:

Ok, but you didnt warn me that my comments could be deleted, sorry if I pushed a few buttons, Im just saying that Russians dont mind being portrayed has evil soviets in game (RA series for a C&C example), so I think Germans also shouldnt mind being portrayed as evil Nazis in an alternate timeline mod for a series of games that mostly plays on alternate history with real world elements on the mix.

+2 votes   mod: Command & Conquer: The Beginning 1994
jfpoliveira12 Oct 23 2013, 2:05am says:

A suggestion to make it more Aeon: put some small semi-circles on the sides of the control tower, and make them glow on the edges with house colour, that would give something of an alien tech hybrid feeling.

Also consider making an hover destroyer or corvette for Aeon, that can go on land and can only be produced in the shipyard, with its turrets sideways on the hull, not on top. Its just an idea.

+1 vote   media: Aeon T2 Advanced Battleship
jfpoliveira12 Oct 13 2013, 3:35am replied:

It wasnt supposed to have one. Nod got this with infantary garrison, if you put a rocket squad inside it would be better vs tanks. Along with the Beam Cannon, C&C3 Nod wasnt supposed to go face to face with anyone, just use backstabbing and long range to defeat enemy armour.

Or so is the current theory.

+1 vote   media: The Scorpion's ready!
jfpoliveira12 Oct 12 2013, 3:01am says:

You did well, the only real flaw in this Scorp is that it was supposed to be a tank destroyer, that could garrison a squad at the back, thats why it has a glass cockpit and turn around the entire chassis like a turret. EA changed it mid design and it becam a lame light tank, but the original idea was good.

+3 votes   media: The Scorpion's ready!
jfpoliveira12 Oct 8 2013, 2:48am replied:

or the Europanzer, already in the game.

+2 votes   media: EU transport gunship (WIP)
jfpoliveira12 Sep 24 2013, 2:24am says:

Ah, I knew it all along!

+2 votes   media: have some stuff (GIF version)
jfpoliveira12 Sep 9 2013, 2:12am says:

I like this one over the other, just needs some camo. Looks real nice, keep it up.

+1 vote   media: EU Autogyro
jfpoliveira12 Aug 15 2013, 8:22am says:

Awsome Sam Turrets, some of the stuff from TT really fits.

+1 vote   media: NOD Scorpion Tank
jfpoliveira12 Aug 5 2013, 2:42am replied:

Upgrade 2 covers tracks by the look of it.

+1 vote   media: Leclerc armor upgrades
jfpoliveira12 May 29 2013, 9:06am says:

Are they a playable faction? Sorry I really dont know. Is so, do they have lighter vehicles like Hummers or M113s?

+1 vote   media: Forgotten Forces
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