Hello, if your reading this you've made it to my Bio. I'm Australian, and I love my CnC games, if you want to have a game on any of the command and conquer games, leave a comment below and we can arrange something (Yes even CnC 4, although not a true CnC game I do sometimes enjoy playing it). In my spare time, I enjoying modding among other stuff, and although not a full-time hobby, it is something I do. Am currently working on a CnC 3 mod JAGbot, which is currently still in early Alpha development stages. Any ideas for this mod are welcome, and please feel free to leave a comment below or on the mod page. Apart from modding, I fill up my time with University study so I am not always available to work on my mod, but I will get round to it.

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C&C3: Tiberium Wars


Mar 19, 2013 JAGbot Demo (1.44mb) 2 comments

I take no ownership for this mod, I simply repacked it so that it wouldn't overwrite any files, and would run like most other mods. All work on this mod...

C&C Crazy Mod Gamma 1.1
Command & Conquer

C&C Crazy Mod Gamma 1.1

Apr 23, 2010 C&C Gold Crazy Mod Full Version (0.69mb) 3 comments

After uploading the Gamma I have noticed some major gameplay glitches, I have put fixed version is in this download, you do not reqiure C&C Crazy...

C&C Crazy Mod Gamma
Command & Conquer

C&C Crazy Mod Gamma

Apr 22, 2010 C&C Gold Crazy Mod Full Version (0.69mb) 0 comments

The next version of C&C Crazy Mod, A few minor tweaks and everything execpt uber units and sw's are 10% of orignal cost that they were in the beta...

C&C Crazy Mod Beta.zip
Command & Conquer

C&C Crazy Mod Beta.zip

Jun 26, 2009 C&C Gold Crazy Mod Demo (0.60mb) 3 comments

The Wait Is Over The beta version is here. i little glicthy but it is here. so what are you waiting for download it now.

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