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jamman88 Sep 14 2015 replied:

I suppose you have more experience with larger projects like this, all my ramblings are based almost solely on solo projects which I suppose don't need to take into account things like team management, and the one time I did work with a proper artist the project got delayed quit e a bit due to assets not being complete.

anyway thanks for talking with me seriously, I'm a huge fan, you're quite the inspiration :)

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jamman88 Sep 14 2015 replied:

I just wanted to clarify I'm not trying to belittle your work or something, what you're doing is much more impressive a complete reimagining, I'm just talking about something that would be almost identical to the original game except a little better looking. as I said before like rewriting an existing essay, but on cleaner paper with a slightly better pen :P

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jamman88 Sep 14 2015 replied:

the difference with HDTP is they are remaking assets, also they are stuck with vertex animation, which is frustratingly boring and unnecessarily time consuming.

Inventories like deus ex's are surprisingly simple to program, you legitimately just use array's, as for skills and augs you just add modifiers to existing variables e.g jump_height*aug_jump_level

I believe someone would of already reversed engineered the formulas somewhere online and if not they would be easy to find by sifting through the relevant code.

anyway I'm not saying it would be easy or fast, but I just personally think if a small team of people were able to LEGALLY use and modify the original assets, they could maybe complete a project like that within 2-3 years max

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jamman88 Sep 14 2015 replied:

The legal issues is more what I was thinking, and when I said port I didn't mean like directly (hence quotation marks), I just meant reusing assets and modifying them to support some newer features as you went along (e.g skeletal animation, parallax maps, etc).

As for code since you wouldn't have to worry about balancing or how they would work/feel in the final game I believe reimplementation wouldn't be overly hard, more akin to basing an essay off an already existing essay, any competent programmer could do it if they were give enough time (i'd hazard a guess of a bit over a year of consistent work, maybe less with blueprints, I'm not sure though as I haven't made anything with a GUI based programming system literally since I was in school)

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jamman88 Sep 14 2015 replied:

The Ue3 remake I did of the hells kitchen bar, was actually fairly easy even including having to make normal and specular maps for all the textures, so if they were allowed to repurpose existing assets (voices, textures, etc) I could imagine more of a "port" to UE4 being fairly straightforward

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jamman88 Aug 20 2015 says:

I'm super excited for Ascend and mechs are great and all, but I hope they don't turn into feature creep, I've given up on many projects after they got to complex because I couldn't stop adding things, also I hope there is an option for mech free matches, because that was one of my main complaints with titanfall, sometimes I just wanted to play as a pilot without being at a disadvantage, also offline play was needed.

+2 votes   news: Ascend Exosuit Implementation
jamman88 Jun 24 2015 says:

Engine enhancements are making me board the hype train, be careful I can only take so much.

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jamman88 Jun 21 2015 replied:

something tells that if that true reason MonarchX acting as though he had some claim to this mod was to come out, his "fans" would not be all that happy.

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jamman88 Jun 19 2015 says:

SSA in quake 2? HELLS TO THE YEAH! now all this needs is Rift support

+1 vote   news: quake2xp 1.26.4
jamman88 May 28 2015 says:

It's a lot nicer, less obnoxious.

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jamman88 May 19 2015 says:

Usually I'd offer to help with programming, level editing, or modelling, but your skills put me to shame, you're like John Carmack or David Rosen level good, maybe I just need to spend more time on physics, gotta learn that sweet IK ;)

But, I might be travelling to europe in July and I have some really nice camera equipment, I could try and take pictures of walls and such for textures, I wouldn't be able to upload anything till I'm back but if you're interested let me know? I just think it might be a good way for you to get some royalty free textures that are legitimately photo realistic.

+1 vote   news: Guedin AoT - WIP #08
jamman88 May 9 2015 says:

Oh god when you reffered to early access as EA I freaked out for a second.

+60 votes   news: Black Mesa - Early Access
jamman88 May 4 2015 says:

Too bad you guys can't use a modern engine, because your work is so amazing it's what made me stop work on my own remake years ago

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jamman88 Apr 25 2015 replied:

Me and a friend played for a while, here are some of the larger issues we found.
1)Unlimited jumping with shields,
2)shields break your fall,
3)zooming in whilst in 3rd person gives your character parkinson's,
So far it's a super fun game, if you add Lan in it will certainly become a regular at lans we host.

+4 votes   news: Ascend First Public Test
jamman88 Apr 25 2015 says:

Awesome downloading now, hopefully I can test it out soon.

+1 vote   news: Ascend First Public Test
jamman88 Apr 17 2015 says:

That's exciting, I hope you eventually add some kind of bots to the game, my main gripe with Titanfall was no offline play... not that you guys are making a game anything like Titanfall... :P

+2 votes   news: Ascend Exosuit & Public Test
jamman88 Apr 15 2015 says:

I just checked your progress on your website, god I'm excited!

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jamman88 Apr 8 2015 says:

I like that you've spent so much time on design, and not just jumped in.
For rewarding fast paced play, not sure how well it would work but maybe make the aim tolerance higher the faster you move, and completely off when still, this would allow precise shots when still or slow so you can hit the exact target you want and take optimal routes, and easy shots when moving at speeds at which you really wouldn't have time to think about optimal routes anyway with. Good job :)

+2 votes   news: Guedin AoT - WIP #07
jamman88 Apr 2 2015 says:

so does this mean there may be a 1.1 release with new feautres, and it won't delay the 1.0 release? rad!

+2 votes   news: New People and New Ambitions [April Fools + Actual News]
jamman88 Feb 18 2015 says:

I keep meaning to try this out

+1 vote   news: Brutal Nature releases version 0.53!
jamman88 Nov 8 2014 says:

Well technically it is a render... just saying, but yeah looks nice :)

+9 votes   media: Not a render
jamman88 Sep 25 2014 says:

After that demo you put up a while back, I'm quite excited.

+2 votes   news: Ascend Update 24 / 09 / 2014
jamman88 Sep 17 2014 says:

maybe you could just leave it flooded and give JC gills haha

+4 votes   news: September update
jamman88 Jul 19 2014 says:

Wow quite an impressive little montage, I hope it doesn't lead to any legal issues, good job.

+1 vote   media: Stargate Event Horizon
jamman88 Jul 19 2014 says:

Iv'e been holding off replaying the game for so long now, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, so excited.

+10 votes   news: July Update
jamman88 Mar 8 2014 says:

wooaaahhhh it looks completley different, like a real office

+7 votes   media: UNATCO
jamman88 Feb 22 2014 says:

im waiting so hard right now... that sentence has two meanings ;)

+2 votes   news: Renegade X - Gamemode Tutorial Video
jamman88 Feb 21 2014 replied:

well dont worry, it seems to working fine now, but just in case you encounter this issue, it was on chrome, windows 7 x64, and elementary OS... also i dont know where that D+ came from in my previous message, weird typo

+1 vote   news: New Website Launched
jamman88 Feb 21 2014 says:

epic website, gets me more pumped for a release, but ah the progress page doesnt seem to work for me D+ the bars are empty

+2 votes   news: New Website Launched
jamman88 Dec 17 2013 says:

I have to say I think this mod deserves more attention, despite myself not actually owning quake 4 so i have no way of playing it, maybe thats the issue, not enough people even have the base game

+1 vote   news: New Website For Q43A
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