The world has been ravaged by a series of climatic disasters and society is on the verge of total breakdown. Now the aliens have returned, with a full invasion force bent on nothing less than the total annihilation of mankind, starting by trying to rip the heart out of Earth's most iconic city. In New York, terrifying alien invaders stalk the streets and a nightmare plague strikes down the city's myriad inhabitants with brutal epidemic speed. The city's systems are in chaos, its streets and skyline are smashed and in flaming ruin. This is New York City like you've never seen it before. Neither paramilitary law enforcement nor the might of the US military machine can stand against the invaders, and all who choose not to flee are dead men walking. Just to survive in this maelstrom of death will require technology beyond anything any modern soldier has ever seen. One man will inherit that means to survive. One supersoldier, wielding the combat enhancement technology of the future.

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This game is nothing like the previous Crytek games at all. Much less freedom (smaller levels), an IMO crappy story (after finishing the campaign I still had the feeling I was playing the intro) and it lacks the "WOW!" factor FarCry and Crysis had.

The gameplay itself is decent though, so it isn't a bad game per se. It just didn't meet my expectations of a Crytek game. The AI/pathfinding also seems to be buggy at times and some badly placed invisible barriers and bugging scripts ruined the immersion at some points. Not in a unrepairable way, but it is a shame these things occured.

EDIT: (I know editing a review is bad but I totally forgot to mention this)
The multiplayer part of the game also doesn't work for me. First I had problems with my serial key, which is a bug acknowledged by Crytek. After finally being able to join servers after waiting about 5 - 10 minutes in some kind of loby, the connection would get lost every time right after I joined a server. Not working multiplayer with lame lobbies is not good. Especially when we're talking about a PC game.

Good graphics, but they put too much cinematic effects in. Seriously, spraying ****** effect all over photorealistic game. Crysis 1 looked much better. Also, gameplay is terrible... I just couldn't get into it.


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It's fun on it's own, if you pretend the first Crysis never happened. Which essentially it didn't because of how little this relates to it. The gameplay is greatly dumbed down from the first Crysis to be more like Call of Duty. It is never fully explained what happens to the original characters either. The aliens went from blue squids with squid like vehicles that used ice weapons and an ice sphere that could take out an entire island in less than a day to red jelly blobs with Transformers suits, Halo like vehicles, that use plasma like weapons, and a rather slowly spreading virus. (No explanation to why they changed either.) It just didn't feel like Crysis at all. The last thing I'm going to mention is that the soundtrack was great.

An overall good game, with awesome graphics and a good story, but it's supposed to be a sequel to Crysis, which it fails to be.
Why? Because Crysis was a fun, fast-paced game. It was sometimes challenging, sometimes easy, but it was mostly fun.
Crysis 2 on the other hand, is not fun.

Enemies have an improved AI which, although it's preferred to the rather stupid enemies of Crysis, makes them a pain in the *** to deal with. They also take rather ridiculous amounts of damage before going down unless you score a perfect headshot, and even that is not always fatal.

The good old armor mode is back too, but don't expect it to save your skin like it used to, because it's not automatic. That's right, you have to activate it just like stealth mode, and it drains energy while active even when you're not getting hit. The standard mode is now... nothing. Just neutral, vulnerable nothing.

Strength moves like power jumps and attacks can now be executed in any mode, which is welcome since it means you can jump high while cloaked or armored.
Oh, remember how fun it was to be able to slip into speed mode and just run towards your target at high velocity? Well, that's gone now, and instead we have the old shift-sprint, only it now consumes energy.
Add to that the fact that the cloak is pretty much the same as before and it becomes difficult to see how this suit is supposed to be an upgraded version.

Mind you, you can - and should - upgrade your suit's functions, but I get the feeling that if they'd just thrown Nomad in there straight from Crysis, you wouldn't need to.

Other noticeable annoyances are the lack of a health bar, the lack of a big map, no more saves(only checkpoints), and a nano-suit that spends at least an hour of game time malfunctioning, making you walk and aim like you're drunk. Oh, and there are quick-time events that kill you if you miss them.

I played through Crysis on all difficulties and enjoyed it.
I played through Crysis 2 on easy and uninstalled it.

A mere shadow of it former glory. Crytek, what have you done?

Crysis 2 is the sequel to the beautiful, open-ish world, Sci-fi FPS Crysis. You'd think that after playing such a fantastic game this would be great, too. Well, it isn't. I am having the worst time finding positives for this game because it has so many bad parts of it.

Gameplay: The gameplay is okay. The cover system is neat and all, but Compared to previous Crytek titles this game is incredibly linear. Sure, you get told to look at the battlefield for options. Sure, you could try stealth. But then you think, Darn! My cloak ran out in the middle of the field! Better run to cover and activate maximum armor! Well, you could, but you'll lose energy for that, too. Whereas Crysis 1 kept that on all the time with no cost of energy unless you get hit. The suit is completely different too, and not in a good way. All of those nice modes have been changed or removed. Cloak looks terrible, Strength doesn't exist. You can jump high, but not activate it to hit things hard. Speed doesn't exist as well. You get to sprint... How fun. Another annoying point: No driving in First-Person...

Story: Dry. It has you scrambling together scraps of Crysis 1 with a mess of new information.

Multiplayer: Another terrible area. I can't count the number of times I've emptied a magazine of SCAR ammo into someone's skull and died from a pistol round.

Graphics: Cryengine 3 is fantastic. The engine is beautiful, I do miss Cryengine 2's foliage reacting to the player, but I do recommend buying a higher end graphics card.

Summary: The game is nothing like its forerunner. Gameplay is boring and linear. The campaign sucks. The multiplayer is atrocious. The graphics are great. As is the cover system, but the game lacks charm and what made the first Crysis such a hit. If you want a tactical, stealthy, open FPS go play Far Cry 1, 2, or 3 (When it comes out), or Crysis 1.

Crysis 2 to put it amazing.The graphics are very detailed and even though its in DX9 its still amazing.The amount of enemies at time force you to take cover,the story is really good and better than Crysis 1.

The downfall of Crysis is that there is no DX11 all.The Nanosuit isn't as powerful as it was in the 1st one and having to press keys to activate powers kind of annoy me but the super kick is kinda fun at times.

Crysis 2 gets a 10/10

Good&bad:Singleplayer is better than multiplayer but it sucks too also on a previous crysis game it was better on Playing Multiplayer than Story mode anyway they both suck as hell in both games i just like HUD + Weapons + Animations + Graphics.

Too linear... the scripted events on the manufactured "stealth" path ruined the immersion. Good graphics, though.

Better graphic compared to the 1st game i've played. The storyline is ok, but the AI is rather dumber in the game than previous game.

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