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Project Zomboid

Early access game review


Game review

Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman

Game review

The game is solid.
The art and story holds up pretty well.
Nice to play, and just right to pick up the gameplay
I am horrible at adventure games, and do not like them mostly
but I am happy I got this one on a bundle.
Devs deserve my rep+
One thing I would change:
There are quick events on the game, but they are based on
interacting just like any other part of the game, with stuff on screen
replace those quick events with push-buttons on an order and
rhythm , that would make them much better.
There are some few graphical glitches on using items sometimes,
but i did not take those into account for the review, since those
are secondary to me.
Good game overall.
Petty with adventuer games is the no replay value,
bun since the price tag is low, I find it perfect, so
it fits on the product as a whole


Diehard Dungeon

Game review

the gameplay is fun.
The music is good.
SEffects are great.
The game is fun.
It's really a good rush to burn some
I am really glad I crossed over this game
on an indie royale bundle.
I hope more people give it a try.


Guns of Icarus Online

Game review

Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise

Game review


Game review

Zafehouse: Diaries

Game review