I'm writer of the Stargate Modding Group for the mod Stargate: Empire at War - Pegasus Chronicles. In this role I descripe space and ground units, planets, heroes, buildings and much more. Also am I the advisor and coauthor from the german fan fiction story Stargate: Dark Jump. For the mod Stargate: Dark Jump 2 - The Path of Destiny (an add on for the mod The Pegasus Chronicles) I help with ideas and suggestions too. Besides I prepare a campaign for the Goa'uld in DJ 2. Work-related am I a seller of gift articles and more.

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Jack_Hunter Oct 24 2014, 3:11pm says:

I hope there will be new music and maybe new speech sounds for Federation, Romulans, Borg and (especially) Klingons, not just for Cardassians/Dominion too. :)

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Jack_Hunter Oct 24 2014, 2:28pm replied:

When we get a Slovak translator, yes. But at the moment we havn't one.

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Jack_Hunter Oct 22 2014, 2:30pm replied:

OK, thanks. Was not meant bad, you guys did a great job! I know how hard it is to make a mod, I'm a member of the SGMG (Stargate Modding Group) and we make a Stargate mod for FOC (Stargate: Pegasus Chronicles). I was just curious to know the reasons, after all SoasE provides 6 faction (in FOC we have just 3^^) and new ships and stations can be invented. But sure, it is your decision we have to accept.

Nevertheless I hope you will be make some further improvements or at least small additions (like the So'na?^^) and the mod will (anytime) get a translation into other languages (we, our mod, is also working at the moment). That would be nice.^^

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Jack_Hunter Oct 21 2014, 4:06pm says:

Sorry if I'm annoying, but would it don't fit to the canon to make a separate Dominion faction? In my opinion it would fit as well as the Borg, because the Dominion also could invade the Alpha Quadrant without an alliance with the Cardassians. The Borg havn't did that in the series but you gave them a seperate faction. And in Armada II even Species 8472 have became a faction. So why you won't give the player the possibility to play just as Dominion? They could also get via research an alliance with other factions, the Breen of course, but also for example the So'na.

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Jack_Hunter Oct 15 2014, 2:56pm replied:

Is this an invitation, a suggestion or a wish?^^

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Jack_Hunter Oct 10 2014, 2:28pm says:

Yeah, really great. But looks for me like an improved version of the HB-302 you made for Pegasus Chronicles.^^

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Jack_Hunter Oct 1 2014, 3:33pm says:

Yeah, the nice old harvester from Dune 2000 in a new look. Great!^^

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Jack_Hunter Sep 25 2014, 3:28pm says:

Awesome! But of all people Sheppard?^^
And for Goa'uld I would have took Ba'al or Moloc.

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Jack_Hunter Sep 10 2014, 3:07pm says:

Very detailed. Perfect!^^

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Jack_Hunter Sep 1 2014, 2:33pm replied:

Sytax error means, that at least one of the tags is not closed or has a wrong special character or anything else. What program you use to edit xml's? I use Notepad++.

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Jack_Hunter Aug 27 2014, 2:29pm replied:

Exactly. Take just the "Variant of Existing Type" tag (with the name of the unit) and then the Text-ID/Encyclopedia class or what else with the respective new text string and that's all, except you want to change other things like more/other weapons, health, abilities and so on, then you need these tags too, but not more.

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Jack_Hunter Aug 25 2014, 2:49pm says:

This is really a real ship class? Never seen before. Looks like a Maquis Raider and an Intrepid class has a baby.^^

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Jack_Hunter Aug 25 2014, 2:44pm replied:

Well, I think this is a spelling error, because it should be TBD = To Be Done.^^

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Jack_Hunter Aug 25 2014, 2:43pm replied:

You must change the name of the text string to that you want, for example TEXT_TAURI_SPACE_UNIT_BC_304_ZEUS (much better were the Encyclopedia text so the ship name would be displayed instead of the ship class^^) and add this string to the Mastertextfile. To open these you need the DAT or the String Editor.

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Jack_Hunter Aug 20 2014, 3:08pm replied:

Yes we already have give important ships like X-303, BC-304, Ori/Ancient Warship and the Goa'uld and Wraith capital ships names, but consider that these are just visible in GC's (instead of the ship class) and not in Skirmish battles.

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Jack_Hunter Aug 19 2014, 2:51pm replied:

Dude, do you suffer to the Tourette' Syndrome or what is your problem that you swear vilely in every sentence? We work one's butt off to create and programming a launcher and installer which is easy to operate with our limited resources and you insult us. When you have a problem, want help or has a remonstrance, then you can explain your request polite, but in this tone of voice.

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Jack_Hunter Aug 1 2014, 2:49pm replied:

Much better were "Kopfgeldjaeger" = Bounty Hunter.^^

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Jack_Hunter Jul 20 2014, 3:21pm says:

Cool. Very nice and very strong.^^
But look more like a Laser Crawler than a Laser Tank.^^

Btw. Sub-faction? That means this unit is just available for this sub-faction and the normal Ordos faction has the hover laser tank we already saw in another video, right?^^

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Jack_Hunter Jul 20 2014, 3:04pm says:

Assault ship? If I remember me correct it was just a transport in the series. But nevertheless really not bad.^^

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Jack_Hunter Jul 14 2014, 2:38pm says:

Well I wouldn't take such a bad quality for an intro. Apart from that it is not very good to use orginial scenes from the series, because of the Copyright. If MGM see this, the mod could be delete very fast, like all mods for BSG. In-game footage or render videoes are always the best. Even if it is much more time consuming, but much secure.

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Jack_Hunter Jul 4 2014, 3:30pm replied:

I can read, but sorry that I'm new in Sins of a Solar Empire and that I not know if the culture station is the civilian or the military research station. Is this so annoying to say "yes it is" or "no it isn't"?

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Jack_Hunter Jul 3 2014, 3:15pm says:

So the civilian research station, right?
Looks great. I see a bit from DS9 (the central dome with shield emitters), which fits perfectly to the Cardassian design.^^

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Jack_Hunter Jun 26 2014, 3:15pm says:

Awesome, just awesome!^^
But I still hope, that the Dominion will be a seperate (playable) faction too. For what all these different new Dominion ships, if not.^^

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Jack_Hunter Jun 23 2014, 2:45pm says:

I can't belive my eyes, Species 8472 Bioships. Coooool!^^

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Jack_Hunter Jun 23 2014, 2:33pm says:

You mean Galactic Conquest? No, it is not all done yet, we're still working on it.

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Jack_Hunter Jun 22 2014, 3:41pm says:

What a huge baby.^^
It's a pitty that the Federation Titan (Excalibur class) is in comparision to the other factions very small.

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Jack_Hunter Jun 21 2014, 3:18pm says:

Yeah, really awesome. Looks perfect now.^^

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Jack_Hunter Jun 20 2014, 3:02pm replied:

I know that it is not finished, because of the WIP (work in progress^^), but I just want to mentioned it. Sorry for annoying you.

+1 vote     media: Hutet-class WIP render
Jack_Hunter Jun 19 2014, 3:01pm says:

Very good. But as Mr Taxikiller wrote in the video about the Ordos Outpost, the animation is too fast and the effect looks more like the building is decloaking than buildup. And I found the drone before better. With more drones arround the building it would fit very well to the Ordos.

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Jack_Hunter Jun 19 2014, 2:53pm says:

Yeah, I knew it all along and now it is real. I love that ship class.^^

I know it is just WIP and looks pretty cool, but in "Dominion Wars" it had two of this Phaser emitters on the front.


Apart from that, keep up the good work!

+1 vote     media: Hutet-class WIP render
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