A Young and adventurous man, who dabbles in Programing, Scripting, Animation, and Modeling, who hopes to one day join the indie/mod community some day soon

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The Stanley Parable

Mod review

Crysis 2

Game review - 2 agree - 3 disagree

One word. Sellout



Game review

First off i would like to agree with earvesicle on a few points, i love the look of the game, as of now its a very nice Work in Progress. Like he said it would be nice if you added saves, and the game was longer, about 3 to 6 hours would be ideal i would gladly pay 5 dollars for that, as for earvesicle's comment about how it could be in something other then flash, i highly disagree as shown by machinarium, flash can be very powerful and useful if done right, and as for the wasd comment arrow keys is not a big deal SMB (super meat boy) had the arrow keys and it was still a good game. All in all i give it a 9/10, Solid Game play mechanics, Awesome 8-bit music, very sweet retro graphics, and overall creative. i recommended this game to anyone who wants to have an enjoyable time!


Nightmare House 2

Mod review

Holy **** i played 5 min of the prolog, and all i can say is if you scare easily dont play this at night or alone lol, its legit and its freaky

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