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jamman88 Jul 19 2014, 2:00pm says:

Wow quite an impressive little montage, I hope it doesn't lead to any legal issues, good job.

+1 vote     media: Stargate Event Horizon
jamman88 Jul 19 2014, 2:04am says:

Iv'e been holding off replaying the game for so long now, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, so excited.

+10 votes     article: July Update
jamman88 Mar 8 2014, 8:29pm says:

wooaaahhhh it looks completley different, like a real office

+6 votes     media: UNATCO
jamman88 Feb 22 2014, 5:35am says:

im waiting so hard right now... that sentence has two meanings ;)

+2 votes     article: Renegade X - Gamemode Tutorial Video
jamman88 Feb 21 2014, 4:19am replied:

well dont worry, it seems to working fine now, but just in case you encounter this issue, it was on chrome, windows 7 x64, and elementary OS... also i dont know where that D+ came from in my previous message, weird typo

+1 vote     article: New Website Launched
jamman88 Feb 21 2014, 3:06am says:

epic website, gets me more pumped for a release, but ah the progress page doesnt seem to work for me D+ the bars are empty

+2 votes     article: New Website Launched
jamman88 Dec 17 2013, 6:36am says:

I have to say I think this mod deserves more attention, despite myself not actually owning quake 4 so i have no way of playing it, maybe thats the issue, not enough people even have the base game

+1 vote     article: New Website For Q43A
jamman88 Dec 17 2013, 6:35am says:

you guys no doubt deserve the MOTY number 1 spot

+4 votes     article: MOTY 2013 & Mid-December Update
jamman88 Dec 9 2013, 11:48pm says:

wow that video was amazingly done, and now im excited to hear the new soundtrack in the game :) almost as much as I am excited to play revision, hopefully in the future you guys can add stuff like skeletal animation, but maybe im just being greedy

+3 votes     article: Early December Update
jamman88 Dec 8 2013, 9:16pm says:

well not only does it look secure now, but it also looks awesome, I think you should rename the area to "Fort Kickass"

+8 votes     media: Sub Base
jamman88 Dec 1 2013, 11:21pm replied:

what has been seen cannot be unseen D=

+1 vote     media: Picture of the Week. December 01 2013
jamman88 Dec 1 2013, 3:02am says:

woootttttt leveling! that will keep me entertained for long enough, take as long as you need :)

+2 votes     article: Release Notes - 12/1/2013
jamman88 Nov 21 2013, 7:29pm says:

While this is disappointing, I can completely understand this, I stopped all game development for almost 3 months due to something horrible in my life, and am only just starting to plan getting back into it, so please take what time you need :)

+2 votes     article: Hiatus After Dec. 1st
jamman88 Nov 14 2013, 6:36am replied:

but thats the thing about deus ex, its not scripted much at all for a linear game, you can find all the exploits you want haha

+1 vote     media: Excavations
jamman88 Oct 13 2013, 10:32am replied:

the demo is really worth it, consider it like dlc, just extra to the game, but you get to play it before its out, if you end up playing the full game but still haven't played this i really recommend it

+2 votes     article: The Stanley Parable Demo and Release Date!
jamman88 Oct 10 2013, 9:56pm says:

woot no more steal walls, and hopefully not as mazy as the original underwater lab

+3 votes     media: Fishes!
jamman88 Oct 4 2013, 4:14am says:

i would so love to help out with this mod, its so amazing

+2 votes     article: Hell's Kitchen Concept Music
jamman88 Sep 2 2013, 6:23am says:

I know personal insults are a bit wrong but i thought i would anyway

+2 votes     article: No Updates Until Facebook Page Is Removed!
jamman88 Aug 28 2013, 10:57pm says:

cant wait the new UI looks sweet

+1 vote     media: Meet Nidoran
jamman88 Aug 18 2013, 10:23am says:

wow, I mean like, beautiful, maybe i will finally rember what hallways i have already been down with this level of detail.

+7 votes     article: Universal Constructor finished!
jamman88 Aug 16 2013, 6:41am says:

OMG i cannot wait to finish downloadinng

+5 votes     article: Release Notes - 8/16/2013
jamman88 Aug 13 2013, 8:33am replied:

of course they are alive they just realeased there rise of the triad remake

+7 votes     media: DN:R
jamman88 Aug 3 2013, 5:08am says:

if you use moves in midair your pokemon will remain up there for the duration of the move, it isnt bad infact it should be kept like that i think

+2 votes     article: Release Notes - 8/2/2013
jamman88 Aug 2 2013, 11:44pm replied:

yes brilliant, but i really would like to know changes :P

+1 vote     article: v0.9 released
jamman88 Aug 2 2013, 8:34am says:

LOVE the new AI

+2 votes     article: Release Notes - 8/2/2013
jamman88 Jul 28 2013, 4:11am replied:

oh trust me its been done, and i myself have also tried it manully and after that decided automatic would be the only way to feasbly do it without a team

+1 vote     article: Revision Demo 1.3.1
jamman88 Jul 27 2013, 3:45am says:

=D brilliant, downloading now, you guys should consider finding a way to convert this to udk or something (as in like a p rogram that converts it so only those with deus ex can use it)

+2 votes     article: Revision Demo 1.3.1
jamman88 Jul 24 2013, 9:37am says: that is all :P

+2 votes     article: General Update
jamman88 Jul 23 2013, 11:52am says:

it fits with the teme very well, if its an additional track im very happy :) but at the same time im not sure i want any of the origional tracks replaced.

+3 votes     media: The Coalition
jamman88 Jul 23 2013, 11:49am says:

hmmm can you give me a physical version of that laptop, it looks sweet :P

+5 votes     media: Ocean Lab UC
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