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Game Review on Feb 1st, 2014 - 3 people agree
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My god! Now I remember I posted a review on the first Phobia game, and it was... not very good. But this! Not only is this just an improvement on the first game, I might actually go as far as to say it's one of the best free indie horror games out there! Let me start of by talking about the graphics. For an FPS creator game; it looks great! The very detailed textures and very nice bump mapping really are very well done! The story, although a little far fetched is very good and I really liked it! The level design is a little awkward in some places but is overall very good. Just like the first game, the house starts off in complete darkness until you find the generator and bask the house in light! Except you don't... in fact the game stays quite dark, which I think works in the games favour! Now on to main part of the game, the first appearance of the monster. Where as in the first game it was very dull and boring, the first appearance in this game is very well done! A very good tense build up and then finally... BAM! Right in your face! Very, very well done this time round and the monster is actually very frightening! Now what about bugs... something the first game was full of... well I'm pleased to report that the game only crashed once and that was when I fell through the attic, but I only lost a couple minutes progress, so it was ok. Now the ending. The final section of the game was very well done and very intense with the siren blaring and the lab falling apart! I loved it! The final conclusion of the game was also a very satisfying one, unlike the first one that I actually didn't get to see... Any way, overall the game is excellent! I loved every second of it! It's scary, it's got a good story, and the gameplay is very strong! Hats off to the developer on this one! I think a sequel is in order here!

The Black Heart
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Game Review on Dec 22nd, 2013

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SCP: Containment Breach
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Game Review on Jul 9th, 2013

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PHOBIA: The Fear of the Darkness
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Game Review on May 15th, 2013 - 2 people agree
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Starts off showing promise, with it being so dark you start creeping yourself out! But, sadly as soon as you turn the generator on, the whole game just falls apart. Dreadful physics and more irritating than scary monsters that just make the game impossible. And also, the game crashed just as I was about to burn the house down! If you could make the game less broken and keep the house in darkness, then the game would be a whole lot better. Oh, and is that stolen Penumbra music? Sorry for the negativity, I really hope that something can be taken from this review, and maybe used to improve a possible sequel? Again, sorry for the negativity, but this game needs serious improvement and is really not worth playing in it's current state.

Lumber Island
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Game Review on May 1st, 2013
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Good game! I only have a few little nags here and there. For one the game isn't very scary, and the axe weilding mad man that tries to get is slower than the character can walk. It's also not clear what the player is supposed to do and it's also very unclear that you have to let the ae weilding mad man kill you before you can progress. The atmosphere is also slightly lacking and the game overall loses most of it's tension by the first encounter with the axe-weilding mad man. The game does have some very good graphics and the story is very interesting. I would really love to continue and find out what happens next. I was also impressed with the dynamic shadows which I think really added to the games already very nice graphics. The enviroment is also very interesting to explore.
Overall, this game could do with a bit more work in the scares department but it is a good adventure game and I would recommend it to anyone who like adventure games!

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Game Review on Jan 13th, 2013 - 2 people agree 3 people don't

I actually like this game! Although performance on my (rubbish) computer isn't that great!

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