Name: Kjell Bunjes | Skills: Art, Code & Media Management | E-mail: Kjellbunjes(at) Skype: Kjell.Bunjes

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Very nice, I see warriors battling in a thick fog/mist.

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looks awesome.

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Garyn Dakari

The first thing I see is the premise for something greater...

On the left, is a group of villians. A bald soldier, who lives for the fight. He has butchered so many soldiers, women, and children, he has lost almost all touch with humanity. In front of him, is a mysterious cloaked assassin. Little is known about this figure...He strikes in the dead of night, leaving no trace behind. A man who sold his soul to the devil stands to his right. Once an ordinary peasant, but now a master of deception and death.

On the right are the bodies of the soulless, those who have succumbed to the evil. Nothing to live for, nothing to die for.

In the center is the Dark Lord ruling them all. Once a man in the days of old, but no longer. He has returned, but as a demon. An embodiment of evil and hatred. A creature with nothing to lose...

Behind them all, are four heroes, refusing to go quietly. One reaches out to the soulless in an effort to save them from what they have become. One will go strait to the enemy, and battle the three villians to the death. The remaining two go to strike at the very heart of the corruption. The Dark Lord himself. It's a fool's errand, but better to die fighting than slaughtered in their sleep.

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I see a steampunk zeppelin armada slowly emerging from the mist. A simple idea that strikes the imagination, good work man :D

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I see a horseman on the left... with 2 infantry soldiers in the middle and on the right attempting to charge my location while coming out from a dense fog. I must defend this location , although tt is the only hope for my life, I could run, but the horseman would surely catch me, or I could fight, but outnumbered 3 to 1 I am sure to lose, what shall I do?

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iQew Author

Change the subject matter to something less stressful! :D

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This piece works like clouds do. Stare into it for a while and let your imagination take over. Full movies can take place in there, if you have the patience to wait for things to transform from one into another over time.

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