If you are here for Pripyat Reborn for Arsenal Overhaul please just make a comment. I did not create it I am just doing everything I can to merge Alundaio's genius into the Arsenal Overhaul Mod. ****Seeking Beta Testers, please comment if you wanna be involved.****

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NanoAssassin Sep 2 2015 says:

Just curious how you are doing with PR and AO3

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JackRabbitSlim Creator
JackRabbitSlim Sep 3 2015 replied:

So far so good, I have a stable version going, need to put in the mutant part inventory icons and then the mso spawns. Shouldn't take too long. I may release a first version without the spawns and then do a second release with them.

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Zaiketsu Dec 2 2014 says:

Here's my questions for the Pripyat Reborn + AO 2.4 merge: Release when? :D

Also will there be an easily configurable config file that will allow me to increase the spawn rate of NPCs so Skadovsk and Yanov Station don't become barren ghost towns with no one visiting for a whole week of in-game time?

I really love the companion squad feature of PR but by the time I get Loners and Freedomers/Dutyers friendly to recruit them, the aforementioned ghost town problem has already begun to occur.

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JackRabbitSlim Creator
JackRabbitSlim Dec 2 2014 replied:

The addon will hopefully be up on moddb by Friday. I've got it functioning as of last night but it needs an economic balance and some streamlining. I'll look into the spawn rate thing which I'm pretty sure is contained within the all.spawn which is kinda hard to work with because it has to unpacked and repacked to be edited.

I'm not sure the companion feature has been in the addon, it has to be intact with the custom dialogs and then the logic scripting kept fully intact to function and I haven't had the time to do that much so for the time being I think I have PR down to just AI combat and looting logics and emmission sprinting. Just basically some more realistic base behavior.

I'm just now learning how to work,with the all.spawn so I can merge the PR with Arsenal overhaul to eliminate the ghost town and keep the new mutant spawns.

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Zaiketsu Dec 2 2014 replied:

Ah. Thank you! <3

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Caesarchef Jan 30 2014 says:

Hello, I'm the guy having problems with Crytools and tactical expansion. I was using a outdated version of crytools before and it would give me a exact error message of it but I switched to the newest version of Crytools and it doesn't give me the error message, it just trys to start it up and than crash. I honestly couldn't give a **** anymore, it seems too complicated and I'm giving up on modding crysis. Thanks anyway.

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JackRabbitSlim Creator
JackRabbitSlim Jan 31 2014 replied:

Well, I am still willing to try and help, are you using the crytools launcher to load the sandbox? or to launch crysis, I'm pretty sure kilroy said that the mod only works in crysis through the modified shortcut.

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Guest Feb 2 2014 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

JackRabbitSlim Creator
JackRabbitSlim Feb 2 2014 replied:

Well, I hope it looks like this: "C:\Program Files (x86) \Electronic Arts \Crytek \Crysis \Bin32 \Crysis.exe" -MOD Tactical- Expansion

Without the spaces of course. What is your log file giving you?

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CrytekOverlord Aug 9 2013 says:

Hey its me again. Sorry to disturb you but I just wanna check something. Im at the thrird level (Relic) and I still have not seen anythiing new like the AA12 or anything else. I have gotten the new ammo but still, just wonderring if thats normal, becuase I was looking forward to trying out the new guns.

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JackRabbitSlim Creator
JackRabbitSlim Aug 9 2013 replied:

Sorry I'm at work, everything I have given you so far is from memory!

Um, I don't really recall at which points anything are available for pickup, except for a big cache in the tank mission up by the tower overlooking the train depot, have you installed the sandbox editor? I am gonna suggest you install it if you haven't already and get the crytools launcher from clivey; what that is is a way to put anything into the level files of the game, you use the launcher to open the editor and then open one of the levels files and you can insert what are called archetype entities such as guns, ammunition, even vehicles and enemies.

But there is a much easier way to play with new guns straight from the start, you can go to mods\ tactical-expansion\ game\ tactical-expansion.pak and inside the pak is all of the mod files. You can actually change your starting equipment in lib\ equipmentpacks\ player_island_full.xml

To change you're weapons you can duplicate what you see for the SCAR and put in the name of the weapon from the scripts\ items\ xml\ weapons\ blahweapon.xml and do attachments in the same way.

Good luck, don't worry about posting a ton on my page I don't mind at all.

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CrytekOverlord Aug 9 2013 replied:

Again I have a question. How exactly do you open .pak files, because when I try to it says something about not having the right program to open it with. Also I have installed the sandbox but I canot find any of the new weapons in the DB section so I cant use them in sandbox. I also cant use the new ammo or attachments in sandbox.

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JackRabbitSlim Creator
JackRabbitSlim Aug 10 2013 replied:

I use this program to open and manipulate the .pak file : Izarc.org

If you do not get clivey's launcher you cannot launch the mod in the sandbox and access the modded materials. here is the link to the version I use: planetcrysis.gamespy.com/View.php?view=UserFiles.Detail&id=30

So you launch the crytools, ignore any messages if it gives any(usually the errors do not effect the program), then use quick launch> launch mod> select the mod in the drop down and launch mod in sandbox. once the sandbox opens, it will open automatically, then open> select the level you want(again it will give errors that you can ignore)> then in the rollup bar you can add objects.

Play with it and have fun the sandbox is very useful.

REMINDER: for the sandbox to actually do anything in game before you close it you must File> export to engine and then save the .cry file to save what you did!

And don't be afraid to vote some karma points for me by clicking the +!

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